Easy DIY Chandelier Makeover Ideas For Spring

A whimsical chandelier makeover for spring can breathe new life into your room. Today I’m sharing some simple ways to add fun touches to your chandelier and there are no special skills required. I’ve done this technique on my vintage chandelier, but you can use these ideas on a variety of fixtures and the best part is that they are temporary and easy!

chandelier makeover ideas spring

I love my dining room chandelier and yes, it’s vintage…which is no surprise. I am totally passionate about a good vintage mix! When I was given this old Italian chandelier by a fellow antique dealing friend it was naked and about to be tossed. Someone had stripped the crystals (gah!) and I carefully embellished it with antique crystals and strands bringing it back to life. I’ve had this one now for a long time and don’t plan on changing it out to something modern. Lighting like this stands the test of time. Why not have some fun though from season to season and change it up?

Chandelier Makeover – Vintage Wallpaper

chandelier makeover for spring vintage wallpaper

I collect (hoard;-) vintage wallpaper rolls and use vintage wallpaper for various projects. Find six more ideas HERE if you have old papers around your home. Isn’t this 1940’s paper pretty and feminine? Give me all the pink flowers and do it now!

chandelier makeover for spring supplies


I’ve done a two fold project here and these are the supplies:

  • Chandelier crystals
  • Chandelier candle covers
  • Vintage paper (wallpaper, old sheet music or even paper napkins!)
  • Mod Podge or white school glue
  • Ruler, pencil, sharp scissors, foam brush
  • Glass paint


I like to work in production-line fashion when working on a project like this. Take your chandelier crystals and trace around them with a pencil on your wallpaper. In this project you’d want to see how the pattern will show, so do your tracing pattern side up. Then carefully cut your pieces and apply to the back of the crystal by dipping the foam brush in Mod Padge and brushing onto your wallpaper piece. Use your fingers to press down and smooth out any air pockets. Once dry you can poke a pin in any air bubbles and then coat the back with a coat of Mod Podge (or white glue). Let dry and hang on your chandelier!

chandelier makeover for spring wallpaper crystal

Give it your own touch by using a variety of patterns or mixing in with colored crystals of a similar hue.

chandelier makeover for spring feminine lighting

I painted the pink crystals above with glass paint and have more instructions IN THIS POST about that easy process. If you have glass or crystal bobeches and you’d like to add color…it will really change the look of a chandelier. These are easily found at flea markets and sometimes yard sales and thrift shops.

chandelier makeover for spring blue glass paint

For my chandelier makeover for spring I used more of that pretty vintage wallpaper and used the same technique to glue paper onto new plastic chandelier covers. Use one of them as a template and trace onto the paper and then cut and glue with Mod Podge.

chandelier makeover for spring mod podge projects

The pink beading is temporary and was in my stash of supplies and it’s just another fun way to do a chandelier makeover for spring!


chandelier makeover for spring pink beads

I think that the additions to the chandelier just make it pop for spring. The PINK gives a feminine but not overstated look and most of all you can adjust to your own style!

chandelier makeover for spring pink crystals


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  1. Deborah Broughton says:

    Love these ideas!

  2. LINDA WALTON says:

    WHAT AN INSPIRATION YOU ARE JANET! I just love the chandelier tips. One day (hopefully soon) my chandelier can come out of storage and I have some vintage Japanese wallpaper tucked away for years now and I will use it to pretty up! ahhhhhhhh I love being inspired with a new idea! -6 celcius here so a mild day in Northern Ontario and lots of snow BUT Spring is coming!!!

  3. Wow – that is such a great idea, Janet! I absolutely adore that beautiful vintage wallpaper you used.

  4. Wow!! I have to be honest. When you started with cutting wallpaper and embellishing the crystals, I was a bit hesitant on how it would come out. I shouldn’t have doubted you. You haven’t let me down yet. Love it! Thank you for sharing. Cindy

  5. I love this idea. The wallpaper idea is so sunltle, I almost missed it. Now I have to find beautiful vintage wallpaper to my thrifting “mission. Thank you for the inspiration.

  6. This is such a fabulous idea! And the chandelier in my office could definitely get a makeover for Spring. Thx for the inspiration!!!

  7. So pretty….does it come off easily for a change, or are those spare parts?

    1. Jill…if you’re talking about the candle covers they are super inexpensive and you just pull them off to replace!

  8. What a great idea Janet, I love how these simple touches make such a pretty difference.

  9. Susan Cecere says:

    I love your chandelier. I have been wanting for my bedroom. I have been for just the right size. I love the wallpaper you used is petfect.

  10. Janet,
    I have a chandelier that I found by the roadside. We are going to put it up in our bathroom and I was contemplating what to do with the worn candlesticks! So, thanks for a timely and awesome post!!!

  11. This post is so beautiful and helpful! I can hardly stand it! I’ve painted and altered chandeliers, but I’ve done nothing this wonderful. I’d like to save these instructions for later, and am concerned they may not be available online indefinitely. Is there a way to print this post without the pop-up ads, etc. displaying? Thank you so much for your fabulous blog and for this post, especially!

    1. Thanks Susan! You can always bookmark this page, but it will always be available on my website so no worries. If you have a Pinterest account I’d suggest pinning it for later as well.

  12. Nancy Walden says:

    Gorgeous idea! I’m really tired of the three brass lamps in my living room and am seriously considering panting at least one of them. Adding a print or at least textured paper to the “candle” part would look great. Thanks for constantly inspiring me!

  13. Okay this is just brilliant. Clever little way to sneak some pops of spring in!

  14. Another excellent creative idea that can be used on so many things. Thank you, Janet!!
    ~Donna @ BelleWest

  15. Whan an amazing idea! Your chandelier looks absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures!