How To Create Easy Farmhouse Floral Arrangements

We are in Texas this weekend visiting our youngest daughter while the oldest takes care of our children of the furry kind! I felt just a little bit guilty leaving with a house full of abundant floral arrangements, but before heading out I shot a few photos to share some tips today that I think you’ll enjoy…

lilacs in french wine demijohn bottles


It’s no secret that I love flowers and they make me happy and always have. I would imagine that you are feeling the same way about floral love, especially when they are all in full bloom at this time of year! The vintage wicker encased wine bottles are French and came home with me on one of my trips overseas. They are the most simple and rustic way to showcase a single branch filled with flowers.

These are lilacs, but you could use any flower and old wine bottles without the wicker case just as easily for a farmhouse floral arrangement setting. I recommend not just one, but multiples when creating displays and vignettes. I talked about that in a previous post with the POWER OF MULTIPLES for display.
summer wildflower arrangements


Look for multiples or sets when you are shopping the flea markets or your favorite on-line retailers. This set of creamware pitchers is something that will go with any decorating style and although not intended originally for flowers…why not? Just go out and clip some wildflowers if you can and arrange loosely.

trophy cups with flowers

These ‘clipped from the garden flowers’ have major impact when displayed in multiples that are part of my vintage trophy cup collection. My living room has more of an upscale French farmhouse look (way before Fixer-Upper & Shiplap;-), and I love the juxtaposition of elegant and rustic pieces to make things not too serious in style. It’s not as easy to find the old trophy cups these days but there are some reproduction sets on the market like THIS SET and I’ve seen them in person…nice. Here’s another large reproduction trophy for display and it’s on sale right now. In our home I do mix the old with the new and it’s pretty seamless.

beautiful flower arrangement in french enamelware
Pitchers are perfect for floral arranging and one of my favorite things to collect. White is always right for a farmhouse look and a touch of rust gives character. Look for them at thrift shops and at this time of year at yard sales and you can find some great reproductions around as well. If you want to rust out a spot on your pitcher, this blogger shared a tutorial on how to produce rust without a bunch of caustic chemicals. I would rough up the area first with some sandpaper or steel wool. The flowers were sent to me from Farmgirl Flowers and I’m pretty impressed.
white vintage ironstone pitcher with roses
In terms of the florals themselves, I tend to just loosely arrange my flowers and cut at varying heights. I don’t follow strict or formal guidelines and just arrange how it pleases my eye and a little on the wild side. Above is a favorite vintage white ironstone pitcher from England.
Greenery in your flower arrangements will give a country garden feel and asymmetry is an informal way to go. The photo above was from a piece that I shot for a print magazine this year.

I’m going to miss my flowers at home, but it will be great to take a quick and much needed break. Before I go I’d like to wish you a very happy Mother’s Day and hope that you get to spend the day doing something special, even if it means just pampering yourself and hanging out at home!

simple farmhouse flower arranging ideas

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  1. A lovely reshare, thank you. I do enjoy seeing how you arrange flowers, Janet! Learn something new everytime.