Decorate for Christmas With Me I 8 Tips |  Graceful Living Room Edition!

Do you need some fresh ideas for the holiday season but don’t want to go overboard this year? Then decorate for Christmas with me and I’ll take you step by step in the process of what I did to create an elegant living room without much fuss or clutter!

French style living room decorated for Christmas with Darby the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The holiday season seems to come earlier and earlier each year. Or is it just me? I’ve been enjoying having the decor up ahead of the rush of the kids coming home with some quiet time to myself. I’ve even gotten the presents all ordered and wrapped and the stockings are now filled! If you still need some stocking stuffers, check out my post – 50 Last Minute Stocking Stuffers For The Family Under $25. It even includes the pets like sweet Darby who is by my side in the French chair, watching as I decorate!

Decorate for Christmas with Me – Step by Step

The first thing that I always do when I decorate for Christmas or for any season is to clear out the room of clutter and accessories. Actually in this case I moved everything out (with the exception of the china cabinet) since I knew that I wanted to rearrange the sofa and pair of French bergere chairs and change out the area rug.

Now the sofa faces the bay window that looks out to the front of the house and the chairs face the sofa. The faux sisal rug is nice and cushy, cozy for the winter season and you can find it available here. It’s truly my favorite and I just wish that it came in larger sizes, but this is an 8 x 10 and it works for this area.

Transitional living room - decorate for Christmas

Step by Step Guide To Decorate Your Living Room For Christmas:

  • Remove all past seasonal decor and put in storage. I keep my own seasonal items in clear plastic bins in the garage, but a closet or any space that you can tuck things out of sight will do!
  • Give the room a good cleaning. I dusted surfaces, vacuumed the floor and gave my furniture a deep cleaning with this Little Green Clean Machine. If you don’t have one of those yet then get one if you can. You will save money in the long run and it’s great for any upholstered surfaces both indoors, outdoors and the car!
  • Decide on a theme for your holiday home and/or a color scheme. Sure, you can change things as you go along but I find it extremely helpful to choose a basic theme/colorway beforehand!
  • The Christmas tree is the largest item that you’ll utilize when you decorate for Christmas in your living room. Determine the best placement to allow for easy traffic flow and consider the view of the tree. Undecided? Take a quick photo with your phone which can be so helpful in terms of space planning! You might find my recent post on 100 Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas to be helpful!
  • Once your tree is in place, decorate it first and then move on to the rest of the room and begin to add any other Christmas decor layer by layer. It’s akin to putting together a layer cake!
  • If you have a mantel in your living room, that is likely a focal point. Add festive garland and then embellishment or fill out the area with candles, pine cones, ornaments and collectibles. Don’t forget to freshen up the firebox!
  • Move on to decorate your coffee table and any other flat surfaces that need a bit of holiday cheer and charm. Step back and take a look and if you believe that you’ve overdone it there is no shame in pulling some pieces back!
  • My own last step is to add seasonal pillows and throws to the sofa and chairs. Adding pops of your color choice for the tree will endure the living room stays coordinated nicely!

My Christmas Tree – Beautiful Natural Looking Noble Fir (pre-fluffing)

French country style Christmas

I have always loved the look of a natural noble fir evergreen tree. But if you’ve seen any of my previous Christmas posts, almost all of my trees are from King Of Christmas. I have several flocked trees (such as this one), and for this Christmas my theme was a Natural Elegant Woodland Holiday! Definitely a departure from previous years but change is a good thing and I embrace it! I received this 9′ King Noble Fir with 700 warm LED lights and BOY OH BOY it is gorgeous!

It took me no more than 5 minutes to put up this snap together tree and maybe 10 minutes to slightly fluff it. The tree comes with a remote control for the lights, a storage bag and even gloves to protect your manicure while fluffing. It’s a winner and a tree that will last you for many years. I considered just leaving the tree au naturel sans ornaments, but decided to decorate for Christmas with a theme of silver, ivory and champagne.

King Of Christmas 9' Noble Fir

By the way, if you need a new Christmas tree this year and are undecided, I put together this guide that talks about the type of artificial trees you’ll have to choose from and some sources.

