Charming French Farmhouse Style Home Tour

This French farmhouse style home is filled with all of the charm of a European country home. With a love of French antiques and a knack for relaxed styling, learn more about the old world feel and the mixture of elements in today’s home tour!

French farmhouse home tour sunroom

If you aren’t familiar with my friend Kim Nichols home, then you are in for quite a treat! I’ve know Kim through blogging for many years and have always admired her penchant and talent as a home decorator. I’m not alone, as Kim had the popular blog Savvy Southern Style for over 10 years and is now retired from the blog world. We miss her there, but you can follow Kim and her daily adventures over on Instagram at SavvySouthernStyle.  I know that you’ll love her…so head on over!

European farmhouse dining room

French or European farmhouse style is soft and understated, relying on earthy tones and antique or vintage pieces. In contrast to the simplicity of good old American farmhouse style, it’s a bit more understated and warm with an elegant nature. Kim’s has given her Georgia home an old world feel in her decorating. Let’s see what she has to say and learn more about what makes this home so special!

French farmhouse sunroom

French Farmhouse Style Home Tour

french farmhouse style family room

“It’s just me Kim, my husband and our dog in this big house.”

French farmhouse style front entry foyer Kim's dog Miss Bailey

“My husband doesn’t want to leave this home, so here is where we are staying in our golden years. We built this house in 1995 after living in our “starter” house for twenty years. We drove around and looked at new homes for awhile to get an idea of what we wanted in our next home. Then one night while eating out my husband grabbed a napkin and drew out our house. That’s how it started!”

European farmhouse style archways

“He gave his friend (who is a builder) the napkin and he drew the plan out on his computer. We bought our lot which was an acre and a half and a little while later it grew to three acres. Along with our neighbors, we split the lot between us. My husband and I were so lucky to secure the part with springs running through! Later we turned what was once a cow drinking puddle into a good size pond on our property. I love looking at the pond, but it’s actually a lot of work.”

pond view

“I digress, back to the house where my husband was the general contractor. We also did a lot of the finishing work ourselves all while working full time jobs and raising our teen son and daughter!”

French farmhouse sunroom

“We had to do some of the work ourselves to keep within budget. My husband hung all of the windows and doors. He also did the trim work, and hung the wallpaper we used to have and I did all the painting except for the high ceilings. The last three months of building we would come home from work and head to the house to work and then the weekends were totally spent on the house. We finished the house from start to finish in six months! I look back now and wonder how on earth did we do this in our forties and working full time jobs!”

hardwood floors European farmhouse style home

“Our house was your typical nineties home with jewel tones and lots of wallpaper that was on trend back then. The great room used to be a plum or wine color, the dining room was navy blue and our master bedroom was green. Over the years many changes have been made as styles changed and certainly my taste. Now it’s more of a French farmhouse style home.

French style dining room

“We replaced carpet and linoleum and hardwood that was only in the foyer with all new hardwoods on the first floor, except for the master bedroom. There is carpet in that room for warmth. Just changing the floors to one cohesive look made the house look larger.”

French farmhouse style living room

Kim’s Updated French Farmhouse Kitchen

“We have remodeled our kitchen a few times and just recently we changed the brown speckled granite to a beautiful quartzite that looks like marble and updated the backsplash, too.”

modern French farmhouse kitchen

“The best thing that we did to the kitchen a few years ago was taking the kitchen cabinets all the way to the ceiling with trim. The refrigerator was also encased so that it didn’t stick out into the room.”

encasing a refrigerator

“We hired very good carpenters for that job. The master bath was gutted and remodeled in 2017 and I still love everything I chose. The same carpenters that did the kitchen trim did most of the work on our bathroom, too except that my husband tiled the wall over the sinks and I did the painting.”

Kim’s Beautiful Master Bathroom

modern farmhouse master bathroom

savvy southern style master bathroom

french style master bathroom

“Every room in the house has been painted mostly by me many times. My husband jokes and says he needs to add reinforcements under the house to hold up the weight!”

“We added the sun room about five years after moving in. Originally there was a huge deck, but we decided to cut the deck in half and build the sun room so I could sit inside and enjoy the view of the pond. You will find me in the sun room most of the time.”

savvy southern style sunroom

“My style started out very country in the nineties and now it’s more French farmhouse style home or European country home. I’ve filled this home with antiques and other collectibles that have been found over the last several years. I find many of my pieces while traveling as well. I went to France in 2013 and bought several pieces and had them shipped back. I’m always looking in antique malls or even on line for that next special piece!”

