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Welcome to French Country Fridays, where you’ll find our weekly shares of French inspired home décor,  products and other aspects of a French lifestyle!

Today I’m sharing a fun styling post that I wrote several years ago and it’s about styling with crates. I first started using crates for arranging objects back when I had a booth in a local antique store. Those days are long ago in the past, but I still enjoy taking my crates out of storage and utilizing them to hold flowers, dishes and you name it! Check out the post for some ideas and all that we are sharing here today.

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Shabbyfufu | Using Wooden Crates As Decorating Accents

Something as simple as a wooden crate can bring beauty to a table setting or vignette in your home! Get some ideas in this post.


Designthusiasm | Refining an Existing Dining Room

How to refine your existing space into one of the most elegant dining rooms, without buying all new furniture.


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Monet painting

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