Girl’s Weekend In New York City

Girls weekend in New York City…I’ll take this sort of travel anytime, even if it means snow! This past weekend I spent a wonderful several days in New York City with a dear friend Tania from the French blog Grange de Charme.

It was cold for this girl (me) who has lived in Miami for a very long time…but we had loads of fun, did lots of shopping, took many taxis, drank coffee, laughed a lot, ate some good (and not so good) food and saw many tourist sites.

Hotel in New York City rooftop view of snow

SNOW! A big deal to me…since I hardly ever see it…

Snow quickly turns to slush in NYC.

Front of Balthazar NYC

We had a good meal at Balthazar, a first stop in this girls weekend in New York City.

Balthazar in NYC

Lillie’s NY…a must see bar & restaurant for the fabulous collection of antiques in the decor.

French magazines and Laduree Macarons

Laduree macarons

Some gifts from Tania…including French magazines (my beach home is in the new Shabby Style:-), hand made treasures from her studio and macarons from Laduree. We didn’t have time to visit the Laduree in NYC, so I was glad to have these and gobbled them in a flash.

Tinsel trading new york millinery rack

Tinsel Trading…a shop filled with old and new millinery, ribbons, curiosities and more.

tinsel trading nyc vintage millinery

Fabulous Girl's Weekend In New York City

Tania and me in front of Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic Couture, where we shopped twice, lol. I’ll share what I purchased in another post soon.

shabby chic couture store

shabby chic couture store

shabby chic couture

shabby chic couture rachel ashwell

shabby chic couture by rachel ashwell

All of the above shots taken in Shabby Chic Couture and I wanted to purchase it all, as you might imagine.

French bed at ABC carpet and home store

Another “must see” shop in NYC is ABC Carpet & Home.

abc carpet and home nyc

pink velvet ottomansroyal bolster pillows

french walls

All of the above are from ABC, that carries a wide variety of home furnishings to suit many decor styles from Bohemian to Modern Vintage. Very inspiring.

pink peonies

Some lovely fleurs at Dean & Deluca, where we stopped for coffee…

dean and deluca displays

A shop window that promised Spring to come.

flat iron building dusk

night view of the empire state building

empire state building at nightNYC at nightnew york city night shot

Night shots of the city that truly never sleeps and has great energy.

new york skyline on a clear day

View from the Top Of The Rock…30 Rock that is, at Rockefeller Center…

upper east side brownstone shot

Park Avenue area brownstones.

architectural details nyc

central park in winter

And lastly…Central Park, then headed to the airport and back home. All shots via iPhone and I hope to see you again soon NEW YORK CITY!

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  1. FABULOUS!! Question: You said your hubby wants to move there if you ever win the lottery. And you said "not gonna happen". Which? Winning the lottery or moving to NYC? Cuz not winning the lottery I can forgive, but not wanting to live in NYC…. I dunno… 😉



  2. fufu….looks like you had an absolute blast! so happy you enjoyed yourself….new york is certaily amazing.Nice to see rachel ashwells new york store…I so miss the one we had here in natick!! I bet it was wonderful though to get back to warmer weather…..xo tutts

  3. It looks like you both had SUCH a good time, Janet!! What an experience!! I LOVED seeing the pics of RA's store…of course. lol I don't think you could'ave gotten me out of there all day long. hehehe! Thanks so much for allowing us to take a trip to NYC vicariously through you! 🙂

    xoxo laurie

  4. What a fun trip Janet!I have not been to N.Y. yet.Someday!Thanks for sharing your photos!LOVE those paper flowers!

  5. Un weekend de rêve !… J'aurais bien aimé faire le trio !… Vos photos sont toutes les unes et les autres très alléchantes !
    Merci pour cette jolie promenade à New-York.
    Gros bisous à vous deux !

  6. Hi Janet! love all the pics so glad! you and your girl friend had a great time in NY!!! love the RASCC pics my favorite is when you walk into her store and you sit on the sofa and don't know how to get up lol :)I'm following and i love everything your home is so chic! Hugs Val

  7. Merci pur cette belle balade,un peu de nostalgie j'adore cette ville.

    Belle journée


  8. What a wonderful time we had ! my dear Janet, looking at the photo's it feels like it was a dream !If you win the lotery think to buy a big appartement with a guest room !
    Xoxo !

  9. Great shots FuFu! Have been to NYC numerous times and ABC is my favorite. It changes constantly…so nice to see some updated photos! xo