Decorating DIY Floral Easter Eggs – 20 Ideas

Decorating DIY Floral Easter Eggs is such a fun activity and it’s even better if the young ones volunteer as well. I have a big crush on the floral-theme this year and I am super excited to share it with you.

DIY Floral Easter Eggs Shabbyfufu

You’ll be surprised of all the unique DIY floral Easter egg ideas you will find out there. The decoupage technique is really easy and popular, but there are other methods worth trying such as hand-painting, and applying pressed flowers among others.

I think floral motifs are perfect for decorating Easter eggs and they really bring a fresh Spring vibe into the house. Have you ever used a floral theme for egg decorating and what method did you use? Here are 20 ideas to get you started – 

1. Decoupage Easter Eggs from sincerelysaturday.com

Find some cute paper napkins with coordinating patterns and create a varied and colorful collection of Easter eggs using the decoupage technique.


2. Botanical Easter Eggs from thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

Using acrylic paint to decorate paper mache Easter eggs can be a highly rewarding activity. Follow this tutorial for amazing results that will impress your guests!

botanical DIY floral easter eggs


3. Paper Flower Easter Eggs from tellloveandparty.com

Here is an easy idea the kids will probably be very happy to help you with. Use bright colors to dye the eggs and apply cute paper flowers. How simple is that?

paper cut out diy floral easter eggs

Try Your Hand At Painting!

4. Watercolor Flower Easter Eggs from eliseenghstudios.com

Painting Easter eggs with watercolors can be so fun! Use a loose painting style to keep things simple but still get wonderful results.

hand painted watercolor diy floral easter eggs


5. Watercolor Painted Eggs from craftberrybush.com

This is another watercolor egg painting project that might seem intimidating. However, simply follow the video guide and enjoy the process even if you might not come out perfect from the first try.

watercolor easter eggs


6. DIY Pressed Flower Easter Eggs from hellonest.co

Plain white eggs decorated with pressed flowers have such a delicate look that will make your Easter table look special this year.

pressed flower diy floral easter eggs

DIY Floral Easter Eggs – So Posh!

7. Peggy Porschen Painted Easter Eggs from poshlittledesigns.com

If you’re willing to go an extra mile for your watercolor painted eggs give this project a try. The Peggy Porschen theme is adorable!

shabby chic diy floral easter eggs


8. Simple & Pretty DIY Decoupage Easter Eggs from hip2save.com

The decoupage technique is super easy and it lets you use your favorite napkins.

pastel decoupage diy floral easter eggs


9. DIY Tattooed Watercolor Easter Eggs from prettylifegirls.com

Decorating Easter eggs with floral tattoos is another simple idea that looks fabulous! This is definitely a great last-minute Easter egg decor idea.

pretty floral diy floral easter eggs

Use Wood Scraps!

10. Wood Grain Folk Art Flower Easter Eggs from flaxandtwine.com

These rustic folk art Easter eggs are decorated with furniture wrap samples. Use the provided template to trace then peel, and stick.

folkart decoupage diy floral easter eggs


11. Watercolor Floral Eggs from dreamalittlebigger.com

Painting in watercolor may seem complicated so if you are new to it try this lovely design. It’s easy to make but looks great!

easy watercolor diy floral easter eggs


12. Dried Flowers On Easter Eggs from thehousethatlarsbuilt.com

I love how this project came out. The dried flowers are very delicate but the Mod Podge seems to be holding them really well.

diy floral easter eggs


13. Easy DIY Rifle Paper Co. Easter Eggs from ajoyfulriot.com

Rifle Paper’s wrapping paper looks gorgeous but it may not be readily available in your area so you can use any other you’d like. I am sure it will end up looking amazing anyway.

acrylic painted diy floral easter eggs


14. Gorgeous DIY Floral Easter Eggs from designimprovised.com

If you didn’t plan pressing your flowers on time, you can always try decorating your eggs using artificial flowers. They are sturdier than the dried ones and actually resemble fresh flowers a lot!

Easter eggs with pressed flowers


15. How To Decorate Easter Eggs With Tattoos from diycandy.com

Tattooing Easter eggs is a project little ones will enjoy too. Using gold foil floral tattoos gives such impressive results. These Easter eggs look so glam!

gold easter eggs


16. Decoupage Floral Easter Eggs from mydearirene.com

How cute are these diy floral Easter eggs that are decorated with flower pot cut outs from paper napkins?!

flower pot diy floral easter eggs


17. Origami Paper Covered Easter eggs from dreamalittlebigger.com

Cutting paper into origami patterns before wrapping it onto the eggs creates some interesting effects. The whole process looks so fun!

origami diy floral easter eggs


18. Torn Tissue Eggs from stonegableblog.com

You can use plastic or paper mache eggs for this Mod Podge project but the shell of real blown-out eggs has a delicate texture and feel you can’t get otherwise.

real blown out Easter eggs diy floral easter eggs


My Favorite Diy Floral Easter Eggs!

19. Hand Painted Easter Eggs from craftberrybush.com

Here is another stunning watercolor egg painting project you can try at home. Remember you can use a completely different color scheme to match your Easter decorations.

hand painted water color easter eggs


20. Floral Easter Eggs With Printable Decals from howaboutorange.blogspot.com
If you have some temporary tattoo paper on hand and some eggs in the fridge you don’t even need to leave the house to get supplies. Print the provided decals then apply the tattoos on the eggs.

wood easter eggs

Check out my post on decorating Easter eggs with vintage millinery!

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  1. Oh, my! What a rabbit hole you led me into! These were fascinating…and then another link to using vintage millinery, which ended up being my favorites. Easter is about the only holiday I don’t do any special decorating for … thank heavens, or you’d have me decking out Easter eggs for the next two weeks straight!
    Wonderful tutorials and photos – thanks for sharing. I think! 🤔

  2. Kimberly Peterson says:

    I just love these beautiful eggs and also and especially the colorful egg cartons! How inspiring! Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much for featuring my decoupage eggs! I love all of the other beautiful creative egg finds that you have also featured. Looks like I might have to make a few dozen more eggs!