20 Easy Driftwood Projects Coastal Diy Ideas

Driftwood projects coastal diy ideas in this post including an instructional for a driftwood Christmas tree.

The direction that I’m going in with some of the furniture that has been ordered for our remodels as of late is a natural look. While I do have a tendency to paint things white and in my more shabby chic days probably went overboard, I’m toning it down now. In fact I just replaced the  vintage nightstands in the bedroom with more in scale pieces that are natural wood. Being a coastal girl, I’ve always loved the organic nature of driftwood. Walking the beaches here in Florida I see so much of it and pick up interesting pieces often.

driftwood projects coastal diy - Christmas tree

Last fall I was up at our beach home when a hurricane hit and combed the beach afterwards for nature’s left behinds. I talked about how I had no choice but to decorate for fall with what washed up from the storm and you’ll find that post HERE. Did you go the beach this past summer and bring home “souvenirs from the sea”? If you have any driftwood I’ve gathered 20 ideas from talented bloggers and driftwood projects can be a year round coastal addition to your home.

driftwood projects coastal diy - beach christmas tree

But before we get to the other projects, I thought I’d share an instructable. I’m sorry that I don’t have in process photos, so this is just a brief “how to”

Driftwood projects coastal diy – Christmas Tree

There are many different ways to make a driftwood Christmas tree and this one might be the easiest.

  • Start with some tree branches that you can either clip from your own bush or small tree or purchase HERE. You’ll need one long branch and three branches in graduated sizes. You can see them if you look closely at the photos above.
  • Make a basic tree shape by using small tack nails and nailing the three graduated branches to the long middle piece. Again…pictures tell the story and this will form your base to attach the driftwood pieces to. For extra strength in this project you can use WOOD GLUE after tack nailing.
  • Once sturdy and dry, create a base to make your driftwood Christmas tree stand up. Use driftwood pieces (buy some HERE) that are similar in size and just start nailing them at first to the wood stick support and then each-other.
  • Start building up your tree as the photos show, nailing one piece on top of the next and so on. Criss-cross on to the wood tree branches for support and then each-other. Come to a point at the top and be sure to work on the back to make it stand evenly. Nail carefully and then glue…rinse and repeat!
  • Top off with a wooden craft star. For extra dimension, brush on some white craft paint lightly.

Below are some other great driftwood projects coastal diy things to make!


driftwood projects coastal diy

    1. Driftwood Sailboat: The Perfect Nautical Touch To Any Beach Themed Room from craftsbyamanda.com
    2. Driftwood Sign: Made With Beach-Found Wood Pieces And Paint from craftsbyamanda.com
    3. DIY Clock With Driftwood from sustainmycrafthabit.com
    4. DIY Painted Woodcut Platter from lovelyindeed.com
    5. Driftwood Wreath from kleinworthco.com
    6. Gilded Driftwood Wall Art†from homestead128.com
    7. Driftwood Art: A Nautical Themed Adult Craft Using Driftwood And A Starfish from craftsbyamanda.com
    8. DIY Hanging Rope Shelf With Driftwood from sustainmycrafthabit.com
    9. Patriotic Driftwood Star Wreath from momspark.net
    10. DIY Driftwood Wreath With Air Plants from thehappyhousie.porch.com
    11. Driftwood Gift Crate from prettyhandygirl.com
    12. Coastal Christmas With A Driftwood Topiary from craftsncoffee.com
    13. DIY Jewelry Rack from thetoastedpinenut.com
    14. DIY Driftwood Planter from craftberrybush.com
    15. DIY Driftwood Letter from thehappyhousie.porch.com
    16. Driftwood DIY Mirror†from blog.consumercrafts.com
    17. DIY Driftwood Beachy Wreath from blog.consumercrafts.com
    18. Mini Driftwood Faux Succulent Planters from craftberrybush.com
    19. DIY Nightstand With Driftwood Legs†from sustainmycrafthabit.com
    20. DIY Driftwood Sunburst Wreath For Summer†from sadieseasongoods.com

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  1. I had seen these great driftwood trees in gift shops recently and yours is just beautiful Janet….well done!!!…perfect holiday piece for your beach house and your beautiful Sunshine State home!

    1. Thanks so much Shirley…have a beautiful week my friend!