8 Tips to Remodel Your Bathroom Using Feng Shui

As I started planning the remodeling of our master bathroom, I knew that I wanted a spa-like retreat. Reading up on some principles of feng shui lead me to design a clean and clutter free look and feel. We began our bathroom remodeling ideas based on a few key principles of feng shui.

feng shui master bathroom remodeling

While the master bathroom before doesn’t look horrible in the photo below, it was in dire need of updating. I talked about that in this post and this post with more of the construction process.

master bathroom before

The location of our master bathroom is such that there is only one window. In a perfect world or new build, a true devotee of feng shui principles might consult the bagua map to determine layout that infuses optimal chi. We didn’t have that option but we could make our bathroom light and bright with the fit and finishes.

bathroom remodeling ideas feng shui

Feng shui means wind and water. Water represents energy and money and water is one of the main elements in a bathroom. Our bathroom represents how we take care of ourselves. A bathroom should be welcoming; an inspirational, zen and calming place. You can start out your day with a fresh feeling and end your day in a peaceful manner to prepare for a restful sleep.

bathroom remodeling ideas feng shui

Bathroom remodeling ideas using feng shui

Here are some tips:

1. Create some luxury in the space with fresh towels, a spa robe, thick cushy throw rugs. All of these will give you a soothing and pampering feeling.

feng shui master bathroom retreat

2. Splurge on personal care products with a fresh scent like body washes and lotions. Scents can really impact your energy.

master bathroom lotions

3. Add some live plants for not only air cleansing but infuse living chi and make a space positive. Reconnect with nature in your spa bath.

bathroom remodeling ideas feng shui

4. Candles are wonderful but in feng shui they represent the fire element and that conflicts with the water element. Enjoy them for a soak in the tub, but then stash your candle away.

candles in master bathroom

5. Use soothing colors from nature in the bathroom…such as green, silver and brown.

live plants feng shui

6. Keep your bathroom clean! While this may seem obvious you want to get rid of any dirty energy.

bathroom remodeling ideas feng shui

7. Declutter and use the out of sight, out of mind technique for a peaceful zen look and feel. If you simply have too many things in your home and no place to store them, you may want to consider an off site storage or pod. We are thinking of moving in the next couple of years and starting to put together pieces to store, so it’s a great option for us!

8. Add wood elements, as wood’s energy is uplifting and preserves positive Chi and prevents it from draining away.

bathroom remodeling ideas feng shui

What do you feel are some of the essentials to have in your master bathroom? I’d love to know in the comments!

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  1. oh my gosh i love this so much – i think adding some live plants will def help keep my bathroom a calmer feel! these are great some tips ill be sure to look at a few more to give my bathroom a zen like feel!

  2. Everything is so white and sterile. I just have to have some color in every room. Course what do I know. Still very pretty and totally well laid out.

  3. Your bathroom is so lovely. I don’t know much about feng shui. I don’t know if I want to decorate like that or not, but I do want the bathrooms to look more organized, that’s for sure.

  4. I love your bathroom. It’s so bright and light and looks so spa-like and decluttered. I learned a few things about feng shui today and now I’m going to apply these ideas to my own bathroom.

  5. I know very little about Feng Shui! It is definitely something that I that have never considered! The bathroom looks absolutely outstanding. I might just do this because I love the way the bathroom looks.

  6. These are some wonderful tips, your bathroom is amazing as well. So well thought out when it comes to access and storage.

  7. Love the feng shui angle. I used to be so connected with feng shui and I need to get back to it.

  8. I need to redo my sons bathroom but it is so small its hard to do anything in. Besides that we rent our home and I hare investing a lot of money into because one day I would like to purchase a home.

  9. Margaret Robinson says:

    Your present bathroom is really beautiful! Thanks for all the tips.
    If you buying things (and storing them) now, does that mean that the next move is into a bigger place? How do you know what to buy when you don’t have a place yet? This is all so exciting.
    Love your blog and it’s really helpful and informative!

  10. I was watching a video recently about zodiac signs and feng shui, the do’s and don’t of every zodiac sign. And these tips are really awesome. Adding plants and stuff makes it more pleasing to the eyes.

  11. My husband and I remodeled our bathroom a few years ago. We did everything except for the shower portion,. It is such a more pleasant space now!

  12. Your bathroom is beautiful. I have an old house and haven’t been able to redo my bathroom yet but these are great ideas for when I do.

  13. I have to have my favorite skincare products. I have some that I use daily that are just so relaxing. Especially for my nighttime routines.

  14. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Very pristine and sleek! Do you miss the large mirrors? I like the new ones that you have with the sconces…very classy!!

  15. I’ve heard of feng shui but haven’t tried to use it in my home. It’s very aesthetically pleasing.

  16. The other day I was just thinking about feng shui and how it affects our lives. Your bathroom remodel is lovely! I need to put some plants in my bathroom.

  17. I have been meaning to remodel my bathroom. This is a really helpful post for it.

  18. This will be our project this year. We just started buying the materials we needed, thanks for the tips.

  19. I think adding nature to my bathroom is definitely a great idea. I don’t do that enough when I’m redoing my bathroom.

  20. BB loves Feng Shui, and she loves what you did with your bathroom!! The tips shared are wonderful. Had studied a bit of Feng Shui many moons ago and had forgotten about the need for wood, gracias for the reminder.

  21. These are such smart tips. I always wanted to incorporate feng shui into my home, but I thought it was too complicated. This seems do-able for sure!

  22. Lorrie Sperling says:

    Well, it certainly help to have more than a 4×5 bathroom. Love your blog. It gives me hope ??

    1. You can make even the tiniest of bathrooms look amazing with simple touches…always hope! Happy weekend Lorrie!

  23. Great tips! I’ve never tried Feng Shui before, but definitely going to try out some of these tips in my bathroom ๐Ÿ™‚

    Louise x

  24. We do not have a master bath in this home which was built in 1960. We gutted the tiny bathroom (7×8) last year and replaced the tub/shower combo with a walk in shower. We put in a patterned tile floor which I really love and used a vanity with a shelf underneath for our towels. The fixtures are antique bronze. I spray painted on old brass colored mirror tray to match and set it out with a plant and two face cloths. Oddly enough I have several plants on the windowsill as well as one large one on the floor. I have some wood toned accessories as well and no candles. Even though itโ€™s tiny, itโ€™s pretty and very clean looking. One thing I managed to include is a small dressing table area and a small bench to use to do makeup and hair. Your bathroom is beautiful. I would love to have a large bathroom again.

  25. Lovely bathroom. I keep my bathroom nice, organized and clean. I think it’s important to have a nice bedroom and bathroom.

  26. Simple and clean!
    I do believe scents are so important. Some green plants are a must as well.
    I love the clean lines and that bath tub!! Yes!!!
    Now just get me someone to clean it weekly..especially the shower..ugh!