Home Tour In Norway – Collected Vintage Style

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With a dreamy collection of vintage elements, this home tour in Norway invites you in for a closer look. Using nature as her muse, Vibeke Svenningsen clearly sets her own trend!

home tour in Norway of Vibeke Svenningsen

Home Tour In Norway – Collected Vintage Style

When you live in the Scandinavian countries, cozy in decor is king. With short days and cold temps to contend with, layering is key to comfort. This beautiful home tour in Norway is timeless and showcases lots of old pieces that warm things up. I like to call this collected vintage style.

vintage style dining room in Norwegian home

Vibeke Svenningsen and her husband live in the beautiful countryside of Norway.

“We have made our house ourselves with our own drawings. We wanted a big house for our two girls and made it open and practical.”

home tour in Norway

When the girls grew up and then moved out, the couple was suddenly left with a big space to change up and decorate. One of the girls’ rooms was made into a guest room. Vibeke painted the walls green with chalk paint. In addition to being a handy space for guests, she clearly loves this space!

guest room in home tour norway

“In the second bedroom I have made a studio where I can be creative and the wallpaper is my favorite. It is from Sanderson.”

Love Of Flea Markets

They love to visit flea markets all over Scandinavia. Not only do they search for antiques and vintage decor pieces, but for large pieces of furniture.

Scandinavian kitchen vintage style

While Vibeke loves to paint furniture, some old pieces are left to their original state of raw wood or paint. She’s a master at styling for the seasons and you can see her daily shares on her Instagram account – VIBEKEDESIGN

vintage sideboard

Vibeke likes her home to be light and bright and love to fill it with antiques, especially old Scandinavian stuff. She often collects branches, flowers and moss from the woods near her home. Daily walks with her dog Maja allow for ample opportunity to search!

“I have just painted a old cabinet with green chalk paint in my kitchen. I really love the colors green and blue and use them in fabrics and items all over my home.”

Love Of Chalk Paint

green chalk painted antique cabinet

She is inspired by flowers when she can find them and often uses various florals in her home and photos.

Important Storage

There is plenty of storage for all of her dishes and collectibles in the kitchen and dining areas.

home tour in Norway kitchen


Please head over and visit Vibeke over on her INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT. Her account was recently hacked and she’s trying to build things back up. I’m sure that she would love to have you follow her journey and also over on her blog HERE.

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  1. Elizabeth says:

    OMG! Thank you, Janet for posting this! I love her style! So much inspiration! Such coziness—it makes you want to move right in. I love her use of the autumn gold to warm up the serene greens and blues and as a knitter, I can’t help loving the fact that she uses her pieces in her stylings.

    1. Those sweaters really appealed to me as well Elizabeth! I have some baby sweaters tucked away that my mom knitted for me and now I think I may need to get them out next fall.

    2. I love the bird wallpaper. It is so pretty and add’s texture to the space. The neutrals keep everything warm and cosy and that outside building is amazing.

      1. Such a creative home and it’s one of my favorites of all time for the cozy factor!

  2. Cheryl Jardine says:

    Thank you Janet – a beautiful home tour – such warmth in all the rooms with color, texture and adding the vintage pieces which bring a warm feeling to any decor.

    1. Indeed this is one lovely home Cheryl!

  3. I looove every inch of this home! It’s so inviting and so cozy with the mix of those beautiful sweaters and textures and flowers!

    1. Those sweaters really caught my eye too Eileen!

  4. Where can I find the crocks? And dishes?

    1. Susan, it’s all belonging to Vibeke and in her home in Norway 😉

  5. Love love love her home. So pretty. I do follow her on IG and also her blog. She has such a good eye for Scandinavian design.
    Happy New Week Janet.

    1. Hi Kris…she’s quite talented and so generous to share her home over here! Have a great rest of the week…xo, Janet

  6. Just love this home, and that is what is Home. I could move to Norway just to live in that beautiful, comfortable surroundings.

