How I Lost 25 Pounds Naturally (And Ate Carbs!)

How I lost 25 pounds naturally is not something that I was going to write about since it’s not my main focus on this blog, which is decorating. I post the occasional recipe, but have been asked by my Facebook friends to post more. When I share something I’ve been cooking on Instagram stories I get questions galore! I shared a photo of how I look now on social media and had hundreds of comments about my weight loss. It’s not that I looked bad before, since most of that was post menopausal belly fat. You know…the kind that you can wear a loose shirt with and no one notices. However, I finally wanted to shed it and forget it!

Before I go any further I want to say that I am not a medical expert by any means. I’m going to share what has been working for me, based on some months of studying those experts and trial and error. This is a lifestyle that I’ve chosen for myself and would never tell you that you should do the same. This post is a tad long, so if you’re not interested feel free to click off 😉

How I Lost 25 Pounds Naturally

My daughter took this photo of me a few days ago with her phone. I don’t have a good before photo of my “how I lost 25 pounds” to share, but trust me that it’s noticeable! Excuse the baggy stained work clothes. Clearly I need to treat myself to some new ones!

how I lost 25 pounds

So growing up I was a tomboy who loved sports and a real string bean. So much so that kids I played with made fun of my skinny legs 😩 When I first met my husband I weighed in at a mere 119 lbs and was still very thin even after birthing 2 kids. Of course I didn’t think so at the time, but looking back it’s obvious! 😂

how I lost 25 pounds

Then menopause hit in my 50’s and that seemed to change everything. Some for the better (who wants to have a period!) other aspects not. I have always been active and used to play tennis almost daily at the time. I’ve always worked out. That did help.

Next chapter in life I found myself writing this blog. Blogging is a lot of work and to make a living at it as I do takes years of time and deep commitment. This is my 15th year of blogging! It’s more than a 9-5 office job, but the sitting aspect is the same, since you’re on the computer. The pandemic didn’t help matters in terms of sitting. Yet it gave me more time to think about my course in life going forward. I did not want to age badly and I certainly did not want to take medication that so far I’ve been able to avoid. Those were catalysts in my “how I lost 25 pounds” journey for sure!

The Initial Change

My husband and I had been thinking of going vegetarian right around the time that the pandemic hit. Again, this is a personal choice and you have to do what’s right for you only. We felt sluggish and bloated after eating protein based meals, especially me. Even seafood was affecting me and would sometimes result in a migraine. Yet my doctors always told me that I needed protein like chicken and fish to thrive on and to lose weight. Does this sound familiar to you at all?

Secondly we have a deep love of animals and it really started to bother us that we were consuming them. If you want to see something eye opening and distressing, watch the movie Forks Over Knives.

So when the lockdown started it sealed the deal for us to commit wholeheartedly to a vegetarian diet. It wouldn’t be an issue for me at all, since I never can get enough vegetables and salads! I could do without eating meat easily and find other ways like beans, soy and tofu to get my protein. Plants, yes! My husband though had a bit of a harder time giving up cheese and yogurt, also eggs. I had no idea if I’d lose weight but I hoped so. He, on the hand is quite thin and has a high speed metabolism…so losing weight was not an option or a goal for him. We needed to strike a balance and I began to do all of our cooking, since we couldn’t go out anyway. But I lost 25 pounds not necessarily from adopting a vegetarian diet.

What Vegetarian Means

When you are vegetarian, obviously you do not eat animals. You can eat animal byproducts such a cheese, ice cream, milk and eggs. There is also lots and lots of vegetarian “junk food” out there in the stores. We often look at junk food as being things like donuts, chips, Oreos and yes…Oreos are vegetarian! But these days there are oodles of processed foods that are not only vegetarian but vegan. Things like Beyond Meat, Chik’n, Violife Cheeze, processed vegan pastas, pizzas and basically anything that is not a WHOLE plant but a bunch of things combined. Guilty as charged on eating some of these things! 🙈

But it’s okay, because I was trying to find my way and experimenting while learning more. I went on for some months cooking this way and while I was walking 5 miles almost every single day I had only lost a few pounds.

My Apple Watch was a game changer in keeping me accountable for my daily exercise and steps! This is a typical week’s work…

how I lost 25 pounds Apple Watch

Back to the drawing board and researching what I needed to do to shed some more belly fat.

What Vegan Means And Adopting A Healthy Vegan Diet

The first thing that I did was to adopt a whole food, plant based diet. The name is pretty self explanatory and can include vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, beans, legumes, whole grains and oils. It wasn’t difficult to do, as these are all foods that my husband and I enjoy! I moved more of my online grocery shopping to Whole Foods delivery and found a local bakery that delivers fresh sourdough organic bread. My meal planning took on a whole new level and I began to feel like a short order cook, on duty all day long!

cooking for a vegan diet - how I lost 25 lbs

I purchased several appliances that I’ve come to find absolutely essential to this new lifestyle. You may need these in your life…linked below.


