A Touch Of Toile In The Dining Room

Decorating with toile - toile curtains pared with matching blue candle sticks
Sometimes you just need a piece of fabric to inspire a home styling update, and since I’m on the organizing task here I found my muse today while going through some bins. A simple vintage piece and a color that I have always loved…

and the dining room looks freshly revived for winter…


Decorating with toile - touches of toile curtains and toile china in a neutral dining room
One thing that I always do (yes, always!) is to remove all of the accessories after the holiday season and after a good old fashioned cleaning I let the rooms that I’m going to restyle sit empty for a couple of weeks. The furniture remains, everything is organized and put into cupboards. I’ve pared down my collections over the years and am planning on doing a show (if all works out) keeping just what I love…
Decorating with toile - detail on blue toile curtains
I flew up to the big show in Atlanta for a few days last week and the color blue was prominent in so many of the showrooms and the French influences really caught my eye and fancy. Today I was cleaning out my studio and found these yummy vintage toile drapes that I had forgotten about…circa 1950’s or so. They are buttery soft. I wish that you could feel them!…
Decorating with toile - toile curtains contrast with a bright pink floral bouquet
I didn’t want to overpower the room with blue, so I simply drove a nail into the wood casing surrounding the dining room door on either side (you only are seeing one) and let it drape naturally…
Decorating with toile - a neutral dining room with touches of toile accents

It’s a dreary rainy day today and I’m loving how the blue brightens things up…


Decorating with toile - toile curtains, a bright pink floral bouquet and elegant blue candlesticks
A vintage silver candelabra with some equally vintage blue candles that I bought a box of at a tag sale awhile back…
Decorating with toile - candlesticks to match the blue accents of toile in the dining room
By changing out the candles that you use for various colors it can really impact the look of a setting and a room…
Decorating with toile - this bright pink rose flower arrangement is the perfect contrast with the blue toile
A French enamelware pitcher (my favorite one:~) holds some grocery store roses and bougainvillea cuttings to fill out the arrangement. Adding in cuttings from the garden really stretches the floral budget…
Decorating with toile - reused glass bottles add pops of color and class to an elegant dining table
Do you ever buy beverages just for the bottles? A few French soda bottles in pink and blue…
Decorating with toile - close up details of toile pattern on an antique french serving platter
A very old French platter that I brought back from a brocante and got for free due to it’s condition…with staples on the back holding it together. If the plate could only talk…what a life it must have had!…
Decorating with toile - silver and blue accents make the toile fabric pop in this dining room design

Silver and blue…the perfect marriage…


Decorating with toile - blue and silver accents complement the toile design
Decorating with toile - drapes of toile cover a neutral off-white chair
Decorating with toile - a touch of toile in the dining room
All inspired by a simple pastoral drape found in “shopping” my own stash…
I’ll be sharing more winter touches later this week…

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  1. DD's Cottage says:

    love the crisp white and blue!

  2. Your dining room looks beautiful Janet! I love the blue toile.

  3. Your dining room is gorgeous and cozy at the same time! Love all of your blue and white, the natural wood with the all the white and that pitcher is a beauty! ~julie

  4. I'm adding some blues into my living room as we speak! And btw, if you ever tire of that lovely French enamel pitcher, I have the perfect place for it:-)

    Love everything.


  5. LOVE the blue and white in your dining room Janet, It's such a fresh look after the holidays.

  6. Bonjour
    J'aime beaucoup quand tu dis si ce plateau pouvait parler
    Une poésie des mots qui me parle aussi
    Ta maison est si fraîche belle et bleue
    Merci pour ce beau partage
    Bonjour du Cameroun