Christmas In The Master Bedroom With A White Tree

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Hello again friends. I’m excited to share Christmas in our master bedroom with a white tree, which I actually styled and shot weeks ago and finally had the time to talk about today.
shabby chic bed christmas
Keep reading because there is a party going on with lots to see about a WHITE CHRISTMAS TREE!

Christmas In The Master Bedroom With A White Tree


white shabby chic christmas tree
It started with this tree that was rescued from one of our client’s who was tossing it into the trash! It was a tosser because the prelit lights did not work and it had yellowed. I’m not above rescues and the finished product looks pretty gorgeous. Don’t you think? I would much rather have a WHITE CHRISTMAS TREE than a yellow one.
white christmas tree pastel ornaments
I explained more about the process HERE but I painted it and “stuffed” it to make it look brand new.
french sconce christmas
On the bedroom mantel I added some faux white garland. The vintage mirror is one that I’ve had for a few years just laying around, and somehow it popped into my head to hang it over the mantel flanked by a pair of antique French sconces.
white christmas garland
The sconces were a very generous gift from a friend and I haven’t yet wired them to U.S. standards, but I will. They have delicate cloth pull chains to turn them on and I hung a vintage pinecone ornament from each. Just one of those little extra touches.
white christmas garland
I love vintage ornaments and have a pretty large collection. In the bedroom I used faded metallics in silver and gold on the mantel, along with some pinecones that I painted white.
white christmas tree shabby chic ornaments
And on the tree I mixed in some of my favorites that are vintage blush pink. There are many reproduction ornaments available these days but I don’t think that they can compare to the patina that you find with vintage.
white christmas bedroom
Winter wonderland in Miami, where it’s a balmy tropical 90 degrees and we have to fake it until we make it winter-wise.
pink christmas
A few subtle touches of pink, and I went a little crazy buying inexpensive pillows (from H&M Home) to change things out this year.
shabby chic christmas
I’ll let you in on a little quirky secret and why there are presents on the bed. No, they are not staged (well maybe just a little:~}. I actually have done my present wrapping in the master bedroom ever since the kiddos were little, so that I could close the door and then hide them underneath the bed! It’s a back saver for me too, since the bed is a high one. Works for me and our homes are meant to be lived in and breathed in.
white ranunculus
And a small vase of flowers next to my side of the bed.
 Chateau Chic
 Far Above Rubies

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  1. Janet, your bedroom is beautiful….and that tree! Stunning! Oh, and I covet those sconces!
    Edith & Evelyn Vintage

  2. Such a lovely Christmas bedroom … like a Winter wonderland! What a lucky tree, too … I would've rescued it, too! I love your gorgeous sconces … vintage ornaments … and peeks of soft blush pink. I'd be tempted to just stay tucked in bed on the weekends in here! Glad to be joining you for our blog hop! Happy Holidays!

  3. Oh yes, a truly amazing winter wonderland…I am sure the tree is glowing and happy after you rescued it…the room is stunning…from that amazing full garland on the mantel to those gorgeous sconces…what a gift!….I so know about decorating for Christmas when it is 90 degrees…I always wished for a cold spell when we went Christmas tree shopping…Beautiful room Janet…love that pink and gold lettered pillow…so it was from H&M home?….

  4. I can't imagine how it must feel to walk through your beautiful home. I would probably need a bib as I would be drooling. 🙂 I am so in love with the white tree and white mantel, too. What a save!!! Merry Christmas, my friend! xxoo, Barb

  5. Absolutely gorgeous as always Janet! I love every single detail. So dreamy! Merry Christmas!

  6. Anita Diaz says:

    Oh my goodness, I do not know what I love most!! I gasped when I saw the sconces, though! What a wow they are. I LOVE the white tree and garland. And I agree about the vintage ornaments. Yours are gorgeous!

  7. Janet, it looks so beautifully snowy and wintry! Love the touch of a fur throw around the bottom of the tree! I adore the pops of color that you always add. 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  8. Janet your master is beyond gorgeous my friend! I hope to be able to deck the halls in our master one of these days. I have not gotten to that point yet though. Too many other areas I have to decorate.

  9. I need to start looking in the trash! It is gorgeous! It's been very warm in Georgia too!

  10. captiveinflorida says:

    Looove that bed quilt, I believe you said from Target? Awesome! I want!

  11. Beautiful white decorations which make a lovely room. This is the first time I have seen using cotton inside the tree but it is very pretty. Thank you for sharing. Jean

  12. deb Peters says:

    Every part of your home is beautiful. Your floral duvet cover is just what Ive been looking for could you share where its from or the name please. Merry Christmas

    1. Thank you so much Deb! It was from Target a couple of years ago, but I am pretty sure it’s been discontinued.