Being a post menopausal woman, I figured that this would be more of a challenge than the cute girls I see on YouTube. It’s just not the same! When I see them say that they lost 40 lbs in 3 months and you can too I cringe! Without those hormones, it will be slower. You need to exercise every day. And this is where my breakthrough finally came through…

Two Things – How I FINALLY Lost 25 Pounds!

1. Intermittent Fasting

A friend of mine told me about all the weight that she was losing with intermittent fasting. Initially I thought “NOOOO, I love to eat and can’t starve myself and fast!” After a brief explanation she suggested that I purchase Jason Fung’s book – The Obesity Code . Get this book…it explains the science of eating in shorter windows of time and it’s what started my weight loss journey. He’s on YouTube (a bit dry to watch), but you’ll need to read the book in my opinion.

The Starch Solution

I began watching a lot of YouTube videos and somehow came across Dr John McDougall, author of this book > The Starch Solution.

It’s a game changer and a book that I highly recommend getting if you are looking to shed some pounds too. We’ve been told for so many years that we should avoid carbs. Ditch the bread and potatoes, but this book will explain better than I can that it’s not true! The thing with dieting is that all of these plans can set you up to fail long term. I tried Atkins (back in the day – felt awful!), Weight Watchers (good, but who wants to count points!), and others. I truly feel that a whole foods, plant based diet with minimal processed foods and no oil is key.

On The Starch Solution you eat a 50/50 plate of a simple starch of your choice and whatever non starchy vegetables you like. It’s based on calorie density, as in how many calories are in a given weight of food. Foods that are low in calorie density tend to be higher in satiety, so you feel full after consuming them. You can fill up on fewer calories (without having to go hungry) and without having to weigh, measure or portion control your meals. This is how I lost 25 pounds on a vegan diet and although it’s coming off much slower now I’m still losing weight! I’d like to lose another 10 lbs if possible, but I’m not very large…so we will have to see.


2. The Starch Solution – What I Typically Eat In A Day

Now of course I don’t eat all of these foods every day 🤣, but I thought I’d share some photos of the incredible variety of my meals! I’ve heard it said that a vegan diet is boring and this proves that it is not!

I’ll be sharing some recipes as time permits, while still keeping the main focus of this blog decorating. I try and keep the cooking simple, and have been testing each one multiple times. Down below I will link some great sources besides Dr. McDougall on YouTube. Be sure to scroll all the way down for that and leave a comment. Let me know your thoughts and if you have any questions!

Super healthy vegan waffle with fruit!
Super healthy vegan waffle with fruit for a weekend breakfast!


I try to eat a salad as big as my head every day! Home made vegan dressing
I try to eat a salad as big as my head every day! Home made vegan dressing


sweet potato mash
Sweet potato mash with vegan tahini dressing & a salad


vegan lentil bolognese
A favorite & easy to make! Vegan lentil bolognese!


how I lost 25 pounds on a vegan diet tofu scramble
Tofu scramble – it’s not eggs!


how I lost 25 pounds lbs
Simple lunch with a 50/50 plate


How I Lost 25 Pounds lentils on rice
Lentils on rice – delicious!


How I Lost 25 Pounds spring rolls
Browning up some home made vegan spring rolls in the air fryer


Ticktok burrito vegan style
Ticktok burrito vegan style!


Air fryer corn chips
Air fryer corn chips


White bean and spinach burgers
White bean and spinach burgers – I make these often!


Another waffle recipe, because you can never have too many!


Chickpea "tuna salad"
Chickpea “tuna salad” and I always have this on hand for a snack


50/50 plate of veggies and potatoes
50/50 plate of veggies and potatoes with cashew cream sauce


beet burger
Oooh, this is so delicious! Beet burger and air fries!


Black bean burger sandwich
Black bean burger sandwich


tater tots
Veggies and homemade tater tots


Scrumptious vegan banana pancakes


Chili stuffed sweet potato


vegan spring rolls for the perfect lunch or snack!
Vegan spring rolls for the perfect lunch or snack!


The BEST vegan lasagna that I've perfected!
The BEST vegan lasagna that I’ve perfected!


tater tot balls
Great party appetizer – Tater Tot Balls!


Vegan ricotta & tomato sandwiches
Vegan ricotta & tomato sandwiches


Another yummy "burger" and air fried French fries
Another yummy “burger” and air fried French fries

Other Benefits

I feel amazing…better than I have in many years! My migraines are completely gone, inflammation is almost non-existent and allergies are so much better. Digestion issues have pretty much disappeared and I had big issues with this in the past. Also have loads of energy and sleep well too. I feel that all of this is a direct result of eating a vegan diet. 

Do I Take Supplements?

Yes, a few and linking them below with sources:

Plant Based Collagen Powder

Some Vegan Sites That You Might Find Helpful:

Forks Over Knives Website

Chef AJ YouTube

High Carb Hannah YouTube

Plantiful Kiki You Tube

As I mentioned, I am not a nutritionist or medical expert in any way and am sharing what works for me. I still tweak things with my diet and you’ll need to see what works for you. We are all so different, but a whole foods plant based lifestyle is amazing!

Please let me know what you think in the comments and if you have any questions or requests! It’s important to me to know if you want me to share more of this content here!


how I lost 25 lbs while eating carbs!

