GrandMillennial Green In Home Decorating

If you want to delve into the grandmillennial trend, you’re in the right place! Today we’ll show you how adding a touch of green can make this grandmillennial trend work for almost every room. Note *You don’t have to change your whole home for trends and can just add a few elements!

As we enter a new decade, an unexpected home decor trend makes an appearance. Lead by nostalgic millennials seeking an aesthetic escape and a new sense of individuality; the ‘grandmillennial’ style is on the rise.
Just like in fashion, home-decor has a cycle of trends every couple of decades. And this time around, grandma’s living room is in the spotlight.

Ditching the monochromatic and minimalistic decor that just until recently inundated their Pinterest boards, some millennials are embracing the homey granny-chic style.

The lovers of this trend seek a home that reflects their personal style, and they’re not afraid of putting their mix-and-match individuality on full display. 


What is Grandmillenial Home Decor Style?

We talked about it a little more in this post and shared a moody dark Grandmillennial makeover home tour here. The Grandmillennial style -a term coined by Emma Bazilian from House Beautiful – takes inspiration from grandma’s love of chinoiserie and patterned everything, giving it a modern spin.
From florals, intricate wallpaper, knick-knacks all the way to cheeky monograms, and preppy prints.
The grandmillennial aesthetic may seem a bit stuffy, sure. On the other hand, if done correctly it can give you the best of both worlds.
A nostalgic feel with modern comfort.

If you’re yearning to go back to a more traditional aesthetic in your home, you’re not alone. In their third annual report, the company Modsy predicts the traditional home decor style trend to grow in 2021.

Let’s get a closer look at how you can add some of the grandmillennial green elements to your own home with some inspiration from real homes!

Adding A Dose Of GrandMillennial Green In Home Decorating

A French Dream – Town And Country

This French-inspired bathroom, clad in pistachio green from top to bottom, features wood paneling, delicately patterned curtains with blue and white making it a grandmillennial French vintage dream.

A Retro Twist to the Grandmillennial Style – Astrid Templier

This retro-inspired living room into the epitome of what grandmillennial style is all about!
Just have a look at how the dainty geometrical wallpaper, patterned floral curtains in green and cream shades, fresh and vibrant green indoor plants, and one single geometrical green pillow. This perfect mix elevates the room to a whole new level!

Green and Blue = Grandmillennial Perfection – Stacie Flinner

This New York apartment shows how to give the traditional granny-chic decor a modern twist. Thanks to the mix and match of classical elements and more eclectic ones like patterned pillows, woven baskets, chinoiserie, and striking earthy-green walls.

The Ideal Family Room, Granny-Chic Edition – Country Life

This living room is the ultimate example of the grandmillennial style allure. Featuring a large space filled with sitting areas, contrasting colors and textures like velvety reds, deep yellows, dark pinks, and luscious turquoise greens make this space perfect for entertaining guests.

The Grandmillennial Green Dream Dining Room – Schumacher

In this inviting dining room, the whimsical patterned green wallpaper pairs beautifully with the white and light blue of the fabrics in the upholstery, curtains, and tablecloth.

Cozy Nook Corner, a la Grandmillennial – Collins Interiors

This cozy little corner accented the grandmillennial look with some of the classic elements. For example, the blue and white chinoiserie plates and the patterned sofa in blue, green, and yellow shades.
But it also added some unexpected details, like the striking pale glossy grandmillennial green wood panels, light-weight curtains, and a mix of different colored wood furniture.

Retro Inspired Gallery Wall – A Story of a Home

This room can offer some amazing ideas if you want to add a stylish edge to the Grandmillennial style decor in your own home. Using sage green to coat the walls, indoor plants, and an eclectic gallery wall, this room is both retro-chic and Grandmillennial approved.

 A Contemporary Take – Melanie Lissack Interiors

This elegant yet cozy living room offers inspiration on mixing light shades of blues and greens like a pro. Adding a few pink and golden details, this homey space it’s both modern yet timeless.

Lush Green Kitchen – M + M Interior Design

Using copper, mirrors, and gold glossy details to help bounce light around, this kitchen it’s one for the books. The intense dark minty green covers this tiny but stunning kitchen steal the show.
The green walls and classical landscape painting add an air of sophistication to an otherwise dull space.

