Creative Modern Coastal Farmhouse Style Tour

When illness struck, this creative homeowner and her husband made lemonade out of lemons in this modern coastal farmhouse style home. Lots of DIY projects to inspire you here!

modern coastal farmhouse style

Meet Canadian blogger Kim Power, who is the creator and author behind the blog Kim Power Style. She shares her love for modern, coastal farmhouse decor, styling  and DIY projects.

modern coastal farmhouse style entry foyer

I’ve known the talented and delightful Kim for several years through her blog Kim Power Style and her Instagram account. I recall reading some time ago how tragedy struck suddenly and her husband had a life threatening brain hemorrhage. Thankfully he pulled through and then things had to change for her family.

Creative Modern Coastal Farmhouse Style Tour

“After my husband’s brain hemorrhage and subsequent surgery, we knew we had to sell the home we were living in that time. We decided to move closer to our youngest daughter and her husband who were about to have a baby. They are both in the military and lived about two hours away from us in a small city. So in 2018 we sold our home and a lot of our belongings. We had to leave our sweet little lakeside cottage home that I loved.”

modern coastal farmhouse style living room

modern coastal farmhouse style

“We put all our things in storage and moved in with my daughter and son-in-law. Our plan was that we would look for and buy a smaller home for ourselves in this new city. Both my daughter and I were looking for new homes. They were hoping to upgrade to something bigger. We were just looking for something that would be easy for us to take care of now.”

slipcovered sofas in a coastal living room

“We eventually came to the point where we said why don’t we buy a larger home together? We’d been looking at new builds in the same area that she lived and  both fell in love with this model home. It was large, open concept and had beautiful wood floors with big large windows. It had us at hello! We ended up finishing the basement for extra room.”

rug updates to a Creative Modern Coastal Farmhouse Style Tour

Design Projects

There are two main things that I wanted to get done as soon as we moved in and that was to remove the glass shelving that was in the built-ins  on either side of the fireplace wall, and second was to put up a mantel over the fireplace. My plan was to get an old barn beam to use as a mantel but they were really heavy and I didn’t think I would be able to put it up properly. So I ended up building my own which was much lighter and was fairly easy to put up. It felt good getting my tools out again, building and creating!”

mantel diy

“My second project was putting up wood shelves in the built-ins where the glass had been. I had previously filled up the bottom of the built-ins with some firewood, I loved the colour and texture that added so that would be staying.The shelves took a little more planning but I got it done. It has been one of my favourite DIY projects in this new house. I can style and decorate the shelves and they just add a lot of personality and character to the space and make it look more lived in.”

Dining Room

Simple seasonal touches transform the room with the seasons.

White dining room

“I was used to having my husband help me with design projects that I would plan. I would do the design and most of the building. He would do the heavy lifting. With his current disability he’s not able to help anymore. It took me a while before I was able to get my tools out again and start on some DIY projects by myself.”

Kim’s Power Of Paint

“The first thing I did when we moved into our new home was paint! It had this builder’s gray paint throughout and I love my white paint. There was a lot of painting to be done and there still is!”

The Kitchen

Some Previous DIY Projects

In Kim’s previous home she tackled some DIY projects to inspire. She’s tackled everything from shiplap to sewing and stenciling. You can see those over on her blog HERE.

“We have a lot more plans for this home but we’re taking our time. In my last home, I knew that it lent itself more to a coastal cottage vibe but this one is different. It’s larger and more modern…we’re trying to fit our style into the style of the home to make it eclectic, cozy and US.”
For more, be sure to visit the Kim Power Style blog and Kim Power Style on Instagram.

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  1. Kim’s home is lovely. Thanks for introducing me to her blog. xo

    1. It’s so lovely and I’m glad to have been able to introduce you Juliet!

    2. What did you use for mantle and how did you attach. We have the same issue

      1. You would have to go to her links, as we don’t know Leslie

  2. Thanks so much for sharing our home Janet! Really blessed my heart xo

  3. Very pretty! I absolutely loved the way they staged this house and love the name “Shabbyfufu” very cute!

  4. I’ve followed Kim for while now and her story is so inspiring! This was a beautiful tour Janet!

    1. She’s a strong and talented woman Sue! Thanks for stopping by…much appreciate, even if I don’t get around to answering every comment