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  1. Wow Janet! You look amazing! So happy for you and your weight loss journey! I myself have been struggling this year with digestive issues also. I’m also have hypothyroidism and if my levels are off I pack on the pounds. I’m going to see a new doctor this week and try get my levels right. Thank you for sharing this great information! I definitely have started to eat more plant based food because it’s easier on my stomach. Love this and very happy for you!

    1. Thank you Babette! After that infamous Hurricane Andrew all those years back I developed ulcerative colitis due to all of the stress. My digestive system was never the same until now. I can’t say when I’ve ever felt better! xo

      1. Janet I so understand! I’m pretty sure that’s what I have. I’m not eating red meat or pork at all now. I’m really hoping to get it under control and start feeling better. Thank you for this post! It is definitely something I needed! Xo

  2. Janet, you look great! Thank you for this post. I too have been researching the plant-based lifestyle. I’m GF & DF already and thought I just can’t give up something else. But I honestly know that this is what I need to do for my health. Anyway, I always enjoy your blog and have tried some of your GF recipes. If you would, I’d love to have the Chickpea “tuna salad” recipe 🙂 keep up the great work! I love this blog!

    1. Thank you Mirti…and most importantly I feel great! That recipe is one I make every week and eat in salads while my my husband makes sandwiches with it. Will try and post that recipe soon!

  3. Marie Denice Kromer says:

    Hi Janet,
    You look fabulous! Thank you for sharing your story. You are amazing and an inspiration!
    Please continue to share your recipes and tips!

    1. Thank you Marie! I hope to share more as time permits!

  4. The meals look delicious – how did you make the tater tots.

    1. They really are and I never get bored! I’ll have to share that in a recipe since it involves several steps. Soon!

  5. Ashley Bergstrom says:

    You look great! Congratulations on your good success!!

    1. Thank you so much friend!

  6. Darleen Coppersmith says:

    Great blog and I can’t wait to try quite a few of your recipes and to share with my vegan granddaughters. Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I have a few in the blog now, but will be posting lots more soon

  7. Amy Chalmers says:

    Very very inspiring!! I would love to see more recipes in this vein of your plant based diet. Do you do all this with the intermittent fasting? What time frame do you allow and does your husband go along on the same schedule? I need to know more 😀

    1. Thank you Amy! I will be posting more recipes as soon as I can get to them for sure. I mix up my time frame and sometimes do 16/8 (fast to eating window) and on other days I do 18/6. My husband is naturally thin as a rail, so he doesn’t do the fasting.

  8. You look great! I too became a vegetarian for the same reasons! I have been since November, 2019. I would love it if you would share some of your recipes! Thank you!

    1. I hadn’t really lost weight as a vegetarian, but it started dropping when I went vegan! I will get to sharing those recipes soon and thanks for stopping by!

  9. Patricia Clifford says:

    What a serendiptous post…my doctor (oncologist) told me I need to lose weight. After gallbladder surgery 2 years ago, I have put on 20# in addition to the 20 from chemo induced menopause…I have tried vegetarian before and lost #…vegan ??? not sure I could do, love my cheese and milk in coffee :-)…but am getting the Starch solution book…thanks so much for sharing !

    1. I truly hope that this helps Patricia and that you find The Starch Solution to work for you!

  10. LindaSonia says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately that a plant based diet is the way to go but being diabetic and taking insulin it’s always seemed complicated and I’ve never been sure how to create a meal plan that corresponds to the insulin I take. Thanks to you I’ll been delving into this more seriously and finding some definitive answers. So very happy for you and your success. Thank you sooo much for sharing the meal photos, the source links and just everything.

    I would love to have some recipes – the photos of the meals look fabulous. 🙂

  11. This is so inspirational Janet so thank you for sharing the details. Just ordered all the books and can’t wait to start reading. My weight has skyrocketed – especially this past year with Covid – so I’m really determined to try this too. Do you have recipes for the meals you shared? My biggest problem is what to cook and where to find recipes we’ll actually enjoy so would love to know more about how you find your recipes :).

    1. My pleasure Sara and I totally get it about the Covid weight gain! I’ll be sharing the recipes as I can. Is there any particular one that you’d like to see first? xo

      1. That would be awesome – thanks Janet! The tofu scramble – because breakfast is always a challenge – followed by the ‘tuna’ salad snack. Not sure if I could give up tuna so I’m curious to give that a try :). Your vegan lasagna looks amazing, but I think I gained weight just looking at it.

        BTW, did your husband end up losing weight too when you changed over to vegan? My husband is already too thin. He’ll insist on eating the same to support me but I’m concerned he’ll lose weight when he can’t afford to!

        1. Okay…thanks for letting me know Sara! Yes, my husband has lost about 5 lbs and he’s already too skinny. He tries to make up for it by eating lots of nuts and drinking protein shakes.

