Free Art Images – The Inside Scoop

Free art images and the inside scoop on where to find them! There are many ways to get free art to hang on your walls and in this post we are sharing some of our own favorites!

free art images

One free way is to print out the images that we have in our Shabbyfufu library, frame and hang! The image above is new in our library. Read to the bottom of this post to see how to grab it. You’ll need to supply your own paper and frame, but this is as close to free as it gets.

You could also learn how to make your own artwork. Now is as good a time as any  to pick up on a new skill.

Free Art Images – The Inside Scoop!


insiders scoop on where to find free art images

However, if you don’t want to do that, there are lots of other ways to get free art images! When sourcing from the internet, search for royalty free art to be on the safe side. I feel comfortable though printing any artwork if it’s just for myself to use in my home, but read THIS first.

One of my favorite sources for free art images and paintings is WikiMedia Commons.

You’ll find classic paintings like the image above that you can download in a variety of sizes. For Free!

How gorgeous would that one be printed out in a large format and hung over a mantel?!

I also found the photograph below on WikiMedia Commons. A search for “pink peonies” brought up stock art and lots of choices with over 60 million images in the database!

Make Your Own Watercolor From A Stock Image

You can take something like a photo and make it into a unique photo art print. I use Photoshop but there are free programs like PicMonkey and Canva.

If you do indeed use Photoshop, load the image into the program and select Filter, Filter Gallery and play around with the effects.

Another favorite place where I on occasion download free art images for my own blog is Unsplash.

When you do a search you’ll find several (or more) suggestions based on that. For the free art image below, I specifically searched for “Artwork”. When you select the image it will also display some other art that is similar. Create your wall gallery with the images that you find on Unsplash, or print in poster size for that empty wall!

free art images to download and print

I put this into a Photoshop and played around with the filters for a minute. Fun to make it look like a European renaissance painting!

You’ll have a choice of sizes and it really depends on what your intent is. On Unsplash this antique free floral print was available in the original size of 7988 x 9336 pixels. That’s HUGE and for this blog post I chose a much smaller size for the web.

Printing Oversize Free Art Images

Here’s an image that I found by just googling Flamingo Photos and looking at Google in Images. I might do something with this for a wall in my home, but of course would never reproduce for sale. You need to be careful with that.

Printing art images could take up another post unto itself. Since most of us don’t own an oversize printer there are places online that will print for you! I work with a Macbook Pro, and for the purpose of this quick tutorial I saved the largest image size available, as mentioned above. Then I changed the resolution to 300 (better for printing) and the dimensions to inches from the default pixels. From there, if I wanted to have this printed I could change the inches size to what suits my needs. NOTE* Always keep Scale proportionally and Resample image checked.

To find a printer that has the equipment, head over to Google and look up Architectural Printing Services. Since my husband works with blueprints in his business on a daily basis, he recommends Titan in Miami. They also print car wraps…don’t ask, lol!

5 More Popular Websites For Royalty Free Art

  1. Flickr – There are billions of photos under the Creative Commons that allow free use (I have some in there myself)
  2. Pixabay – Limited selection of free photographic art.
  3. Pexels – Lots of the same images as Pixabay, but you’ll find others as well.
  4. Vintage Stock Photos – Guess what they specialize in? Seriously though, some great older photographic work in here!
  5. Stock SnapFairly new to me but a nice selection and I’ll be using it more.

The image below is from Stock Snap. I’d probably pop this one into Lightroom and edit it, but this is the original.

vintage flowers

Do you enjoy taking your own photos but feel a little stuck? Even if you have just a smartphone you can take amazing photos to print out. I took the image below with my phone and edited it in Lightroom!

If you need help with styling and taking those photos, my eBook can help and at just $5 it’s a bargain!

In summary, we all love to get things for free…or nearly free. I live a stylish life and stay within budget and you can too! Use some of what you own, shop your house, buy things that mean something to you and invest in quality. When you can, use your imagination and make something beautiful!
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  1. Thank you so much, Janet. This was really helpful. I’m always trying to find new sources of free images.

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    LOVED the peony on the table painting and thank you for it!

    1. So happy to hear this Michelle…enjoy!

    2. Barbara Clark says:

      I thank you also, they are so nice, Barb

  3. I don’t understand pixels and those large numbers that represent them. When trying to get a small passport photo uploaded I always have trouble as it says my photo is too large. Those of us with no photography experience, where can we go to read about this much needed to be understood photo op?
    This post was very helpful though. I Pinned this for looking back on and creating photos. Much needed Janet!

  4. You can add Gimp along with Canva & Pic Monkey as well.

  5. I use free images. Thanks for the cool ideas and free stuff.

  6. Janet, What a fabulous post!! I am inspired! Thank you so very much for the info, I’m so glad I follow you! Keep sharing your fabulous style!

    1. Thank you, thank you Cindy! ❤️