French farmhouse style living room

European farmhouse style home

“My favorite thing to update my home with is new pillows. I try to buy just the covers if possible so they are easy to store when not in use.”

Kim’s French Farmhouse Style Bedrooms

French farmhouse home tour bedroom

French farmhouse style home

French farmhouse style home bedroom

“Another fun update we recently made was replacing our old front door and sidelights with a new French door and sidelights. The original set had decorative lead glass which I felt really dated the exterior.”

European farmhouse style home foyer

“Our newest project that has been going on all summer in the sweltering heat is a greenhouse. I have wanted one for years and my husband decided to build it this year. I want to downsize and he doesn’t so I know that’s why he jumped on this project! Next year I’ll be busy gardening which will be a learning experience for me. We plan on getting it finished in time for a fall garden, but now that’s looking iffy.”

French farmhouse style home greenhouse

“A future project will be the master closet. It still has the original green carpet in it and the old wire shelving. In a few short weeks it will be our 25th anniversary in this home. It’s time for the closet to get a fresh look. We also do all the yard work and I keep up with the housework. I told my husband when it gets to be too much I will hire help. Remember… I want to downsize!

“After ten years of blogging I retired from it this year. I’m glad I can still share snippets of my French farmhouse style home and the changes along the way on instagram @savvysouthernstyle and I want to thank Janet for sharing my home on her blog.”

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Charming French Farmhouse Style Home Tour

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  1. Bernadette Anderson says:

    Your home is quite the respite from the world. You and your husband have created a masterpiece for inspiring creativity. I read that we never own our home, but we are caretakers for generations to come.

    1. Kim did a wonderful job here and I love your comment!

      1. Can’t beat that French Farmhouse style! The entire house and all the revisions are lovely. I want that beautiful bathroom!!

    2. Janet,
      I have always loved Kim’s home. Miss her blog posts. I just might have to give in to Instagram. She guided me years ago with some simple suggestions on transforming my bed ensemble. Forever grateful.

      1. She has great style June and makes it all come together so well!

  2. Becky Robertson says:

    Your home is beautiful and peaceful! I am dreaming of painting my home the soft colors, now to convince my husband!

    1. Kim’s home is lovely Becky. Show the post to your husband, lol!

    2. HI Janet,
      What a lovely tour and life story to share!
      Thank you for the giveaway opp too! Great idea ladies! laura

  3. Charlotte says:

    I followed her blog and miss her. Thank you for sharing with us.

    1. We all miss her blog Charlotte…thank you for stopping by!

  4. Without a doubt, the most beautiful home on the internet!! It has it all!!!! Stunning…..

    1. Now that’s quite a compliment and I hope that Kim sees it!

  5. Pamela Milligan says:

    Lovely home, thank-you for sharing!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Pamela…have a great week!

  6. I have known Kim for a long time in blogland. I miss her blogging but I do follow her now on IG.
    Her home is beautiful and comfy. I love always the light that comes into her home. Her style is gorgeous. Love seeing her sweet little Bailey too. Happy Sunday Janet. Have a wonderful start to the new week. xoxo Kris

  7. We’re building our retirement home, and this house is a great inspiration for me! Our walls are going to be a soft beige, and I love the creams and blues. Stunning!

    1. Sounds lovely Donna and I’m so happy that this post inspired you!

  8. Miche Ortega says:

    I followed Kim’s blog as well. Her home is just beautiful. I love the look of the cabinets after extending them to the ceiling. And the new little green house is just adorable. Thanks so much for sharing, Janet.

    1. She’s such a great decorator!

  9. Really pretty home. My favorite room is the guest (?) room with the 2 wicker pieces at the foot of the bed. So lovely. I would have liked to see an outside shot of the home, though. I’ll have to check out her Instagram.

    1. I love those pieces as well Lizzy! Not sure if Kim has any front of the home images, but I’m sure that it’s lovely!

  10. A beautiful home. Hubby designed it. He knows every piece of hardwood flooring. You have many memories there. Stay with your memories and the things you love. You will never regret it.