  12. Elizabeth Ward says:

    Hi Janet,
    First of all, you look marvelous! I love your blog and always enjoy reading it. This post has given me hope that maybe I too, can lose weight. Your recipes look so fantastic. I want each and every one.
    I have tried every diet there is, and nothing seems to work long term. My hubby and I now go to the gym five days a week, but haven’t lost any real weight. I am ordering the books you have referenced, but please oh please, share the recipes for the food you’ve shown us. They are the first vegan recipes that look appealing.
    I also had my gall bladder removed last year, and three months later had a portion of my kidney removed due to kidney cancer. Now, just can’t seem to lose weight. But, your recipes and book recommendations give me hope! My family is the walking history of heart disease. Both maternal and paternal sides. I should have gone vegan decades ago. But I don’t believe it is too late. Please share your recipes as soon as you can. I know all of your readers would be very grateful. Thank you, Janet.

    1. Elizabeth, I truly appreciate you taking the time to leave such a thoughtful comment! I have familial issues as well, but in my parents & grandparents’ case I believe that they were mostly due to poor lifestyle choices. Hoping I can beat that and that you can as well!

  13. Hi Janet –
    You look amazing and best of all your smile tells how wonderful you feel. WFPB no oil is a game changer for sure. I think I need the recipe for the white bean and spinach burgers. They look good.

    1. Thanks Diane, and as you know the intermittent fasting works well! I’ll try and get on the recipes soon and put that one on the top of the list!

  14. That’s so wonderful Janet! You look great, and feeling great is even better! Thanks so much for sharing your journey – it’s so inspiring!

    1. Barb…so happy to share this journey and I hesitate to even call it a diet. Happy to answer any questions and inspire!

  15. linda of no.cal. says:

    Way to go !!… i know i can eat some of those meals !! It will be FUN and INTERESTING to try the recipes.

    1. Thanks Linda! These meals are delicious and I do have some that I make every week. Will share soon!

  16. Not even any healthy oils? I wonder why not? I can see no processed foods, no refined sugars….. how do you get your protein?

    1. No oils and if you check out Chef AJ on YouTube you’ll be able to learn more than I could explain here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u-VovGMzB0M
      Protein comes from beans and other plant based sources. It’s quite a science to study!

  17. Janet you look amazing. Congratulations on your lifestyle change. I wish you continued good health and the hope you manage to lose the next 10lbs. You are an inspiration to post menopausal ladies 👍🏼

    1. Thanks so much Lois…I feel great and hope to inspire!

  18. Hi Janet,
    I’m intrigued by your post and have hopes it becomes a weekly addition to the blog. I would be interested in recipes, intermittent fasting & also how you squeeze in time to walk 5 miles a day while blogging full time. I too work full time & sitting mostly. I’d love to be able to walk 5 miles. Right now I’m able to walk 2 miles in an hour. And what are your thoughts about the blood type diet? With my blood type, It’s suggested that with my blood type that I do eat beef & poultry. Just want to know if you explored that diet at all in the past. You look great!!

    1. I’ll try to post about it more Mimi as I can see that this post has really been well accepted! I’m not a nutritionist and can’t advise about the blood type diet, but I have heard of it. As for walking, I get out of bed by 6 every morning and generally walk a 15-ish minute mile. Good that you are walking…just ease into it! xo

  19. You are so inspiring, Janet! I am in awe of your commitment and dedication to this WOE. Seeing and feeling results like yours truly are the backbone of that devotion, isn’t it? 🙂 My Functional Dr is always telling me that “veggies don’t make you gain weight”…..but sheesh! I am at a loss at what to buy and how to fix it so that I am truly satisfied after eating. I’m not one to want to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Give me a salad and a sandwich, and I’m happy. I love savory meals over anything sweet…..and I will bite anyone’s hand who tries to take away my cheese! Lolol! So, needless to say, I’m looking forward to seeing you post more of your recipes! Thank you for sharing your story, gf! xoxo

    1. Thank you dear Laurie and I’m happy to share what I’ve learned so far! With the 50/50 plate I can eat carbs that help keep me satiated until the next meal. One thing that I’ve found helpful on days that I’m busy is frozen veggies. In fact I make a huge bag of frozen broccoli usually every few days!

  20. Christina Klein says:

    I am glad you are feeling better after shedding some weight. I had the same problem after menopause though am already a vegetarian. You look great, though you looked great before, too. Keep up the inspiring decorating tips and now, recipes.

    1. Thanks Christina and I feel so much better eating a vegan diet! Will start sharing recipes soon!

  21. TERESA SNIPES says:


    Congratulations! You are looking great!

    I know the feeling of trying everything to get rid of that post menopausal weight. It took me over 2 years, but I’ve lost 42 pounds, just about a pound per week with help from my endocrinologist.

    It makes a huge difference in how you feel and it’s wonderful to not have more medical issues due to being overweight.



    1. Thank you so much! It’s wonderful to hear about your weight loss and better health Teresa! I’ve been fortunate to be healthy so far, but was going down the path of having to take meds and that scared me. Hopefully this will help. Take good care! xo

  22. Donna Marie says:

    You look marvelous, simply marvelous and you make it sound so simple!!!

    1. Thank you Donna Marie! To me this way of living is a lot more simple than calorie counting or measuring food. It’s hard work doing the cooking and exercising but worth it for the health benefits (and the planet)!

