How To Combine French Farmhouse Style and Shabby Chic

French farmhouse style and shabby chic. Can the two styles become one in a beautiful marriage or merge? I love both of those design styles and am offering a bit of visual proof that YES THEY CAN.
french style shabby chic


My husband mentioned to me early this morning that the Night Blooming Jasmine was in full bloom on one side of the garden and that it smelled amazing out there. It was coffee time here and I responded that I’d be snipping after sipping . He said that I needed to be cautious because bees were all over them and so loud that it sounded like a buzzing symphony!


french trophy cups French farmhouse style
We had a quick summer downpour that made the bees scatter, so out I ran with clippers in hand. I grabbed my trophy cup collection out of my prop closet. Next I set up a relaxed grouping on the mantel.
French farmhouse style french zinc body pitcher

When you travel to France you’ll often notice that zinc has been used for centuries as roofing materials and around windows. The patina that zinc develops over time is perfect! Zinc body pitchers were used to hold water for bathing and drinking and I use them for flower display.

Sharing a video for you to enjoy today below:


french garden patio French farmhouse style

How To Combine French Farmhouse Style and Shabby Chic

faux shabby chic flowers French farmhouse style

Vintage olive buckets add some of that rustic feel that calls out to times that I’ve visited Provence. I often saw them in towns with small olive trees in them around the cafes. The climate that I live in would not do well for that…so I settle for flowers displayed in this one instead.


French farmhouse style vintage olive bucket with flowers
French farmhouse and shabby chic style
I’ve used faux flowers here and they are a good quality, so unless you touch them you might not know. Mixing in my shabby chic tones and that comforter that I love with French farmhouse inspiration. Nothing too loud, all softly muted makes it simple, romantic and uncontrived.

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  1. Wow, I never would have guessed those flowers in the bucket weren't real! Your real flowers are lovely also:) We get tons of wasps (and lizards!) on our front porch…sometimes we have to wait to open the front door so they don't follow us in.

  2. I love your style! I think you know that!:-) Glad you were able to avoid the risk of being stung while you gathered those gorgeous flowers!

  3. Love this post, Janet. The zinc pitcher looks gorgeous with the blooms in their soft tones. I just ordered a comforter from RA's shabby chic line. It looks similar to the one on your bed. I haven't received it yet, but hope it's as lovely as the one you have(if it's the same one.) Your posts are always helpful to me as I decorate in a shabby chic…French…style. thank you for always being so generous with your ideas, and sharing.

  4. The flowers are beautiful. I can’t wait for warmer days.


  5. So, where do you get those beautiful faux flowers?

    1. Look to aFloral on-line. I’ll be posting some new ones that I received in a project soon!

  6. Great advice!
    PS: We have the same patio set! Inherited from my in laws almost 15 years ago. It was originally white, I painted it dark, like yours; now I’m probably going to go back to the white/cream color.

    1. I think that they were heavily manufactured back in the day and they last forever!

  7. Shelia P. says:

    Great ideas, thanks Janet! I’m going to check out that afloral online! An early Happy New Years to you!

    1. Happy New Year Sheila…I love the flowers from aFloral!

  8. Ruth Ledyard says:

    It is the shabby with the beautiful that makes this all so lovely! I love all of your flower designs!

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by Ruth!