A Remarkable Gift Of Christmas – A Flocked Tree

Continuing on with where I left off yesterday at the beach house, because I shot these over the weekend and I have a story to tell you. A story about giving…and receiving and I think that at this time of the year it might ring true to many of my readers. My absolutely GORGEOUS tree is involved, so come read the tale.

This past year has been one for paring down in our household. We have been living here for so many years now and I shudder to think what will happen when we finally decide to move a few years down the line. I’ve been selling some things but mostly giving a lot away. I have always felt that “feel good feeling” when giving something to someone who doesn’t ask for anything. This year we have given away furniture, appliances…pretty much you name it anything!  Personally speaking I would much rather give to someone that I know and we are very fortunate to know folks who can use what we no longer want.
Like the family of this pretty girl, that I photographed last Christmas and her single mom who works for me. She is happy to have the things that I don’t need and I’m elated for her to have what I can give. “D” has never seen snow, so I did something fun for her in this shot:-)
The tree above was photographed in my dining room and I shared a tale about how that one came to be RIGHT HERE. It’s been published in a couple of magazines over the years and this year I thought that it was time to give it to a new owner, so I did.
The white tree above that you can read about in THIS POST I have set up in the master bedroom but it’s up for grabs if anyone wants it. Most likely will have to be local…so I’ll mention it over on Facebook:-)

A serendipitous moment occurred the day after I gave away that tree and the day after my father in law passed away. My FIL was a huge giver…he gave to every charity known to mankind it seems! More importantly though, he gave of his time to several organizations before his dementia set in. A lesson for all to be learned, an example of doing good without seeking anything in return.

Gifts can just can come sometime and on that day I received a message from KING OF CHRISTMAS whose beautiful FLOCKED TREE I had my eye on over on INSTAGRAM. No strings…just a tree, a true gift.


They just happened to be in Miami to shoot a commercial and wanted to know if I’d like a tree sent my way. Are you kidding me right now? Of course! I have to think that there is a message locked up somewhere in the trunk of this tree of how to be.

A Remarkable Gift Of Christmas – A Flocked Tree


The FLOCKED CHRISTMAS TREE from KING OF CHRISTMAS is one of the most beautiful trees that I’ve laid my eyes on and we decided to truck it up to the beach home, where celebrations will occur. The tree is of the highest quality, thick and realistic and the flocking stays well in place with no mess. The look of freshly fallen snow is perfect for our white and blue decorating style and I embellished it with ornaments that they were kind enough to include and a few of my own.


Perfect peonies were in the grocery store that added some color to the table for the weekend.


I’ll be back tomorrow with another Christmas tree post of a totally different look! Leaving you today with a quote from Winston Churchill “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”. If you are still looking this year for an incredible tree, I recommend checking KING OF CHRISTMAS…Love glittery and soft blue? I have a FREE Christmas card printable that I created for you to download if you’d like. Just click the photo above to grab yours and print (personal use only/yours won’t be watermarked)

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