  23. Sharon Smith says:

    Janet, do you know how many women you are helping? I love all their stories! It’s all an inspiration to me! I had a Crohn’s resection 52 years ago and have been on the good end of the spectrum most of my life but now finding out all the associated problems with that now that I’m in my 70’s. But I never knew what direction to turn with my diet! I love how you laid it all out there because I need to make some changes even at my age! Thank you so much!

    1. That’s so kind of you to say Sharon and I know that I have good reach so am happy to share! Best of luck with your changes! xo

  24. Betty Bashaw says:

    Thank you, Janet, for sharing. My hubby and I have been vegetarian for 10 years, and making the vegan transition as we speak. At our ages, this challenge is exciting!! So glad you are feeling great.

    1. Thank you and best of luck in your vegan transition!

  25. Nicely done Janet and congrats to you for determining what works for you. It’s great to see all the support you’ve received and I think anything that makes us rethink our eating choices is a good thing. 🙂

    1. Thanks June…it’s a personal choice and I hope that by posting these resources it helps whomever is interested in exploring further.

  26. ~~~Please do not read if you are triggered easily~~~

    Having seen years of a vegan diet and the toll on the body, ei; yellowing of teeth, dull hair and brittle bone, I caution anyone becoming gung-ho on going hog wild on a vegan only diet.

    With that said, I can understand why vegan is very attractive to weight-loss. However, any lady reading this who may be in menopause and interested in fasting, needs to read articles carefully, watch videos and talk to your doctor. I say this because I have been fasting and eating once a day for 2 years now. It may not be for everyone as women of all ages have health needs and is this not the end all for diets, it just works well for some menopausal women like Janet and myself.

    Speaking on the topic of meat, it is where you get beef and pork. As for my family, we are a bit spoiled as in the city over, we support a family farm and have been customers of theirs for years. Our local grocery store carries wild salmon and it can be expensive. When dealing with fish: The redder the better.

    Dove-tailed with eating meat, men need this protein for their bodies as they have a larger body and muscle mass. A quick google on YT will share videos of before and after pictures of those in vegan diets and why some stopped at 8 months. A recent study showed going vegan can increase strokes. With men going vegan, it ruins testosterone levels which makes them sluggish, tired and extremely irritable.

    When starting on this drastic diet, most people became sick within a few days never allowing their body a break. This is your body rebelling at what is currently going on and why you need to go off slowly.

    However, if one is determined to live a vegan or fasting lifestyle, having at least one 24hour cheat day per week or one every two weeks give the body a chance to detox and reset.

    It is not my intent to discourage anyone, but list facts and what has happen to me so you become your best on any new diet crusade.

    1. As I mentioned, this is not for everyone Belle and obviously not your choice. I’m providing links to high authority in the article and those who are seeking to follow a vegan lifestyle can become well informed with these doctors and nutritionists, as I have.

  27. Janet, it’s so interesting to read about your experience! Thank you so much for sharing! This is what I’ve been thinking about for the last couple of years. I stopped eating gluten, carbs, and dairy, but I still put on weight! I don’t understand why. I would like to read the recipes you use to improve my diet. And thanks a lot for sharing the books I will definitely read them.

    1. That was me! I wish you great success and enjoy your journey to better health. I will post recipes when I can soon.

  28. Thank you for this! I relate to so much of this. I’m in my 50s and work out at least four times a week plus I have a job where I get well over 10,000 steps in a day. And I feel like it’s barely enough and that I am on a hamster wheel! Add in digestive issues and low energy, basically I feel like I’m 90! I’m a bit intimidated by the vegan but I feel inspired and I am going to check out the links that you’ve shared.

    1. I am so happy to hear that you’re at least going to look into this Fran! You know that old saying “you are what you eat” and I believe it to be true. Best of luck with your journey!

  29. Your post is very inspiring but I’d sure wish for some of your recipes. Your food looks delicious! I’ll have to start looking on pinterest for recipes. When I was doing the Paleo diet 100% I felt like you describe. Eating mostly veggies and fruits and some lean protein, my R.A. almost disappeared – or at least it felt that way. I was a wholehearted, committed Paleo eater for three years, and then my life changed. My mom came to live with us and then covid hit. Stress does bad things! And boy has it done some bad things to me!!! Mom has me hooked on sugar, much to my arguments with her over it, and so much of the time I’m back to my old ways, just coping from day to day with “issues” that are here to stay for a while. I know personally what eating right can and do for a body. I long to feel that way again. Thank you for sharing with all of us. I needed to read your story.

    1. I will get to the recipes as time permits Kathy…promise! Any appeal to you to possibly work on first? Yes, stress is a killer and I really find what helps me the most is this lifestyle, plus the exercise. Thanks for stopping by!

  30. Thank you for sharing your weight loss experience and for the recipes,
    You look fabulous 😊

    1. Thanks Gail…I really appreciate it!

  31. Claudia Willey says:

    Thank you Janet for sharing your experience with a vegan diet. I found your article to be refreshing and well researched. I would appreciate your recipes for chickpea tuna salad snack, lasagna, and there was one more but I do not remember what it was. Anyway you look amazing. Keep up the walking. Congratulations on a job well done.