Christmas decorating on a mantel

For the mantel I purchased two of these Norfolk Pine Garlands and mixed in some garland that I already had in my stash. I embellished with a couple of strands of these battery operated copper strand twinkle lights that are so reasonably priced and come in a four pack. I really love to get a lot of bang for my buck when decorating seasonally and save the splurge for a long lasting tree!

Next I added a trio of stockings including one from this set of beautiful cable knit stockings and a few pine cones that I painted white (see my tutorial here). I also hung some brass bells with vintage silk ribbon and in the center of the mantel added a trio of these alluring faux candles that are so realistic!

Decorate for Christmas French country style
Dreamy image of Christmas lights

Our mantel is faux, and since we never have cold weather this far south I fake it with some birch logs and more of those twinkle lights! You can see in my close up how pretty these twinkle light strands are in copper. I have had my sets for several years now and they work great!

faux fireplace at Christmas with twinkle lights

I’ve also added a pair of tall French style candlesticks to the mantel on one side.

Beautiful Christmas living room with green accents

On my coffee table sourced a (similar one here) I set up a “vase” which has an interesting back story! My husband and I were taking our one hour morning walk a few months ago and I found it in a trash pile. It was part of a large post light that the homeowners took down to replace with a more modern one! I knew that it would make a fabulous large vase and got the eye roll from my husband who hauled it home for me. Haha! Just look at that patina!

realistic real touch artificial norfolk pine stems

I filled it with these stunning realistic Norfolk Pine stems that come a dozen in the box.

elegant French style Christmas living room

This pair of real wax flameless Christmas tree candles helped me decorate for Christmas with just the look that I was going for. Simplicity with just a few elegant items that make a statement and nothing too over the top! The “bowl” is a vintage crystal beaded French ceiling light filled with the same silver, white and champagne ornaments that I have on the Christmas tree. What do you think?

French country inspired living room at Christmas

The vintage French style white tufted sofa was moved to the other side of the room and I like this layout better than the previous room iteration. I added a pair of yummy green velvet pillows with pom pom trim. You can find this pair of velvet pillows here, and they are so budget friendly that it’s almost a shock! Pillows like this can be used not only when you decorate for Christmas, but year round of course! The vintage Merry Christmas needlepoint pillow is a treasure and is some of the only pop of red that I have. The wreath next to the fireplace balances out the room.

Grandmillennial Christmas living room
vintage needlepoint Christmas pillow

This was a wreath that I had in my storage and I simply added some beautiful velvet fringed ribbon that I found at Hobby Lobby and more twinkle lights.

Christmas wreath with velvet ribbon
Shabbyfufu French country style Christmas living room

Just behind me when I shot this is a wall that has a vintage Thomasville coastal style caned sofa table. I covered it with a white tablecloth and set up this little vignette. My late mother-in-law did this needlepoint and we put it up every year when we decorate for Christmas.

Christmas vignette

Another vintage Christmas needlepoint pillow on this old French caned chair in the entry foyer.

vintage chair with Christmas needlepoint pillow

I hope that this gives you some ideas to use when you decorate for Christmas! Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I love your early Christmas decor! Simple and elegant! We’ve decided to put up our white tree with red ball ornaments this year… and I have those same velvet pillows in a few colors, but not green. I’ll have green tomorrow (thank you & Amazon!). I think the green will be a perfect Color to compliment my mostly red & White decor! Happy holiday season! 🦃 🎄

  2. Gayle Stewart says:

    Your room is lovely and I appreciate all the ideas. However, in this day and time when most families are financially struggling, it would be nice if you sometimes offered versions that did not cost so much. Most people do not have $1000 to $1500 to outlay to decorate one room, no matter how long they last. Just a suggestion.

    Thank you for sharing your creativity.

    1. I offer many budget solutions Gayle and in fact most of my own decor is vintage, so second hand. My Amazon storefront is filled with inexpensive options that I’ve linked to including the twinkle lights, pillow covers and much more! Here is the link:

  3. Patti Sanchez says:

    It’s all so very lovely!