Airy Grandmillennial Green Living Room – Pender And Peony

This room looks refreshingly modern, yet it keeps that charming grandma feel without making it look too traditional. How? In addition to the soft grandmillennial green shade and delicate checked patterns, this stunning living room owner decided to balance everything out with warm-wooden furniture and tons of white.

Grandmillennial with an Eclectic Edge – M + M Interior Design

In this entryway, pattern and color are the main characters.
Full of eclectic yet classical style, this corner is particularly lovely thanks to the mix of textures and colors. For example, the rattan-woven tray, dark wood table, and eye-catching framed vintage portraits. But it’s the striking Grandmillennial green floral wallpaper that makes everything work together seamlessly.

A Chic Combo: Green and Pink Shades – Shop Society Social

If you think the grandmillennial style can be too overwhelming for your home, but you still want to try the trend… there’s no need to worry!
A simple way to add this trend it’s to elevate your home decor with a few details; Just look at Stephanie Hills’ chic NY apartment.

Using soft green accents and serene pinks along with earthy wooden furniture, she created a sensation of warmth, comfort, and uniqueness without going overboard.

Do you see yourself adding some green to your home? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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  1. Frances Hurst says:

    I have used green for years in every room. It works with any color! And accessories are easily interchangeable from room to room.

  2. Barbara Clark says:

    Wow, if we are able to get new to us home in Texas I may paint my walls a soft green instead of white.

  3. I wonder what the color in that kitchen is called? Greens can be hard to pick. They can go too yellow or blue, but this shade seems more neutral. I appreciate different styles, because I believe we can blend or add as long as the colors go together.

  4. Rae Grossi says:

    I have used soft greens for years. I have beautiful soft sage green in wallpaper in dining room walls and on dining chairs with warm wood tones and crystal chandeliers and sconces. Touches of chinoserie blue and white cache pots add color. Also, have formal drapes with green floral print in living rooms. I would not change a thing. I love it.

    1. That sounds absolutely lovely Rae!!

  5. Nay, I’ll pass on green walls. That’s definitely to bold for my wall palettes. I would use green accents ( pillow,florals, throw, rugs) throughout the house. My eyes would need to be able to rest. Perhaps a very super light pale green that blends toward white. I painted 1 bedroom wall green and it was definitely the wrong color! But I did do green outdoors on my back patio. Chairs, pillows, cushions, rugs, and tables in sort of a palm leaf theme

  6. This is a great post! I used a green palette when furnishing our sun room this past year. Definitely a feel good color. However, my interior is predominantly shades of blue. I am glad to see how these designers have married the blue and white with the green. I’m anxious to see how I might tie these two spaces together since there is a wall of windows making the sunroom totally visible from the inside. Again, I really enjoyed this post!

    1. Thanks Margo and as you know, my own home has blue accents throughout. Looking to add a few green touches myself this spring, so we shall see how that goes!

  7. Laura Lander says:

    I’ve used either Sherwin Williams Spinach White or Glidden Oriental Ivory for years. They pair well with everything and work either in casual or more formal rooms.

    1. Those are easy on the eye colors indeed Laura!

  8. Teddee Grace says:

    Love, love, love this return to green and the grand millennial decor style.

    1. I do too and thinking to add a few green elements to my own home Teddee

    1. Happy to inspire Barb…hope you are doing well! xo

  9. Green paint is tough to get right.

    1. It really can be…of all colors I think that it’s the toughest in terms of paint.

    1. Well green is the focus of this article 😉

  10. Bonnie G. Brown says:

    I love green!! My dining room is SW honeydew, my living room is SW Luau and my accent wall in our bedroom is SW Leap Frog. I never knew I liked green so much until I realized it was all over my downstairs! These colors were picked out several years apart and each time I wasn’t necessarily looking for green. But I certainly seemed to have gravitated toward it. I love it because most any color looks good with green. I consider it a neutral.

    1. Green in decor has always been in fashion and always will be, to those who gravitate towards the color! My mom had a green velvet sofa, which I wish that I still had!