Five Minute Freebie For Florals…DIY

Sometimes you simply want the florals to be the star of a room, or the focal point when your room palette is softly muted.

flower bucket diy
After being out of town for several days I came home to a “flowerless” house and picked up some gorgeous tall blooms at my local floral shop while running errands. As I came into the garage I stumbled on some contractor buckets that my husband had laying around. Okay, truth be told I wasn’t looking down and almost tripped over them but caught myself before I hit the ground! Keep reading and you’ll see my five minute flower bucket solution…

how to paint a bucket
This particular bucket was actually from the chlorine tablets that we place into a cleaning system that floats around in our swimming pool. After hosing it down it was left for a hot minute (literally!) to dry in the sun. It was going to be the perfect size for holding those flowers, but was downright ugly. Easy enough to fix and the power of paint comes into play once again. 

Five Minute Freebie For Florals…DIY

flower bucket diy shabbyfufu

I grabbed a can of spray paint from my stash in the garage and working outside I gave the bucket a quick all around spraying. Wanting this to have a rustic look I didn’t care if there were drips, fine with me and I think sometimes if you overplan a DIY it can look too nice! Going for rustic with this one all the way.


transform a flower bucket in 5 minutes
If you just think about what might get tossed into the trash or recycling bin it’s mind boggling and you can create SOMETHING AMAZING like I did with the store bucket above.
flower bucket diy project
Just fill it with some cold water and florals and allow the flowers to be the stars. Easy!…
five minute flower bucket project diy

Beautiful broken bits that are too pretty to toss can be displayed with a small amount of water in a shallow bowl or plate. Finding beauty in things that are simple everyday objects is sometimes all that you need to improve your day.

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  1. I adorrrrre your bedroom, Janet. It's so spacious and airy with a nod to beautiful rustic romance. Just perfection!

    xoxo laurie

  2. Michaela Staňková says:

    Alwyas looove your bedroom Janet,and adore your pink cabinet-totally perfect !!!xoxo

  3. Beautiful! Love the ones on the plate too, I'll have to try that:)