    1. Thank you for stopping by for this tour!

  11. Nancy Jenkins says:

    Where did you get the striped natural looking rug. It is in the room with the blue side table. Thank you

    1. Nancy, you’ll have to visit the homeowner’s Instagram page for any her sources.

  12. Kim has such a great style. I enjoyed seeing her home. I’m following her on IG. Thanks for this inspiration.

    1. She really does Karen…I’ve always admired Kim’s decor style!

  13. I would love to see the garden shed when it is completed. A garden shed is a dream of mine. It would be nice to live vicariously through Kim.

    Beautiful home! Thank you for sharing.

    1. That would be a dream for me too Sally and I’m glad that you enjoyed Kim’s tour!

  14. Pamela Turner says:

    Lovely and well loved home. So tasteful and handsomely appointed. I’m smitten with all the white draperies, but especially those cafe curtains in the breakfast room. And the leaded glass in that window is just gorgeous!

  15. A perfect person/home to feature Janet. I have been a guest in Kim’s house many times and it is more beautiful in person. Photos don’t do it true justice and they sometimes do not…I have had the pleasure of seeing it evolve over the years…each transformation impeccably beautiful…
    Have a beautiful week Janet!

    1. Kim is such a fabulous decorator Shirley that has her own non trendy style! How lovely that you’ve gotten to visit her and that you two are such great friends! Hope you have a great day…xo

  16. Beautiful home, thanks for sharing with us Janet. I so enjoy all your home tours. I have been following you for many years Janet, your the best! Do miss your shop, always wanted one of your beautifully decorated dress forms but unfortunately was never able to get one. Thanks for all you do to brighten our days!

  17. Thank you for the giveaway.

  18. I love those french doors with the arched window above. That and the entry are my favorite areas, I think. Such a lovely home!

  19. Sandy Sebold says:

    I love the windows! What a beautiful home!!!

  20. Romeogirl says:

    Love your rugs, particularly in sun room, love that you took your cabinets to the ceiling, love the green piece on your shed. I can see why the hubby wants to stay!

  21. I love everything about your home. We’ve lived in our 153 year old home for 42 years after losing our cattle farm to the 70’s when the market dropped out on raising prime beef. Needless to say it has taken me a number of years to recover and do my home the way I have always dreamed. This year we had to replace our front door and then repaint the living and dining rooms, so that has once again blown my budget, but they were badly needed. If I would win, I would put it in my little stash to save toward a light fixture similar to yours in your beautiful living room.

  22. Melanie Foster says:

    Your house is absolutely gorgeous! I especially love the enclosed porch. I could sit there for hours. You have great style!

  23. Love your house! Especially the kitchen!

  24. Oh my gosh!!!!! Absolutely beautiful!!!! I love your little Yorkie 🙂

  25. Beautiful home. I especially notice the crockery in several of the rooms. The simple “breakfast nook” with the copper molds appeals to me.

  26. I enjoyed this and the lighting over the kitchen table is so pretty. Thank you for the tour.

  27. Your home is beautiful and comfortable at the same time. It looks so inviting. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Vicki Bray says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! What a beautifully home and all the decor is so gorgeous! I think leaving a beautiful home like this would be hard. I would tell Kim to hire help and stay put!

  29. Sharon Avinger says:

    I love this home. Kim has great taste. Love the soft colors and the blues.

  30. Always enjoy looking at a beautiful French home. I marvel at all the work
    this couple has put into their home. No wonder her husband wants to retire
    there…..I would too! Keep the French posts coming. Thank You.

  31. Sara Frazier Ross says:

    Thank you for posting Kim’s house. I really miss her blog! She has great taste and her house shows it. I watched each of her remodels and season changing rooms. Just beautiful! Thanks for the give away as well.

  32. Karen Heenan says:

    Your home is so beautiful! Beige and blue are my favorite decorating colors, especially because you can easily layer them with more color and texture that add beauty and warmth to a space. I also love your white kitchen. I am not a fan of stainless steel appliances, and t’s so nice to see someone using classic white. Your style is lovely and to me it will never go out of style!

  33. Janet, thanks for featuring Kim’s home. It was beautiful when they moved in and now it’s just over the top awesome. I don’t blame her husband for not wanting to leave that labor of love.
    Her “retirement” is a big loss for her followers.

  34. PS The motto for southern women is “Go big or go home” LOL Home is everything.

  35. What a stunning home. Easy to see the love that was poured into it.

  36. Lisa Baldwin says:

    I love the blue and white accents! It complements the neutrals beautifully.

