How To Brighten Up A Room On A Grey Day

beach house shabbyfufu - how to brighten up a room: add some bright flowers, open the windows, and let the natural light in!
This past weekend we finally got to spend a few days up at our beach home and we almost didn’t go. My husband came home from work on Thursday and told me about the gloomy weather forecast, and we debated. But we did and I’m glad since it was relaxing and we needed that…

beautiful sunrise beach pink sky - here's how to brighten up a room!
Our morning view and with the pink sky you can almost be sure that it is going to rain, as it means that there is moisture in the air…
farmhouse table set with flowers
You might already know if you’ve been here before that I’m a huge fan of the power of paint…
White paint that is!
Some think that it’s boring, but our home and the beach home both have white painted walls. There is nothing like white to reflect the sun and even when the sun doesn’t make an appearance it’s reflective. You can see our white Pottery Barn slipcovered sofas in the background and beyond are the large glass doors facing the ocean. In the morning the light is gorgeous whatever the weather and I honestly believe that it’s the white painted walls and the sofas. I talked about replacing the ugly leather sectional with the POTTERY BARN {affiliate} Slipcovered White Sofa (and loveseat) in THIS POST, and ever since we replaced it with white furniture the room is brighter…
farmhouse table driftwood

Much brighter!

The floor plan is open concept and that helps too and the only color is with accents of a few old paintings, pale blue pillows and a few colored objects in shades of the ocean outside…

restoration hardware chairs

My first stop when we arrive into town is to the market for food for the weekend and I ALWAYS pick up flowers. Since it’s spring time and Easter is almost here the flower selection at the market (Fresh Market) was amazing with lots of pastels…

peonies and hyacinth

Flowers brighten up a room rain or shine and it’s the one way that I treat myself for working hard at everything that I do. Some girls lust after shoes or a fabulous handbag. I’d rather have flowers, especially pink ones:~}}

pink peonies aqua chandelier

The table is set for lunch and we really do eat here! In the tall stoneware pitcher (source~HomeGoods) is a Heather plant. I might attempt to plant it when I’m back home, but I’m not sure that it would do well down south in Miami…so will probably dry the flowers. The dishes are a combination of vintage and newer, the goblets I’ve had for a few years.

We built the farmhouse style table and you can learn step by step how we did that in THIS POST. The chairs are from Restoration Hardware, and we are so lucky to have an RH Outlet close by to the beach house…

purple heather homegoods pitcher

Gorgeous Heather!

blush pink flowers

I don’t have a lot of pitchers here, so I placed the cut Hyacinths in ordinary clear drinking glasses. They seem to radiate light placed in these glasses and smell wonderful as well!

setting a table spring
Have a wonderful week and see you again on soon with a new post that I’ve been working on!

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  1. Love all of your white walls and decor. Beautiful. As far as the print, it's easy enough to read with your white background. =)

  2. Rachel Olson says:

    Good Morning! The type size is fine and I just read it on my phone. I enjoy your blog!

  3. Oh gosh, how I love hyacinths! And pink flowers in general. And in fact most flowers… 🙂 Yep, that table would brighten my day!!

    I can read the font, but I typically read on a computer. It's a bit small, so maybe on mobile it would be too small for me. I like the font used in your titles and menus. Is that Rokkit? I like the charcoal grey too. But I'm a font-nerd… 😉

  4. Good Morning Janet, I love your flowers! I too can read your type with the white background. Everything looks beautiful, simple and clean.

  5. Gosh this is gorgeous how nice to have a beach house. Love the white everything it seems to give an ethereal feel to the house. I can read it no problem and I'm on my phone though normally I try to read blogs on my laptop…I clicked through from FB.

  6. Beautiful, beachy post Janet…l especially love the flamingo paintings and pretty shades of pink blooms….definitely preferable than shoes and handbags:-)
    Your ocean photo is stunning.

  7. Jann Olson says:

    The blooms are gorgeous! I love Heather and Hyacinths. I have both in the garden and just starting to bloom. I'll have to bring some indoors. Everything looks so perfect for spring!

  8. Beautiful Janet….the table is so very cheerful and yes, would brighten up any dreary day….I love this time of year where the tulips and hyacinths are plentiful….I used to go to the RH outlet with my sister around Stuart….a great place!

  9. Beautiful! Flowers make a great addition to a grey and boring day!
    I would love the font a bit bigger

  10. Just arrived home with pink hyacinths and tulips from the supermkt in NJ. It is rather grey here, as well…but temps are headed into the 60’s so that is indeed a silver lining… I am so over our northeast winter! Love seeing the flowers in your calming beach house environment! My almost 60 yr. old eyes actually don’t mind the current font…oxoxox

  11. Edie Libby says:

    Sooo love that heather in “MY” pitcher! ?. I actually love you whole beach home.