Going Back to Hosting Guests At Home (In Style)

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If the idea of hosting friends and loved ones at home makes you feel like you’re not ready, don’t stress!
In this post, I’m sharing my best tips on preparing your home for this occasion and go back to hosting guests at home with style! Since so many of us had to change things around our homes to accommodate new spaces to face the challenges of spending so much time indoors, hosting guests again may feel a bit strange at first.

This was definitely my experience until I realized how much I adore (and missed!) welcoming friends to my home. One of the essential things that I can recommend is to make sure your house is ready so you feel more comfortable and enjoy the whole hosting experience again.


Because I know we’re all short in time but still love quality, I’ve partnered with Walmart Home in today’s post.  Walmart Home has fantastic finds that are just as affordable as they’re chic and practical, plus their quick shipping is so convenient, perfect for making our homes guest-ready in no time! While you are shopping, be sure to check out Walmart’s Wow And Now deals for what’s currently trending (and I love!)


First Impressions – Hosting Guests Edition


First impressions are key, particularly when you want to make your guests feel at home.

You know how much I love flower arrangements and when hosting loved ones, flowers add that perfect little touch that lets people know you are all about making them feel welcome.

Add flowers to your home’s entryway to give a colorful, welcoming first impression.

French country flowers shabbyfufu

You don’t need to stop at flowers, though!

Keep your guests’ needs in mind and offer things they may need when just arriving, always in style.

Cool drinks, a nice cup of coffee, some snacks, towels, or even a summery cocktail. These are always an excellent welcoming package for your guests!


How to Set Up an Ideal Guest Room – Hosting with Style

Time to change things up and make your guest-room-turned-home-office a guest room again!

Help your guests relax and rest after a long trip by making their bed extra comfy. The Theratouch Memory Foam mattress is my go-to. But, if you’re looking to beef up the mattress you already own, consider this Theratouch mattress topper.

Is there anything more delicious than sleeping on a brand new set of fresh sheets? I think not! 

shabby chic bedding walmart shabbyfufu

Add some charming glam to the bed with a floral comforter like this adorable one by Simply Shabby ChicThis comforter set in soft pinks elevates any room and can be paired with simple white sheets and neutral colors around the room like this stunning area rug and this chic nightstand lamp set of 2.

If your guestroom has a more blue-tone theme, stripe sheets like these lightweight ones from Gap Home are always a great bet as they add a touch of understated sophistication. Paired them with a neutral duvet (this Quilt Coverlet Set is just gorgeous, as well as this striped one from Gap Home if you want a bolder look). Complete the look with some statement throw pillows like this tufted cotton decorative pillow with tassels or a pillow with a patterned design. My favorite is this textured one from My Texas House.


hosting guests essential products collage image of pillow, area rug, throw blankets, lamp shades and sheets


Guest Bathroom – Offer a Deluxe Self-Care Experience


After the bedroom is ready, we need to tackle the bathroom! Here, you can go the extra mile and celebrate your guests with small details like self-care sets, fluffy towels, scented candles, a bathtub tray, and a lush towel robe

robe on tub shabbyfufu

To offer your guests a luxurious experience in this room, make sure to keep everything organized with savvy storage options. I loved using clear jars to store things like cotton pads and anything aesthetically pleasing. This glass 2-piece set is to die for!

Other options that work no matter your home decor style are this faux marble Vanity Organizer Set, a matching faux marble wastebasket, and a handy hook.



Add Charm with Small Details

Charm your guests with small but thoughtful decor details.

Tie the bedroom look together with some chic items like a delicate table lamp shade with gold and crystal flower details or a standing classic full mirror, like this one from Better Homes and Gardens.

Set up extra blankets and pillows just in case your guests need them in the middle of the night. A lightweight but cozy blanket like this one, Royal Plush Throw is a great option, as well as this lovely smokey pink Cameron Tufted Cotton Throw. A Bedside Night Carafe will always be welcomed, as well as extra towels and a tray to help them keep their personal items organized. I loved this round woven tray from Better Homes & Gardens; it has such a nice rustic but chic look!

A scented candle with a pretty jar can double as decor and as a pampering gift for the bathroom. Hand towels, a bath rug, and maybe a framed artwork can really elevate the bathroom decor. (Have a look at these free summer flowers printable you can download for free! Find them HERE)


hosting guests collage image of small decor for bathroom and bedroom items such as candle in blue jar, hand lotion, woven tray, decor lamp, hand towels


Are your guests staying for a bit longer? Then, it may be a good idea to prep other rooms in your home! 


