Fake It Till You Make It Look Beautiful

You know that saying…fake it until you make it, right? Sometimes you just don’t have a choice and I did just that yesterday.
faux silk peonies
We try and get up to our beach home when time permits, which is not often enough! Arriving yesterday we headed straight to several local markets for weekend groceries and a few other necessities. As you probably have noticed, flowers are a huge part of my everyday life. They are almost a need and it’s always been that way for me. But on this day…
we came up short. My husband is probably tired of me saying that gorgeous flowers are scarce where we live and calls me a flower diva. It’s true and it’s not that I’m picky, but I just know what I like.

I know that I prefer pale blush tones like my florals that I picked up for this beach house weekend. I’m not a fan of deep colored floral tones, and it carries over into my decor as well. The other day someone asked me if I’m afraid of color. No…I just prefer softly muted tones and there is a flower for everyone and every taste. A whole rainbow of colors brought to us courtesy of perhaps a greater being.

Except that I’m faking it.

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These flowers are faux and they will have to do, since there was NOTHING to be found in the local markets for this weekend.

After picking up our food we headed out to the craft store and although I went to pick up a few supplies for a project, I was amazed at the assortment of beautiful FAUX FLOWERS in my favorite blush pinks and soft salmons. Just this past week I was inspired by my friend Lucy at Craftberry Bush  and her Valentine’s Day table set with faux flowers. I haven’t had a chance to pull these apart and play with them yet, but faux flowers are wonderful for crafts as well as display and I have plans for these lovely silk petals.

When you look for FAUX FLOWERS at the craft store you might notice that the flowers have an authentic look but the leaves do not. I enjoy mixing in REAL GREENERY with the faux flowers and if I have any real flowers from the previous week will often mix them in to the FLOWER ARRANGEMENT as well. Don’t be afraid to pull the flowers off the greenery or cut them off with some garden shears.

These tattered wicker and glass hurricane candle holders came from my friend Jill’s house a couple of weeks ago. She was tossing them in the trash when we were chatting and one woman’s trash is sometimes my treasure. Too tattered for her, but not for me:-)

I’ll be sharing more about things to do with faux flowers soon…but if you are looking for something immediate, check out THIS POST!

It’s time for HOME STYLE SATURDAYS with my dear blog friends!


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