Expert Challenge Designing A Room With Carpet

Today I’m sharing a guest room makeover at the beach house and I am inviting you in to stay awhile! Stay and be inspired and who knows, maybe I’ll offer up the room for a blog retreat or a reader get together some day!

mirror with seashell garland


You can see just a hint in the mirror, and if you’ve seen our beach home in previous posts you’ll know that I’ve had it for awhile. In design and remodeling I always feel that there are some pieces worth keeping and some definitely NOT, so let’s see what I’ve kept and what is new and how the room turned out just to our liking…

Expert Challenge Designing A Room With Carpet


coastal bedroom design accessories

See that lady covered in shells with a pensive look on her face? That might be me in thinking how to best maximize this small guest room and give it some updated style. This room was part of an “expert design challenge” with a few design bloggers selected to complete a task.

Before I talk about our thinking and design process here, this room has been in need of a makeover for sometime now and I’m giving a huge thank you to my friends at Carpet One Floor & Home® for working with me on this massive undertaking of a makeover and being the consummate professionals! With my husband having had a home remodeling construction firm for many years now we deal with numerous trades and I can say in all sincerity that our informal rating system would voice perfection. Shopping with a locally owned flooring retailer we felt good about our experience.


guest room design before after


Before this room was a little girl’s room that was used by our two young daughters when we came up to the beach on weekends. You can see more of the before images in THIS POST and our shopping experience at our local Carpet One Floor & Home. Fourteen years have gone by, the girls have grown up and our needs have changed. The girls still come to visit on occasion, but the novelty of sharing a bedroom is no longer a necessity and we thankfully have another guest room at the beach that will be getting a makeover as our budget allows later on.
guest room
The headboards from the flea market were cute then, and I honestly thought that I might repurpose them with paint, but we decided to donate the beds and everything in the room besides the artwork, mirror and large dresser to the local Habitat For Humanity Restore.
In my first post my initial plan was to go with a navy color scheme, but after realizing that this room simply does not receive much light with just one window my plan changed. Perhaps in the other guest room.
upscale coastal bedroom
We went with a queen sized button tufted bed and I purchased it on-line, as well as the mattress and box spring. How great to be able to do that these days for large items! Once the carpet was installed by Carpet One, we set that up in our freshly floored room.
hand painted trash can
I LOVE the texture of the new carpet. It’s thick, plush and has an elegant diamond pattern. Diamonds on the floor…oh yeah 😉 We’ve walked on it and vacuumed it several times now and I see no tracks. The carpet is from the “Relax, it’s…Lees” line.


mirrored nightstand

The old builder grade carpeting had seen much better days and with girls being girls had it’s share of make-up and other stains that simply made it look dingy. The Relax, it’s…Lees Healthier Living® Flooring Installation System delivers antimicrobial protection for flooring, minimizes dust, and inhibits allergens, mold growth and odors. It’s only available at Carpet One Floor & Home® and is something to consider when you have allergies as ALL of us do in our family.

beach house decorating

I decided to purchase a bed, as opposed to just a headboard. My reasons for this are several, but again allergies come into play so that I didn’t need to use a dust ruffle that can actually collect dust. That…and I feel that a bed frame like this one gives a room a nice, clean and updated modern look.

The petite mirrored nightstands reflect the small amount of light that does come into the window and I love nightstands that have storage.

beach coastal bedroom design ideas


The sea fans are art pieces that I created when we first moved into this home and I still love them, so up they went over the nightstands.

If you are interested in making something similar for your home, you can either find (like I did) or purchase sea fans or faux sea fans. Give them a coat or two of your favorite color paint. What I did here was to find two vintage frames with glass and painted them white. Then I cut some foam-board to size and covered each with burlap. The sea-fans were then glued to the burlap covered board and put under the glass.


coastal bedroom

When you decorate with neutrals, texture is key as well as mixing elements and for me it’s the combination of new/old that make a room special. New flooring, bed and reflective nightstands are juxtaposed with vintage garden tole lamps…shopped from another room at the beach house. My standard white linens with a nubby aqua throw and glistening long boudoir pillow to match.

beach guest room design

The ceiling has a low soffit that we didn’t want to remove and it’s important to look at the room size and ceiling height in designing. Here you can see how beautiful the pattern of the carpet is and it’s so nice to step onto carpet when you get out of bed in the morning. That’s an important consideration for guests!

Expert Challenge Designing A Room With Carpet

Other touches for guests? A small reading chair (working on that:-), a side table with some fresh flowers, a soy candle and perhaps some magazines and a good light for night reading. We are also going to add a tv to the room for our guests, but that is always optional in designing a guest room.

I gave the dresser below a fresh coat of paint, and it holds towels and some other items that need to be stored away to keep the room tidy.


beach home guest bedroom


Now this room is so perfect for guests to feel welcomed in and enjoy staying right at the beach!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carpet One Floor & Home®. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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