Holiday Planning Made Easy – All NEW 24 Page Free Printable Guide!

Holiday planning made easy! The holidays should a time to enjoy family and friends and not be filled with anxiety. Through the years I’ve found that staying organized and planning everything early is helpful. Get this Free Christmas Planner just in time to be a useful resource!

I know that it’s easier said than done sometimes to plan ahead. As a blogger, I do need to decorate ahead of the seasons to inspire readers and give you ideas. Before I was a blogger I stayed with the tradition of waiting until the day after Thanksgiving to plan and decorate. As a result, I felt harried and rushed to get everything accomplished and take care of my family at the same time. I kept a written planner but still felt so stressed out!

Now my timeline for holiday planning is not as exasperating and I give myself grace in December when necessary. Here are some holiday planning made easy tips that I hope help.


  • Keep a December planner calendar page handy. If you are a Shabbyfufu subscriber then you can print out the December calendar page that can help. I’ll be referencing something else that is FREE for you at the bottom of this post!
  • Take inventory of your decorations. I’ve done this already and it helps to refresh things in my mind of what I do have.
  • Decide on your holiday budget and I have a helpful sheet for you to break it all down!
  • Start any holiday crafting early and if you’re a big time crafter (as I am) keep a list of your craft ideas and a source list.
  • Have a gift planner where you can jot down what you need to purchase for each person on your list. It’s also helpful to set a budget for each gift. Mark off when you have made this purchase. You could also create a list of stocking stuffer ideas.
  • Print out a shopping planner when you’re headed to the store. I personally find it a bit overwhelming to shop during the holidays and writing down intent helps.
  • If you do a lot of online shopping keep an inventory of what you’ve bought, expected delivery date and when you have received it. When you start putting gifts away in a closet to wrap later this is so helpful!

holiday planning made easy tips


  • As it gets closer to December, create a list of who you send holiday cards to. I do mine online now and check off once emailed.
  • Create a list of Advent activities in advance.
  • Have a Christmas Eve planning sheet and a Christmas Day sheet. Include any traditions to keep in your lists.
  • If you’re entertaining and/or cooking (and who isn’t!) have a shopping list, cooking list and menu planner.

My 24 page HOLIDAY PLANNING MADE EASY is now available for FREE and not only will this help, but it’s pretty darn cute!

You simply print this out and fill in any (or all) of the pages created. You can make multiple copies and use these year after year, since there are no dates! It will remain in my PRINTABLES LIBRARY as well.

You’ll probably want to print the entire PDF file first, and then if you need additional copies of some pages, print just the pages you need.

If you don’t currently subscribe to Shabbyfufu, and would like to receive this planner, fill out the form below. You’ll be redirected to the MEMBERS ONLY PRINTABLES LIBRARY to download. By signing up you will also receive email updates, and other exclusive information. While we do send out daily emails, we promise not to spam you with useless things or share your information with anyone! If you are already a subscriber you can access the printable library HERE. The password is in your email newsletter today and we try and share in our newsletters often!

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  1. A number of years ago I started a little Christmas journal using a pretty little notebook decorated with roses. I think I can get one more year out of it! In the first half I start out with a little calendar and generally list the activities planned and usually include thanksgiving as well. Then I make my Christmas list of people leaving enough room for ideas for each and other notes. When I buy gifts I go back and note them along with the cost and any other pertinent info. I generally keep a section for menus for any event I’m hosting. I’ll even go so far as to write in what I plan to wear. I keep a to do list by week and in then by day when it’s close. Once the holiday is past, I make some notes. I’ll list how many pounds of prime rib I used for how many people, how long a fresh arrangement lasted, etc. the back end of the notebook I use for a journal, sometimes noting why I might be upset and other times just reveling in the season. In the back I record sizes for immediate family. I started this on a lark but now it’s like my Christmas bible. I frequently refer to it for information. It is so pretty, small enough to fit in my purse it has turned into its own Christmas pleasure.

  2. THANK YOU!!! The Christmas Planner is AMAZING! I love that it’s full size too — I just printed it out on heavy card stock and it’s just like a book! So excited to start writing… <3

  3. I just subscribed to your blog and I love them all!!! They are so useful and helpful and the printable safe to die for!!! So glad I discovered you!!

  4. Do you have to sign in to Box to print this? I was unable to print.

    1. You do not need an account with Box to print…just ignore that notification

  5. JennyKing says:

    Hi Janet. I love your creativity. Will you be posting your 2023 calendar soon please? I print it every year. Always so beautiful. Thank you & God bless.

    1. Jenny, sorry that I didn’t get to answer you before but it’s now available! xo