Elegant Stylish Christmas Decorating Ideas

Elegant stylish Christmas decorating ideas to bring you for inspiration have been on my mind for months! This year is about simple decorating and doing it far in advance to have time to relax over the holidays. I’ve been designing for the holidays for many years now, so today I’m sharing some of my best tips!


I have changed one major approach to decorating for Christmas and it’s a time saver that I know I’ll be using year to year! Pretty sure that it’s a secret…and also pretty sure that I’m starting a new series of design secrets on the blog soon, so stay tuned for that.
Before we get started with the elegant stylish Christmas decorating ideas, I’m thrilled to be joining in on the Holiday edition of Styled + Set that is hosted by my good friend Lory of Designthusiasm.


Elegant stylish Christmas decorating ideas

The best thing that I’ve done in the last few years of creating Christmas decorating is to convince my husband that we need to go faux. As in ALL FAUX! He’s such a hold out for tradition and loves a live Christmas tree and when the kids were growing up I acquiesced. I enjoy a live tree, but it sheds needles and is messy and I have allergies so it’s best to leave them in the forest rather than have them in our home. I remember the faux trees of childhood that were such obviously fake Christmas trees, but it’s not like that anymore. I’m feeling good that we are saving a tree each year and being more green and this is the first year that is totally faux!


Not only are our trees faux, but the wreath and the table runner are as well. They look natural and unless you get up close to them you might never know the faux! It’s kind of a big secret because we’ve had guests come and go over the last week that never noticed or questioned whether this could all be real! Probably my best tip in this elegant stylish Christmas decorating ideas post is to go faux!


All of the fake Christmas greenery (I prefer to call it faux;-) has a frosted look. One thing that I’ve noticed when using silk flowers is that the leaves are just too green…so the frosted look tones that down. They came this way, but you could frost greenery yourself by lightly spray painting them white, with faux snow or try your hand at flocking.

 I love the mix of these rustic chairs with the glam of the rest of my dining room, but will probably use these outside on the porch as the weather is now perfect.

I’ve talked about HOW TO LAYER PLATES in a tablescape before and although I have full sets of the dinnerware above I chose to mix and mingle. It’s all about layering and texture for styling an elegant Christmas, and the lacey plates add a winter look.


Elegant stylish Christmas decorating ideas – go faux all the way!

Although I truly LOVE vintage Christmas ornaments I decided to go with faux shatterproof ornaments for all of the trees and table settings this year (and I’m not hating it;-). I do LOVE the fact that there are no shards of glass or broken pieces of caps on the floor for the dogs to eat! On the table garland I simply placed a few of the champagne toned ornaments without wiring them.


The table was recently set in a more FRENCH COUNTRY STYLE for early Christmas and I shared a TABLE SETTING GUIDE for any season that you might enjoy if you like this post.


When you go faux you can leave it up for as long as you’d like and not have to worry about the greenery drying up. I still have this table up that I set the day after Thanksgiving and since we don’t use the table for every day dining it’s staying for now.


Over the holiday season we always have a bar set up in the dining area and one in the family room for those times when guests pop over. Again…simple is key with an ice bucket, some favorite mixers and a bottle of champagne or wine.


Lots of candles add to the glow, but when using candles with greenery (faux and real) be sure to keep them far enough away to prevent a stray spark from doing damage.



Simple colors and textures with metallic accents of gold and copper is my favorite and mixed through my holiday home this year. Nothing pretentious or unattainable for any home entertaining enthusiast.

magnolia christmas garland shabbyfufu


We are just about to get ready for the long awaited entertaining outdoors season here in the Miami area and I can’t wait! The French doors will be flung open and the crowd moves outside around the pool and into the garden that we’ve been restoring after this year’s hurricane.


Click on the item name to be taken to the source where you can purchase the products that interest you.

I hope that you enjoyed the tour of my holiday dining room for Styled + Set and please visit the talented Randi Garrett who is next in today’s loop. You’ll find the rest of the tour below as well and there is so much inspiration to be found!

Elegant stylish Christmas decorating ideas


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  1. Rebecca M says:

    So. Iā€™m confused. Is this Christmas decor from last year? Or do you have your Christmas decor already up? Either way, I love it!

    1. Hi Rebecca and thanks for stopping by! This is from a previous year for ideas and inspiration and I hope that you enjoy it!