    1. Thank you so much Claudia! Those are two recipes that I make often, so I’m thinking I’ll share the chickpea tuna first.

  32. You look fabulous !
    Please share all of your recipes. This looks like a realistic way of eating healthy.
    Thank you so much for sharing this information.. you have inspired me..

    1. You’re too kind Jan…thank you! Once you get the hang of it, this lifestyle is not difficult. I’ll get on sharing the recipes soon!

  33. maureen Connelly says:

    Congratulations on losing the weight!! Your information and personal experience has come at the perfect time!! I’m 53 and I have entered the dreaded “change” and I have put on 20lbs. this past year. I love to cook and so does my husband and I have 3 daughters who love to have their friends over often for meals. Our life is food. We eat pretty healthy but we love our red meat! I will give your experience a try, I need to go all in. My family is extremely active and they all look great but I’m suffering with the added weight etc. and the joys that come with this time in life. Thank you for sharing your experience and its truly the one thing I’ve read that I can understand and relate to!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

    1. Thanks Maureen, much appreciated and I know that if I can…so can you!! It’s funny how we make food such an event in our everyday lives and I think focusing on simple has helped me. These recipes are pretty simple and I’ll share soon.

  34. In addition to you, all the food looks great. I will be watching for the recipes, since I eat everything I don’t have a fear I won’t like ingredients. And hence is the problem why I will be watching for the recipes!

    1. You always crack me up and you won’t miss meat with these recipes. Now, if only I could clone myself to find more time to write, photograph and post them!

  35. So enjoyed reading your personal experience with the vegan way of life. I am a pescatarian eating fish and seafood only. I made the emotional decision based on the terribly cruel practices of factory farming. I would, however, love to try some vegan recipes! Thank you for sharing.

  36. Good for you! I’m glad to hear that you are looking and feeling great! I’ve been a vegetarian for 34 years, I am 65. Lately, I have been looking to change to more vegan options as my cholesterol shot up. I’ve been told it is hereditary. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I have to admit, I have cheated with the packaged vegetarian meals that are out there, (Being tied to the kitchen, spending hours making food prepared from scratch made me hate cooking!) But I also feel rotten when I am not eating fresh and clean! Anyway, ALL of those meals looked incredible and I love the variety! Any recipes would be greatly appreciated. I am looking for easy, healthy and tasty!!

    1. Thanks Kim and we around that age as well, which can make it a challenge to stay fit and healthy long term. My family history makes my cholesterol an issue as well and I DON’T eat those packaged vegan meals 😩 I will try and share some more in the near future! xo

  37. Thanks for sharing your WFPB story. When my husband had quadruple bypass surgery 10 years ago, his doctor strongly suggested we read Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Dr. Esselstyn. It was a life changer for us. Ten years later we are thin and healthy. Totally WFPB with no oil or salt. My husband is on no heart meds. Nowadays with the internet, recipes, are easy to come by. It is a lifestyle, not a diet. For us southerners, check out the tasty recipes of Fat Free Vegan. If I can change, anyone can!!

    1. Congrats to you and your husband Dee and I completely agree that WFPB with no oil or salt is the way to live! For breakfast today (after a 6 mile walk) I made us some tofu scramble (we eat a small amount of tofu maybe once a week) and no oil hash brown waffles. Delicious and satisfying and I fill the scramble with loads of vegetables! I’ll check out the recipes you recommended!

  38. Recipes, please. Maybe combined with images of a lovely table setting, too.

    1. I will try and do that Char…and thank you!

  39. Janet you look amazing. Kudos to you for posting this information today. I am someone who has had a lifelong problem with weight. I have tried so many different “diets” and sadly my experiences until these last two years were of being on a continual merry go round of trying to find what would work well for me.
    As you pointed out, going vegan may not be for everyone. In fact, I have been doing Weight Watchers for the last five or so years. It was when I decided to go vegetarian/vegan that I saw a huge change. I attribute my recent success to changing to a plant based system. It has resulted in me reaching my first goal of 104 pounds gone, with the last six pounds stubbornly staying put for the moment. I struggle daily with what to eat, I have expanded my repertoire greatly to include Indian foods, Mexican, and Asian dishes (of course all with an eye to keeping it plant based). I have discovered the importance of variety, and I use lots of wonderful spices to “juice” up our meals. My husband has been a practicing vegetarian for over 50 years. Out of trying to consolidate my time in the kitchen I decided that it was time to re-evaluate what would make things different for me. I wanted something sustainable. It was no secret actually, because I love all of the grains, beans and vegetables. Going plant based was natural in that sense, and now instead of cooking two meals every night I cook one that fills our vegetarian needs. The beauty part is that this way of eating also fit well with Weight Watchers.
    I very much appreciate all of your wonderful recipes, and I too would love access to them as well. Thanks so very much for sharing your journey, it meant so much to me.

