Dollar Tree Spring Wreath Idea (That Is Easy!)

In this post you’ll find a craft tutorial for how to make a Dollar Tree spring wreath. An easy craft for all levels of crafters, with no tools or glue required!

Dollar Tree Spring Wreath Idea

I often tell you that I believe you can have beauty with ANY budget. Mix it up…you do you and I do me with high end pieces, thrifted finds and everything in-between! That being said, I don’t often shop at the Dollar Tree. However, with an unplanned quick visit to our beach home for a few days I had a little extra time to craft. The weather at the beach has been wintery and it’s too blustery to be outside. Off I went to do various shopping and decided to make a stop at a Dollar Tree store that I happened to spot. I spied some adorable faux flowers in the window display and cute was what I was going for in my craft idea.

Dollar Tree spring wreath supplies

I grabbed a mix of the smaller bunches of spring flowers, two willow wreaths and two spools of pink burlap ribbon. Most of the time I don’t craft while up at our beach home, and I don’t even have a glue gun here! All of these supplies cost me just $11, since everything truly is a dollar at the Dollar Tree stores.

pin for inspiration!

Easy Dollar Tree Spring Wreath DIY

  • Using a pair of small garden clippers, snip off the flowers individually. You’ll be sliding each flower through the spaces in the willow wreath. This is relatively easy to do by pulling slightly on the willow to separate. Keep the wire portion just long enough to tuck through to the back of the wreath with a little extra room to bend and secure in place.

Generally speaking the inexpensive faux flowers have cheap looking greenery. I don’t like to use the greenery for the most part. Look for things like grasses and silver sage toned greens when shopping. Simply toss the greens that come with the floral stems if they look too fake.

  • Starting in one particular part of the wreath, just keep going and keep the flowers close together. Tuck the flowers in far enough so that they are close to the willow in the front. Don’t worry about how the back of the wreath looks!

  • Secure the flowers by wrapping in the back. If any of the flowers fall off and you have a glue gun handy then add a dab of glue to adhere in place.
  • For this Dollar Store spring wreath, it’s all about the wrap! If you have extra wire that shows when looking from the front, snip it off.

Once you feel that you’ve added enough flowers then turn the wreath over step back for a good look! Do any tweaking or mending now, because the bow will come next.

Let’s Make A Bow!

Dollar Tree spring wreath with a bow

I prefer to use wide wired ribbon for bows and found this 9 ft roll of pink wired burlap at The Dollar Tree. So pretty that I just may have to go back for more!

  • Make loops with the ribbon about 8″ – 12″ long. You simply take the ribbon and fold it, one fold at a time, looping it over itself.

  • You’ll be looping continually…away from you, not back and forth. Loop the ribbon until you’ve used up the roll, which in this case it 9′.

  • Cut a notch or slit in the center of your looped ribbon, with one slit on each side as shown. Be careful not to cut into the center!

  • You’ll then want to tie the ribbon in the center as shown, very tightly. I just snipped off a piece at the end of the ribbon and used that to tie with. You can also use a piece of wire, twine or scrap of narrow ribbon…just make sure to pull it tight when tying.
  • Fluff up each part of the ribbon to create a bow. Since this burlap is stiff it was easy to shape how I wanted the ribbon to look.
  • Finally you’ll tie the ribbon on to the wreath. If you don’t like where you placed it, just untie it and rework it…or eliminate completely! This is your wreath and your time to play!

The Finished Dollar Store Spring Wreath

Some Close Up Shots

I’ve created a new watercolor printable to go along with this Dollar Store Spring Wreath tutorial! You can download it for free as a subscriber in the Members Only shop.

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  1. linda of no.cal. says:

    Good Morning…
    That is so cute and soooooo SPRINGY ๐ŸŒธ
    I will be off to the Dollar Tree this afternoon… thank you.

    1. So glad that you like this one..enjoy making it!

  2. LindaSonia says:

    Dollar tree wreath printable is not in the members only library????

    1. Sorry…it’s there now ;-))

  3. OMG thatโ€™s so cute!! I LOVE that ribbon! I really need to try some wreaths of my own… ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Thanks Lory…the ribbon is so pretty that I may have to go back for more!

    2. Thanks Lory and I know you can do this, with NO glue gun required!

  4. This is adorable. Just want to ask why you bought 2 wteath forms.

    1. Thanks Doris! Because they were only $1 each I know I’ll use the other at some point.

      1. Of course. Will be trying this. Thanks for sharing.

        1. Great…happy to inspire you!

  5. I am not able to find the wreath form at any dollar tree. I have checked 8 of them. I wanted to make 10 wreaths for Easter. They were shown on variety of sites. So disappointing. Not sure if I will continue to visit dollar trees for a long time. I’m that upset. If I order I need to purchase 36. Forget that. I going somewhere else. In fact I returned the other purchases and got at another store.dont advertise a product that you do.not stock.

    1. I’m sorry that you couldn’t find what you were looking for. That’s very frustrating, I know. I’m not sure, but maybe they carry different items at different locations, or perhaps were just sold out.

      1. Elizabeth P Reynolds says:

        I can never find items said to be found at The dollar Tree in our town. I have given up also.

  6. I love your tutorials. I am curious how you made the watercolor printable. What program do you use? I would love to know. Thank you very much.

    1. Thanks Sue. I use Photoshop for all of my digital art.

  7. I love your great Dollar finds. These wreaths are beautiful! I want to make them for my Granddaughters for Easter!
    Thank you for all your great ideas!!!
    Just love your Site

  8. Janet this turned out perfect for spring. I’m going to go see what supplies I can find this weekend. Thanks for the bow info. I’m terrible at them.

    1. Hope you have fun creating for spring Diana!