    1. Genie Steger says:

      Oh I love this home in Norway, everything is beautiful!

      1. She has a stunning way to style things Genie!

  7. Love her wallpaper, do you know where sourced from or name/brand? Thanks for Sharing, beautiful, great inspiration!

  8. Such a welcoming home and you would never know it is in Norway unless you mentioned it! Loved her style and the styling she has created in her photos. I am not on Instagram so I can’t follow but maybe it is time I do now. Look what I am missing! Thank you sharing!

    1. She finds some amazing vintage pieces and styles them so well Maureen! Thanks for stopping by and happy weekend!

  9. Teddee Grace says:

    So glad you posted this. I am a big Vibeke fan. I love the colors she uses and just everything she does. Each photo is an inspiration.

    1. She’s so talented Teddee and I love her way with vintage pieces! Enjoy your weekend!

  10. I love that her Light and Bright does not mean absence of color. Her home is filled with the lovely hues of nature.

    1. I couldn’t agree more Ellen!

  11. Nancy Maland says:

    What a joy it was to read your post, Janet. We lived for a year in Norway and this post made me yearn for our Norwegian friends and homes. The colors and the connection to nature was so wonderful. The arrangements of fall leaves just beautifully blended in that fabulous wallpaper–decorating with the things you love, not just the ‘decorator’ polished look. Love, love, love that!! And, yes the Norwegian sweaters were spectacular! A feast for the eyes.

    1. Ahhhh, lucky you living in Norway for a time. This home is definitely a favorite of so many!

  12. I want to live in her house! It’s cozy and charming. My dream home.

    1. I would love to live in Norway…at least for awhile! xo

  13. This house tour felt like a nature tour. The colours of nature wrapped in the heart of a home. Thanks for including this Janet.

    1. Her decor is simple and yet so effective Lois. Happy November!

  14. The wall paper is beautiful, it caught my eye immediately. All the chippy furniture, mixed with large glass pieces and nature really speaks to me. It is comfortable and imperfect, which to me makes it perfect! I love that little round rug under the table, it adds so much texture to the space.

    1. It’s just wonderful and I’m glad that you enjoyed it Diana!

  15. Mary Stevens says:

    Her account is one of my favorite accounts!!! It’s beautiful!!

  16. Beautiful home! I love those touches of green, my favorite too!

    1. It’s all so peaceful and calming for sure Elizabeth. Happy November!

  17. Hi Janet,
    I have followed Vibeke for a long time. Love her style. Have a great Sunday and great start to the new week. xoxo Kris

    1. Isn’t she amazing Kris! Happy November to you and yours! xo

  18. Janet Snyder says:

    What a beautiful home! Thank you for sharing her photos. I love that white round table and the wallpaper the best!

    1. That wallpaper is everything!

  19. I love the soothing colors and simplicity of style

    1. Exactly how I feel Lorrie. Happy November!

  20. Hello, from Dallas, Texas USA. My name is Renee. Love looking at Pinterest and seeing all the new ideas. Just wanted you to know how lovely and beautiful your eye for design is. My home is cluttered with finds throughout my youth. Now that I’m older I’m moving toward a more sophisticated simplistic style like yours but, having trouble letting go. Greetings to you and God bless.

    1. Welcome in to the blog Renee!

  21. Her home really resonates with me! I could easily see myself popping over for tea and a nice chat with an amiable friend. Beautiful home and lovely lady.

    1. Her collections and the way that she puts everything together is beautiful Selena. Glad that you popped over

  22. I love her style too DaleAnn and every season she creates such beauty at home.

  23. She is one of the most talented stylists that I know Marcella and glad you enjoyed the tour!

  24. Danielle’s says:

    Love the warm, simple and fresh look👏 Danielle

    1. Hi Danielle! This home is truly one of my very favorites of all time! Merry Christmas to you 🎄