    1. What a wonderful comment Kathleen and kudos to you for your incredible weight loss! It can be a struggle to lose weight, especially those last stubborn pounds. I was always slim, but put on some extra weight in my mid section that I knew wasn’t good for me as the time goes on. I love to eat and so I’m finding the need to burn more calories with exercise if I want to continue to lose. That and also cutting down to 2 meals a day with a longer intermittent fast a couple of days a week. I’ll try and add some recipes in to the blog soon!

  40. Did you also give up soft drinks and snacking? That also makes a huge difference.

    1. Never drink soft drinks and not a snacker, but for someone that was it would definitely make a difference.

  41. Good on you Janet for losing the weight. I’m not anti Vegetarian, but long term Veganism has shown to have some severe issues for your health according to research, so maybe consider the following info I know of & do some further research if you are not aware of any of these issues. 🙂

    Studies have shown that:

    1. Legume protein sources (beans, lentils etc) can contain high levels of lectins and phytates that increase the risk of leaky gut & many legumes are anti nutrients in that they prevent the absorption of some vitamins, minerals & other nutrients. So consume supplements with meals that do not contain legumes.

    2. Soy based products can interfere with hormones due to the phytoestrogens found in soy & soy has also been found to be a contributor to the intake of the toxic metal cadmium in vegans and vegetarians. Soy used in Asian countries that show health benefits is most often fermented soy like Miso, not the type of soy consumed in the west, as unfermented soy contains protein inhibitors that inhibit the enzymes protease and trypsin that break down proteins.

    3. Plant only based diets can contribute to anemia as plant foods contain a form of iron called non-heme iron and it is much less absorbable by the body.

    4. Unbalanced Omegas – intake of omega 6 from foods like nuts & seeds that causes inflammation isn’t balanced out with omega 3 fatty acids from sources like fish & can also contribute to causing depression & other major health issues.

    5. Vitamin B12 deficiency as B12 is only found naturally in animal based foods – the body needs B12 to make red blood cells, processes involved with nerves, DNA, and other functions. If you are vegan or vegetarian you need to take B12 supplements as the human body cannot make B12 & our ability to absorb B12 decreases with age plus low B12 they believe could be linked to higher chance of stroke.

    6. Zinc deficiency – if you consume a lot of plant foods containing phytic acid it may inhibit the ability of the body to absorb zinc. Vegans should take a zinc supplement & low zinc levels has also been shown to contribute to higher death rates from Covid & people with Covid symptoms often had low zinc levels which enables higher viral interaction.

    Hope you find this info of use. 🙂 I’m not a qualified health professional so people need to do their own research into any of the above information, but I am interested in health & do a lot of research into different diet types & their effects on our nutrition & how that relates to the bodys various functions. You can find research on any of these topics easily online.

    I do practice intermittent fasting (along with lower carb/sugar) & find that alone can have great results for weight loss & studies point to it potentially being one of the key factors for longevity.

    1. Julie..I have spend months doing research as well, and like you…I’m not a medical professional. Sharing what works for me and there is massive information out there that is contradictory to some of your points. Just in your first point about leaky gut syndrome, I’ve suffered from that for years and it’s completely gone now that I’ve been vegetarian first and then vegan for awhile now. I do supplement with vitamin B12 and a few other things, but bloodwork is what I count on to show me how things are going on the inside.
      We need to find what works for us as individuals and this is working so well for me! Hopefully others will decide what works best for them and do the research on becoming vegan.

      1. Glad you have done your research Janet & it’s working for you. 🙂 I happen to know some vegan people who had problems so wanted to present the possible issues in case some people reading were not as well researched. Sincerely hope in the long term you have success with it. All the best.

  42. Great post! I have been WFPB no oil for 9 years. I depend on Dr McDougall’s excellent advice. If you want some really easy recipes I recommend “The McDougall Quick and Easy Cookbook”. I am the only person I know who is on NO meds. I’ll be 80 in a few days. The only supplement I take is vitamin B 12. Looking forward to some of your recipes; I just made a vegan lasagna and everyone liked it. Would love your recipe!

    1. Thank you Deb and congrats to you! I haven’t been crazy about Dr McDougall’s (Mary’s I suppose) recipes that I’ve tried, but I always play around with recipes to make them my own. Next time I make the lasagna I’ll try and shoot some photos and share.

  43. Darby Miller says:

    Great job…could you go into a bit more detail about your choice of supplements? Why these specific supplements and then what led to your choice of each brand?


  44. Janet – this post is so inspirational. I’ve been following your blog for more years than I can count so you have become a trusted resource. The pictures of your good choices are amazing and now we need recipes or links to them. Please continue sharing so we can enjoy the benefits you have found to work. You clearly have found the key to good health and it shows. Thank you for taking your blog on this detour – it’s so helpful.

    1. Playing catch up here Rebecca and I’m so happy to hear that you are inspired! I do have a few recipes on the blog if you look under the entertaining category for the drop down and will try to post some more.

  45. Janet please explain how to make these recipes with an InstaPot or air fryer…that darned InstaPot scares the bej… out of me! Ha. I need to try it again but I think the directions and that hot steam button requires better explanation:0)
    I take hormones and have for over 12 years, 58 now. Not everyone can take them and it’s not for everyone but it has helped me. We eat alike and I could use these recipes..did you link those?
    It’s so hard after 50. I am grateful you shared you story and what you are doing.
    Huge help…now where are those directions and those recipes!
    You look fabulous darling!! (movie?)

