A Beach House Tour – Playful Cozy Corners

A beach house tour and today we’re diving into this stunning Matunuck Beach residence.

Designed by the talented team at Digs Design Company, this home’s interiors are a unique fusion of contemporary flair and traditional charm, sprinkled with just the right amount of pizzazz.

Let’s take a look inside, shall we?

Beach House Tour With Playful Cozy Corners 

In this home, there’s a clear contemporary interior design style mixed in with traditional features and some unexpected playful elements. 

Geometrical prints and surprising pairings add a delightful touch, breaking the mold enough to be eye-catching yet harmonious.

The color palette blends earthy hues with pops of magenta, yellow, and gold metallic. Yet, the various shades of blue take the spotlight, serving as a unifying element that weaves a distinct color story throughout.

From room-defining rugs to captivating artwork, staircase carpets to accent pieces, blue plays the role of the unifying thread. 

This home has some really lovely nooks with an interesting mix of prints that gives a cool spin to the traditional elements. 

The lampshades have a neat brown spotty print, there’s a Persian rug in different shades of blue, and an armchair with a delicate white and brown pattern. 

All these prints and colors come together and play nicely with the white backdrop, along with a big vintage chest in blue and a see-through acrylic side table to keep things balanced.

In another seating area, positioned against a wall and below a large window, a classic sofa in white and dark ochre print works as the focal point, complemented with blue pillows and a throw blanket for a coastal touch.

A dark Gmelina wood side table with a unique shape stands out, topped with a hot pink cherry blossom arrangement.

The bedroom offers a restful design with a dash of pizzazz. 

The bed stands out with its beige and blue arabesque-print upholstered frame, enhanced by detailed bedposts and cozy blue throw pillows. 

White molding frames the walls, complemented by beige grasscloth wallpaper, creating a serene backdrop.

The Persian blue rug anchors the bed, while the subtle blue details of the Roman curtains bring the room style together beautifully. These are elements that you might not expect to see in a beach house tour and come as a lovely surprise!

In another charming seating corner, the style takes on a more contemporary vibe with lighter hues and natural textures. 

While the armchair maintains a traditional style, the coffee table brings a modern touch with its artistic knoop rope design and glass surface, making it a captivating focal point in the space.

The bathroom has calming shades of blue. The walk-in shower steals the spotlight, showcasing marble tile walls in a herringbone design.

Directly opposite the shower, an elegant double vanity area takes center stage, encircled by a built-in custom cabinet boasting a stunning blue hue.

Gold fixtures add a touch of glamour and go perfectly with the blue tones, just like in the guest bathroom, where the design follows a similar color scheme and style.

And that concludes our enchanting beach house tour! I hope you enjoyed exploring this exceptional home.

Pinterest decorative collage featuring pictures from home tour titled "Serene Blues Matunuck Beach Home Tour"

What caught your eye the most? The playful geometrical prints or maybe the soothing shades of blue? Share your thoughts in the comments below—I love to read your opinions!

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  1. Calypso in the Country says:

    Wow, what a beautiful home! I love all the blues and the overall design style! Gorgeous!

    1. I love this one too Shelley with the clever corners and so much more!

  2. Looks like a great house – I only wish I could have seen the entire front of the house, as well as entire rooms, not just corners. Missed the kitchen, dining room, and extra bedrooms/bathrooms. The blues are beautiful though.

    1. Thanks Jamie and we posted all of the photos that were available to us for this one.