    1. Thanks so much Patti for stopping by!

  4. All your beautiful hard work is amazing. Thanks for these tips and links to great products. Love the garland

    1. Thank you Maria, I appreciate you!

  5. Janeintherain says:

    This morning I adored reading your Christmas decorating post. It’s lovely and I’m sure I’ll read it again. Such a nice way to brighten a cloudy/rainy/windy Washington coast day. Ordering the copper strand Christmas lights and maybe the faux sisal rug, after a bit of measuring. Thank you for sharing all of your simple but charming ideas.

    1. Hi Jane, I’m so glad that you enjoyed the post and appreciate you stopping by. One can add so much beauty for the holidays by simply adding a bunch of twinkle lights and they are so budget friendly! Enjoy your day

  6. My husband would not like the bare Christmas trees with few branches..aka.Charlie Brown trees he calls them:0)…I think they are lovely and would rather have the simplicity and sweetness that they add. Love your design this year! I enjoy the needlepoint art or pillows as it adds some cute texture. What a great job your MIL did. I’m hunting cute hooked pillows but they are hard to find or are so pricey. Nice to see your Cavalier in the photos. I placed some more twinkle lights in my cart..thanks as they are on sale! yay!

    1. Lori, haha…my husband is the same but he does love the tree now that it’s decorated! I love this particular line of twinkle lights with the copper wires

  7. Oh my. How pretty and yet beautifully understated..
    I, too, have taken to putting far less on the tree and many ornaments (sentimental and new mixed) live out the Holiday season in bowls and baskets placed here and there. Too sad to leave them boxed up. I had enough of all that “fussiness” with tree decorating when my children were small and the Cavelier? well, shes ok with any which way! BTW MORE pics. of your cav. PLEASE! They DO make a house a home and might be the official dog of Christmas!
    Agree with Gayle that sometimes there just isn’t enough money for the REALLY nice tree options (been there!) I have had both the “very nice”, pricy versions and the med. priced versions and the “cheapies”! I have had a good sized table top tree at our vacation, beach place (7 years now) and that one gets “overdecorated” w/beachy Christmas ornaments and I get unbelievable comments on it! I will say that the “lesser quality” trees HAVE to be decorated
    much more but once you do, you can’t tell that it was a hardware store “cheapie”(beach place) For the simpler (dare I say bare?) fewer ornaments look or JUST white lights, you have to go more towards the top priced trees. I have had one for 9 years and its still going! The one before that lasted more than 12 years. 22 years ago was about 450.00 That now would be a full grand or over!
    It’s all good! It’s the holidays and Christmas!

    1. As we get older sometimes we crave more simplicity. I know that I do, but I still adore pretty things and lovely rooms and decor. I have had quite a few inexpensive artificial trees over the years but they don’t last and the pricey ones definitely do! But there are lots of ways to save money on decorating and I cover these topics often! Have a great holiday season!

  8. Barbara at Mantel and Table says:

    Oh I love this Janet! Your Christmas living room is so peaceful and beautiful! Your Mother in law’s needlepoint is so sweet, and isn’t it fun to have decorations that bring your loved ones to mind? Those traditions are one of my favorite things about the holidays. (Although I seem to have misplaced our traditional shortbread cookie stamp with the thistle on it .. don’t tell my brother!) Thanks for the wonderful inspiration as always!

    1. I’m so glad that you stopped by for a visit Barb and hope you are doing well! Traditions are wonderful and add so many warm feelings to the holiday season. Take care!

  9. The needlepoint is lovely, I so appreciate things handmade. Now the vase with the Norfolk pine stems is eye catching. I love the tree, but the vase was all I could focus on LOL.

    1. I just love tattered vintage fancy things Diana. Hence, how my business got it’s name of Shabbyfufu many years ago by a good friend 😉

  10. Jean Windham says:

    I can’t tell you how beautiful your Christmas decorations are. It’s so pretty and I love the colors you have used. Thank you for sharing. Jean

    1. Thank you so much Jean for that ❤️ I decorate for me and feel that others should do the same, so I’m happy to inspire! Merry Christmas to you and yours 🎄