    1. Hi Lori, playing catch-up this morning and wanted to answer you ☺️ Don’t be afraid of the instant pot! I use mine almost daily and basically only use the one steam setting and just adjust the time depending on the food. You need to use water and a trivet for most recipes like baked potatoes, corn, etc. Check out YouTube for help, although I can’t recall who exactly I learned from. I got a lot of my recipes from a blogger called Plantiful Kiki, so look her up. Good health to you!

  46. Hello Janet,
    You look fabulous, thank you for sharing. This may be a good way for me to go to loose the belly fat.
    Best regards

    1. Thanks so much Evelyn and I wish you good health!

  47. Congrats Janet!
    Looking great! I have been reading your blog for some time and subscribed a couple years back.
    I don’t think I have commented more than once, although I just LOVE your style of decorating. I also used to live in Miami (miss it sometimes) Now back-Northeast.
    I must say that I did not come about becoming more than 90 % vegetarian/Vegan (ISH!) by the same method you and many have. I was a vegetarian for some time in college and like you I believed the meat/protein/iron thing. Anyway, I did do the Atkins thing after I lost a baby in the 7th month and was so sad that I just could not lose the weight. One year later I did a combo of Suzanne Sommers/Atkins w/a friend and lost all the weight and continued to use said “diet” on/off for years especially w/the good ole menopause thing! Next, LOCKDOWN and COOK, COOK, COOK. No going out, boredom.. Cooking/baking IS a stress reliever. Cooking was never number one before as MY thing, as is yours, is Decorating w/a Cap. D.! Well, I gained close to 15 lbs (Covid Lockdown) and felt lousy w/all the heavy food that my husband adores. Roasts, sauces, sweets….. However, I just exercised more to some avail. It was last summer when a seafood allergy raised its ugly head sending me to the emergency clinic. Now, since Covid (both the immunizations and infection itself for us) most of my childhood allergic reactions are back. Chocolate. HORRORS! dairy sensitivity and SOME gluten sensitivity, possibility of nuts (not peanut as it is a legume, often thought of as a nut) So, I had to give up the nut milks I had been replacingdairy with and go to Oat milk and pea protein milk. Next, at a physical (first in years, since before lockdown) I am told cholesterol is way up and Dr. wants me on statins and I beg off (terrified of drugs!) by making lifestyle changes (diet and more exercise) So, NO more meat. At ALL. Meat gone, most seafood gone, Eggs gone dairy gone (exception Greek yogurt b/c of the fragile bone history in my family) Nuts will be reintroduced shortly and I can’t wait! What is left? Veggies, some grain, rice, veggies, fruit. Seeds. Anyway, this is YOUR blog, not mine so I will move more quickly on. I was not TRYING to lose weight or on an animal saving mission (although I LOVE animals. I have always had 2 dogs at a time and when my kids were young there were bunnies (another fav. and MANY eat them!) hamsters, water frogs…….. Well, I wish my animal loving WAS the reason, but it was MY HEALTH. The rashes, swelling, hives. Oh, forgot. BAD digestive issues, too. As I said, I was NOT trying to lose weight but DID. I really cant lose anymore as I am quite petite, anyway but upon going on the mostly plant/whole foods , 8 lbs. just fell right off. I DO use SOME olive oil and avocado oil. Sparingly. Just cooking and sometimes as a TINY drizzle on good bread.
    PLEASE include some of your recipes including oil free salad dressing!
    SO glad you did this post! We have been duped w/all the NO carbs and protein, protein and more of it!

    1. I read every word of your comment Marie and I do understand your journey. I think that especially as we get older that’s what taking care of our health is, a journey and it does pay off to be somewhat diligent. I’m not so much of a recipe blogger but I would recommend Plantiful Kiki who I learned a lot from. For a good oil free salad dressing I often take a jelly jar and add a couple of tablespoons of spicy mustard with equal parts maple syrup and then water it down quite a bit. Cheers to good health!

  48. Barbara C says:

    Your meals look delicious! I’m going to check out the two books you mentioned. Do you drink alcohol with this new way of eating? I know that can slow weight loss. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Barbara! I no longer drink alcohol and mainly just drink alkaline water (lots of it).

  49. I remember reading this post the first time, but then I wasn’t as motivated 😪 or willing to put in the work to facilitate change, keeping it real. However, my head is in”the game” so to speak, and I’ve been working on better eating, health, weight loss since November. it’s very slow going, but it’s going! I would absolutely be thrilled if you decided to share with us some of the recipes. in particular your burger recipes? The black beans sound amazing, and I’ve purchased prepared black bean burgers and not been impressed at all. Thanks again for an excellent, well written and insightful blog post. I also listened to both doctors and appreciated you mentioning them. here’s to good health for all of us and being here for our family!

  50. Loved this article. Congratulations! Very healthy and interesting….all the menus look delicious. I am going to give this a try…..for well being as to lose weight. Thank you. Look forward to more information on reciepe. Thank You!!!