French Country Fridays 66 | Decorating & A French Craft

Welcome on in to our series French Country Fridays! Here is where we share the best of French style decor each Friday with friends and post topics relating to home, the seasons, lifestyle, shopping and more.

I hope that you enjoy the inspiration in this post, and I’ve just gone through and read all of what my friends have to share. As you open this email I’ll be in Paris and will be sharing with you soon! It’s a city that I’ve spent lots of time in over the years, a couple of summers in my youth with French family and friends and have a deep connection with. The lifestyle of the city life is like no other and one can constantly discover new things. Head on over to my INSTAGRAM for more in my Stories…and happy French Country Fridays!

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French Country Cottage | 5 Favorite Room Refreshes 

French Country Cottage

Maison de Cinq | French Farmhouse Master Bedroom Makeover


Shabbyfufu | How to Make a Book Page Runner

How to make a book runner shabbyfufu

Cedar Hill Farmhouse | What’s the Difference Between a Fad and a Trend

cedar hill farmhouse pillows

Designthusiasm | 20 Minute Decorating: Summer Bathroom Refresh

summer refresh bathroom decor flowers on a silver tray

Edith and Evelyn Vintage | French Plat Desk in the Study


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