Kitchen – Hosting Guests Edition

Spending time in the kitchen when you’re hosting friends over is bound to happen.
Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love cooking for friends and family, but one has to be time-savvy! For that reason, an Instant Pot is usually my first choice to use every day!
You can save time cooking with this Instant Pot that I have and it’s a Pressure cooker that has over 9 cooking settings.

instant pot

Another essential thing to have in a visible spot is an electric kettle, like this white one from Mainstays. This way, your visitors can help themselves with coffee or tea at any time!

A good-quality coffee maker and a blender are also two things you’ll probably need to have around. But, if you’re looking for new options, this Single Serve Coffee Marker not only makes delicious coffee, but it’s a decor piece all on its own!
The same goes for this mint pastel-colored Brentwood Blender!


kitchen appliances collage image includes: coffee maker in pink, mint green blender, pressure cooker, kettle, popcorn maker


Entertainment Options:

Having entertainment options is always a good bet. A foolproof idea is the classic movie night. Invite your guests to watch a movie (of their choosing, of course!) and spend time having fun and unwinding with them.

I like to have homemade popcorn for these occasions, and this Hot Air Popper is a total life-saver to make popcorn on the go and totally mess-free.


Hosting Dinner – Tabletop Decor

As I mentioned in my Tabletop Setting Essentials, crafting a beautiful table setting is all about the small details and how the dishware, glassware, and extra decor items complement each other and your dining space.

Incorporate some of that sunny summer vibe into your tabletop decor, mix-matching summery colors, patterns, and layering textures!
Soft colored jade salad plates, a wood, and marble pastry board, blue and white dinnerware with geometric patterns, tinted blue glass goblets, and a chic flatware set make up one eclectic and elegant tablescape.

the pioneer woman dinnerware shabbyfufu

Perfect for a summer dinner night, you can make a striking statement with flower arrangements to compliment the colors of these gorgeous items.
If you’re feeling inspired to go beyond and enhance the relaxed mood with flowers and candlesticks!

Other things that may come in handy? Have a look at these lovely summer kitchen towels, a farmhouse-style tray, these delicate rose-colored glass tumblers, and this charming cotton vintage-inspired palm tree tablecloth  (that also works great for outdoor picnics!)

collage image of tabletop decor featuring jade salad plate, yellow kitchen towels, Rose Glass Tumblers and other ceramic items

Preparing the Patio & Outdoor Decor for Visitors


collage image of patio and outdoor decor items for the summer season, it features pink chair, blue striped towels, water weights, pool chair


Let’s not forget about the outdoors!

If you’re hosting during Summer and have a pool, take advantage of it to the fullest.
Living in Florida, my patio and pool area usually get a lot of attention. But, after such a long time without any guests, it was in desperate need of some TLC!

pool area Shabbyfufu Walmart

To give it a tropical-inspired luxe vibe, I focused on the pool area by updated my existing lounge chairs with these Blue Roses Lounge Chair Cushions. Adding to the ambience are a half market umbrella in a deep navy blue color, and this delicate chinoiserie patio stool.
To make sure my guests have all they need to enjoy a pool day, I added cotton striped beach towels, a Chaise Cushion, and a set aquatic of dumbells.

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  1. Wow! So many fabulous ideas, and resources to make things easier on us! Great gifting ideas too, thanks for all the effort you put into this post. I will definitely be looking back on this post for shopping and hosting ideas, thanks so much!

    1. Walmart carries pretty much everything online now!

  2. Connie Ragle says:

    What great ideas! I love the crystal lamp! Walmart has come a long ways!

    1. Yes they have come a long way in bringing us stylish finds!

  3. Lori Stewart says:

    The pink tumblers and jade salad plates are my favorites.

  4. Beautiful! Love all the pretty details!

  5. Some really great shopping finds! I still haven’t returned to entertaining at home yet…but, hopefully, this holiday season will be the toe-in-the-water! I love the fun colors that appliances are being made in. I’m still trying to justify the fabulous Dolce & Gabbana refrigerator … but would rather have a new BMW. 🥴🤣

    Thanks for sharing your autumnal updates! Enjoy your week!

  6. maura Young says:

    I love your dining room table! Could you say where you got it?

    1. Thank you Maura…it’s a Facebook Marketplace find!