  37. Beautiful home💙.. Thank you for sharing and being part of the giveaway

  38. One word of advice: Don’t move! Your husband has the right idea and no, your home is not too big for just the two of you. I left my home of 23 years also built in the early 90’s and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. Downsizing is NOT what it’s cracked up to be, especially if you’ve enjoyed your home and spent so much time decorating and fine tuning your style. The rooms in this house reflect who you are, the things you love and your lifestyle. Life is too short to give up a home you love because it’s large. Hire a housekeeper and gardener and enjoy!

  39. Michele M. says:

    What a treat, Janet! Kim’s home is absolutely stunning. She has exquisite taste and she and her husband have done a remarkable job on that lovely home.

    I totally would’ve loved more views of the pond, though! : – )

  40. Kim Henrichs says:

    What a stunning kitchen color palette!! Those warm neutrals are everything.

  41. Ann Drayton says:

    Beautiful home, thanks for sharing.

    1. Dee Cottage Comforts Home says:

      I really enjoyed visiting Kim’s home! It felt like a respite, and a lovely visit with a special friend. She certainly understands her style and is true to herself in all her rooms. The first photo that you shared before you go to the blog, with those wide open windows and high ceilings really caught my eye immediately. Her windows and placement reminded me of mine, except I don’t have the top arch. I can see what a difference it makes to have the windows finished off with the trim, and I have wanted that for the longest time. I hope that is something I can accomplish. Oh, I’m definitely inspired! Kim’s home has such a wonderful, relaxing feel to it. Oh, thank you so much for sharing!

  42. Jama P Bennett says:

    Absolutely beautiful!

    Can you give me some ideas on where I might find patterned lamp shades. Sometimes the plain ones just don’t cut it – especially if you like french country!

    1. I’ll try to link some in tomorrow’s French Country Fridays post Jama!

  43. Mary Lynn Redmond says:

    This post made my day! We moved a year ago to a Georgian style home on the coast of SC that required a total renovation. We spent almost a year on the renovation before moving in. The house was built about the same time as Kim’s house, and the similarity of style and features is amazing. I have spent a lot of time in France, and our home has a French farmhouse look. We are getting ready to replace our front door and add a sunroom on the existing deck, so having this story to follow is so helpful. Thank you so much.

    1. Your new home sounds like a dream Mary Lynn…just like Kim’s!!

  44. Lynn Merrell says:

    Lovely home!! Love her use of fabrics in the sunroom.

  45. Wow, Janet! This house is nothing short of amazing! I love every single detail. You find the most amazing home tours.

  46. Everything about this home is perfection! I’ll be checking back frequently for ideas. And that ottoman is to die for!!! Any chance you know where it was purchased?

  47. Bernatte, Your comment about being caretakers for generations to come really touched my heart today. Thank you for sharing that. We are looking to downsize hopefully this year. After 35 years in our home and raising two sons I find myself sitting quietly thinking about all the memories. I am excited about our next chapter as empty nesters. Your comment is now written on paper for me to remind myself we have taken care of the home we built as newlyweds and now it is time for someone else to care for it and create their memories.

  48. This house is too die for. It covers all the wants and must haves in my dream world. . Thanks for sharing this house. By far, #1 is favorite, but very hard to choose between this and #3. They are both truly homes of the heart and soul of these ladies.

    1. You said it so well Susan! Heart and soul is everything that we love about home decorating!

  49. Donna Bradley says:

    Your home is lovely. It would be nice if you shared the paint colors of your walls. Thank you.

    1. Hi Donna, this is a home tour so we don’t have that information on hand unfortunately.

  50. Ricky F C says:

    Love it All ……!! where I can get your magazine…..??

    1. Thank you! The blog is our magazine and it’s all here on-line ❤️

  51. Templa Wyatt says:

    Love your home and style Kim! We just bought our last forever home and the layout reminds me a lot of yours. My fav style is also French country. I have some things collected over the years as well. But I plan on using this post to pull it all together along with some new/old things. Just love it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Templa!

  52. Fabulous post! I love the history of a house & you have laid yours out very nicely! We recently built our forever after house & after 3 years I feel I am finally settling into what this house wants. European farmhouse is a new style to me, coming from pure country to american farmhouse (which I incorporated in our final remodels of our big country house, mostly in order to sell it. It worked!). I did not know exactly what to call this new thing of mine. Now I do!

    1. It’s a beautiful style and home Kathleen and I’m so glad to hear that it helped you to define your style!