Elegant Vintage Christmas Entertaining On The Coast

A preview of things to come or a dress rehearsal as I like to call it. These photos were shot last year at Christmas time for a magazine feature and I’ve not yet shown them on the blog. So here we go!

This year we are looking forward to spending time with our little family and friends at our sweet beach spot along the coast of Florida for Christmas. I do coastal in my own way that maybe isn’t all starfish and seahorses…so let me invite you in for a look around and get you thinking (and pinning:-) for some future coastal themes that YOU can use in other seasons.

Elegant Vintage Christmas Entertaining On The Coast

We spend our every day life a few hours from here and I just cant wait to show you my winter wonderland for the holidays at Miami home! That being said, I feel very blessed to have this second home that we’ve worked hard for, so let’s stay here today and breathe in the salt air outside…


At our beach place the dining table is truly the heart of the home. With an open floor plan, the dining table is often where I do it all from working on my laptop, to crafting, to eating and drinking my morning coffee while I watch and listen to the waves. We made the table completely from scratch, because I was going for a driftwood sort of look on the top and at the time there was not much to be found. The Thonet style chairs can be found HERE and they really are super comfy! I love the fact that these chairs are lightweight and easy to move around…which I often do.

As I mentioned I LOVE vintage and found the Italian chandelier above with the aqua drops at a yard sale, and truth be told it’s a tad undersized for the table…but she’s a keeper. I sourced a SIMILAR CHANDELIER (great price:-) that would be amazing for adding aqua influence if you’ve been looking around. You don’t need to go overboard with AQUA to get a beachy look, just a few subtle touches will do it.


If you want to see what’s normally hanging on the wall behind the table (or any of the beach house posts) I have the posts labeled and organized. Let’s just say that normally there are several paintings on the wall, and they are all…VINTAGE;-)
An easy change up was to gather a few empty gold gilded frames that I had lying around and cut some cardboard to fit the backs. Then tracing onto CHALKBOARD PAPER, on the reverse side that is lined both horizontally and vertically I cut three pieces to fit the cardboard inserts for the frames. The backing was peeled off and instant and very temporary chalkboards were made. They are elegant and so much fun for any occasion!


On another table I set out a bowl full of silver ornaments. In days gone by I was a potter, and the bowl is one that I made and kept. I’ll often fill it with apples or lemons and the color is one to look for…again, SUBTLE TOUCHES are best.


A French GRAINSACK TABLE RUNNER and some of my favorite French Terre de Fer Ironstone DINNERWARE along with what I think might be the star of the TABLESETTING. The drinking glasses are old ones but I’m loving these TISANNE GLASSES that are on sale right now too because it’s all about the ETHEREAL understated looks for me.

Nothing fancy on florals…because as much as I LOVE FANCY FLORALS they are generally not available here, so I picked up some white hydrangeas and white roses and mixed in eucalyptus. I’m kind of a wild floral designer…so tossing a centerpiece with more eucalyptus and some pine cones give a HINT of seasonal shine.

Monogrammed napkins add a formal touch and they don’t need to be your own monograms…just look for some at local yard sales or thrifts. Shiny MERCURY GLASS is everywhere and easy to find and candles are a MUST for a beach home or any home that imbues ROMANCE.

More Holiday Posts Coming Soon!

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