Easy Teacup Birdfeeder – With Sugru Moldable Glue

In this post you’ll learn to make an easy teacup birdfeeder to enhance your garden. With Sugru Moldable Glue by tesa almost any project requiring glue is possible. Have you ever heard of moldable glue before? I’ve been crafting for decades and never knew such a glue even existed. I’m blown away by the possibilities and more on that later. For now, let’s get right into this simple craft for your garden.

easy teacup birdfeeder

This is a paid post in behalf of Sugru, but the opinions expressed here are my own.

I’m in my 15th year of blogging, so you may have seen some of my previous crafts using teacups. There is just something about vintage china that I love. My husband’s aunt had gifted me with a collection of vintage teacups years ago, so I decided to use several in this easy teacup birdfeeder post. Sort of a tribute to her and to my own love of the garden, so let’s get started!

easy teacup birdfeeder

Easy Teacup Birdfeeder With Sugru Moldable Glue – DIY

First you’ll need to get some Sugru below.

Feeling inspired? Sign up to the Sugru newsletter here and enjoy 10% off any of their fantastic repair products for your home, garden and clothes. Trust me that you are going to become as obsessed with this glue as I am!

Sugru bonds to almost anything and hardens overnight, turning into a strong flexible and bondable rubber. It’s almost like a cross pollination between Super Glue and Play Doh.

easy teacup birdfeeder

It’s so easy to make this project once you have your Sugru. It comes in a variety of colors and you can mix them to create your own! I used red for the easy teacup birdfeeder project because it wouldn’t show and it was the first packet that I grabbed!

  • Sugru comes in 10 different colors which can be mixed to make any shade you like
  • Sugru is easily removable with a sharp knife and dry tissue paper
  • You can find a range of different repair products at Sugru.com – for your home, garden and clothes.

easy teacup birdfeeder

You’ll also need some monofilament fishing line to hang the easy teacup birdfeeder in your garden. Fishing line works well when creating a squirrel proof bird feeder. Trial and error taught me this trick and the hack works!

easy teacup bird feeder

Using The Sugru Moldable Glue

I opened my packet of Sugru and molded it between my fingers to get the shape that was needed.

Sugru moldable glue easy teacup bird feeder

Next I decided how to position the cup to the saucer to create the shape shown below. I intended on hanging this easy teacup birdfeeder so the cup handle would need to be at the top.

tea cup birdfeeder

I placed the Sugru on the cup and positioned it against the saucer. It stays in place right away and if you need to move it you have around 30 minutes before it starts to set up. Allow to dry overnight or for 24 hours.

teacup craft

After 24 hours I tied some monofilament fishing line onto the handle of the teacup. Then I hung the tea cup from a branch and filled with wild birdseed.

I made a few of these easy teacup birdfeeder pieces and now the birds are enjoying them!

easy teacup bird feeder

Additionally I took a piece of rebar that I had in my garage and used the Sugru moldable glue to create a standing teacup garden bird feeder.

sugru on porcelain

You’ve probably seen this type of feeder before, but the Sugru makes it so much easier to make. Sugru moldable glue adheres to just about anything!

shabbyfufu easy teacup bird feeder

Sugru also has other products in their lineup and I received this set of garden shears.

bonsai set from Sugru

They are perfect for spring gardening and floral arranging and I know that I’ll get a lot of use out of them! We have lots of flowers in bloom in our tropical Florida garden right now!

garden clippers

With my stash of tea cups out I used them to create an impromptu garden tablescape. With birds being on my mind the vintage bird teacups seemed perfect. I filled the tea cups with florals and berries from the garden.

garden table setting shabbyfufu

shabbyfufu garden tea cup setting



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  1. Clever – and so pretty! Now, all I need to do is leave the city and buy property somewhere that has trees and some type of bird other than pigeon! AND start collecting nice vintage off-one cups and saucers.
    I’d be all set!
    Thanks for the tip about the glue – I love the idea of being able to mix it to get a color that will blend if it’s going to show!
    Stay warm and dry – and safe!

    1. Haha…yes, move to the country or just have a tree! This glue is a must for any crafter. Check the Sugru website and you’ll be amazed at the creative projects they have!

  2. Those cups and saucers on the bird feeders are some of the prettiest I seen. Love all of the ideas and will check out the glue.

    1. Awesome Ann…I just LOVE this glue and can think of a zillion household uses!

  3. LOVE THIS! Another idea for the rebar tea cup is a birdie bath filled with water or natural rainwater for a watering station. So pretty it would remind me of my Mom and Grandmother every time I went into the garden. Thank you Janet! (Oh to have some tan on my hands again like yours lol)
    Linda N. Ontario

    1. That would be a great idea probably in Canada Linda, but it would be a breeding ground for mosquitoes down here. My tan hands come with a price, LOLOLOL!!

  4. love this idea! what is the bright pink flower?

    1. Thanks Kathy and honestly I cannot recall for the life of me what the name of the flower is!!

  5. Ann Baird says:

    I have a little cup and saucer feeder. I love the look, but there’s a problem with it being more than a decorative piece. In my experience feeders need some kind of little holes for drainage. My teacup feeder fills with water when it rains and becomes moldy quickly. I haven’t come up with a solution. Drilling little holes won’t work in this situation. Can you think of any way to solve the problem?

    1. These teacups are set an angle Ann, so if it gets a typical Florida rain it should drain out. I would clean and refill these a few times a week.

  6. Such a pretty feeder! I am lovin that bonding too.I will check it out. Pinned!

    1. Thanks Kim…you gotta try that glue!

  7. I am a collector of vintage cups & saucers. Yours are beautiful!! I love buying them on Ebay or in antique stores. If you ever decide to sell any, let me know. I could never put them outside for bird feeders or anything else. To each his own, but I could not do that. Just saying.

    1. I too have so many and love to make the extras functional. Thanks for stopping by Kathleen!

  8. Libbie@alifeunfolding says:

    OH!!!! What a great product and such a cute idea!! I have a perfect set of teacups, and I think I will order the glue and make these for my Airbnb garden in the spring. Pinned for later. xx

    1. Sounds like a great plan Libbie!!

  9. This is so amazing! What a great way to feed to birds and add simple beauty to any yard or porch. I never never there was a product like this. I can’t wait to try it for making crafts on my back porch.
    Thanks, Janet.

    1. Hi Meeghan…this product has a ton of uses and is perfect for your porch!!

  10. What a fun idea for birdfeeders. I think our feathered friends would love something like this now that Autumn has started knocking. Plus, happy dance, I’ve actually seen Sugru on the sheves of some of our bigger stores so I won’t have a problem making something similar. Thanks fo much for the idea, Janet

  11. NORA DEVARAJ says:

    Hi Janet,
    You are absolutely fabulous with your great ideas and inspiration with everything, I wish you were my neighbor.
    Thank you.