A Gorgeous New Blue Distressed Shabby Chic Rug

navy blue rug french home
I am really enjoying the cool colors and stripped down decor for summer. It just feels like a breeze is moving through here with the white and navy…don’t you think?
 I’ve had blue in our home forever, but lately it’s moving away from warmer aqua and headed more towards crisper navy. When I had the chance to work with RugsUSA recently I decided to look for…

a rug with those deeper tones for the living room. Deeper, but something that had a vintage feel and softly muted colors.

white tufted sofa elegant
The floors in the common areas of our home are tile for several reasons living here in warm, wet and humid south Florida. Sometimes they need a little bit of color, especially when the decor is kept to a minimum. I fell in major love with this rug when sorting through the many options available from Rugs USA and I know how wonderful their pricing and customer service is, as my French Modern Office Makeover rug is from them as well…
gold quatrefoil table
I talked about what I’m calling my laid back summer style recently and this table that I recently found HERE arrived and is beyond gorgeous! I feel that a table like this (at around just $100) is a great investment and can go anywhere. With any style. Bedside, in the bathroom or the sofa…as I have it shown above…
antique french beaded chandelier
The gold chandelier is always hanging in the living room and although from the photos it may look as though it’s right in front of the mirror, it’s fairly far away. Once again, the French chandelier is antique and I firmly believe in mixing old and new.
gold table classic
The table just works in playing off the gold and the fact that it is open allows the blue to stand out softly and not be hidden under something solid like wood.
coastal living room
I’m allergic to wool and am so happy that the selection of man made fibers is more prevalent now than it used to be. With three dogs I also need rugs that are easy to clean and to roll up and store seasonally or when I want to switch things out. The Flourish Rug does it for me…in love :~}}
white decorating with flowers
At the local florist I picked up some blue hydrangea and white stock to last (hopefully) through the holiday weekend.


modern vintage living room in navy and white
We’ve partnered with Rugs USA for this post and have a GIVEAWAY over on our INSTAGRAM feed, so head on over and enter!


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