Fall Centerpiece Idea With Vegetables

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Fall centerpiece idea with vegetables that your guests will love! Not only beautiful to look at, but budget friendly and can come from a trip to the grocery store and nothing else.
vegetable centerpiece shabby chic
It all started at Whole Foods, the grocery store where I do most of my food shopping. I was there on Saturday after going out with my husband for breakfast, which is somewhat of a tradition around our home when we aren’t traveling. We like to stock up on some really great fresh food to prepare over the weekend, and wine and usually a small dessert or two. I seek inspiration daily for creative pursuits and on Saturday I started noticing the color purple in the produce department. It got me thinking about my antique French terre de fer (ironstone) dishes and a fish poacher:-) Fish poacher?
artichoke in a centerpiece


Yes…the one that I’ve talked about before on the blog and it works well for a table centerpiece to keep it low so that conversation can flow freely across the table
How To Make A Vegetable Centerpiece


It was an inexpensive find and I don’t poach fish when I cook it. Never ever! Like a lot of things that I acquire second hand I painted it white and only use it for centerpieces. To prevent leaking I line it with a white plastic kitchen trash bag and fill it with soaked floral foam.


clippers and hydrangeas


Yes, I’m that strange woman in the market who likes to match her food to her flowers. Hah! I clipped some gorgeous lavender/pink/green hydrangea quite short and filled the poacher, varying the height just a bit for interest.
purple cauliflower


It didn’t take an entire head of cauliflower to do my VEGETABLE CENTERPIECE, so the rest of it went to make this recipe that I shared for CAULIFLOWER RICE. By the way, if you love to eat healthy the recipe is really delicious and I make it once a week as a side dish:-).


skewered cauliflower
Wooden skewers were cut in half because I didn’t need the full length and I used my flower clippers to cut them on the angle. Then I pushed the skewers gently into some cauliflower florets and placed them into my floral centerpiece randomly.
beautiful vegetable centerpiece for fall
Next I filled in the centerpiece with a few of the leaves from the hydrangea, a handful of wheat stalks, left over flowers from last week in similar tones, small seasonal gourds, seeded hydrangea and finally a couple of artichokes from the market. When making a FLORAL CENTERPIECE always try and vary the height of your arrangement, even just slightly if you prefer. Tuck the plastic trash bag into the arrangement carefully with your fingers.
shabby chic table centerpiece pastel


I overlapped some of the flowers and filler for a more artistic look as well. I’m not sure if anyone really would notice that this is indeed a VEGETABLE CENTERPIECE, but it is and can be left out for several days before tossing out or repurposing the “ingredients”.


french country dining room set for party


My dining table is rather rustic, so I covered it with a bedspread for a softer look. I’ll be sharing another tablescape later this week, so I hope that you check in for that if you are a fan of ENTERTAINING.


wedding centerpiece ideas


pastel colors for fall autumn
how to style a table setting


fall centerpiece with vegetables


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  1. Hi Jan. I’m not a cauliflower fan, so I guess I breeze by these beauties while shopping and didn’t think of an arrangement. 🙂 Do they come in that lovely shade of pink? I thought they were just white and boring. Love this post among many of your others.

    1. Hi Cindy! I actually love to incorporate cauliflower into our diets. Maybe I should do a post on that? Yes…they come in lots of colors and they are not genetically modified. Enjoy your day!

  2. Love this centerpiece, Janet!!! I didn’t realize that cauliflower comes in colors, either. Lovely shade of pink! Pinned for you. ?

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Sue Mellette says:

    Thanks for sharing, Janet. Purple is one of my favorite colors and I love the way you put the vegetables together with the flowers. I love that you used a fish poacher for the container. The small flowers on the plates, to me, is the final touch!

  4. Marge Lobbes says:

    Love this arrangement! Glad you showed how to fix the fish poacher for it. I remember your fish poacher article and went right out and bought one!

  5. Janet! I am just DYING over this centerpiece! I think this is my favorite centerpiece you have done!! LOVE IT!! XO Holly PS. I pinned the heck out of this post! 🙂

    1. Awww, thanks Holly! Sometimes the most inexpensive ideas generate the creativity in my brain. xo

  6. Very soft and beautiful. Thank you for the tips, guess I’m keeping my eyes open for a fsh poacher. ..great ideas…love your blog….

    1. Daphne…I’m so glad that you have been enjoying the blog! xo

  7. WOW!!! This is a truly gorgeous centerpiece!!! Might be my favvvv of all your centerpieces.. Colors are so versatile.. I can see these colors working for a wedding shower.. baby shower.. birthday donner.. just about any ocassions! Love these colors! Thanks!

    1. What a compliment…thank you and I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post!

  8. Ruth Ledyard says:

    Love your centerpiece. I never thought of using cauliflower but will definitely try it now. I also covet your lavender china. That color is hard to find. I have collected elegant glass for years, my only stipulation being that it has flowers etched on it. I started with a pink set because my husband’s grandmother had some that I loved and it went to some other member of the family. I also started with set of 4-6 but as time went on I didn’t care if I loved the piece I bought it. I have sets of green, yellow and pink and yes the pink with green. Right now I have green and yellow on my table for fall. Many of my pieces are onsies that I love to use with the sets. They just make me feel good looking at them. Love your decorating! Ivam 73 and you make me feel young again.

    1. Sounds like you have some beautiful pieces Ruth! I am so glad that the post inspired you to keep creating!

  9. My favorite pinks! This is so imaginative and beautiful! I’m definitely buying that fish poacher! I’m always so inspired by your designs!

    1. I’m so glad that you’re inspired here Candace. Have a great week!

  10. Ashley Bergstrom says:

    Wow!! Scrolling through f/b this morning I could not help myself but to stop and read all about this GORGEOUS centerpiece! So beautiful and I appreciate the tips on how to create it! Lovely Janet. Thank you! Ashley

    1. THanks Ashley…so glad that you enjoyed this!