How To Decorate For Christmas On A Budget

white christmas budget
I hope that you had a great Thanksgiving! I’m actually going to be celebrating today with our family up at the beach place, since Thanksgiving day was the perfect day for them to come in from out of town…
So now on to the merriment of Christmas, and I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to spend a lot to have an elegant look! Here are a few of my tips for BUDGET decorating, so read on for the inspiration and some sources…

pink christmas pillow
With several upcoming Christmas home tours along with some of my favorite blogging friends next week, I won’t be revealing too much of the decor just yet. That being said…I LOVE the pillows above from the H & M home! Normally I am not one for lettered art (like on my walls) but pillows are so non~committal and I’m crushing on the gold script lettering on these.
The best part had to have been the price…with one at $10 and the other at $5…on sale. They add so much to my white decor and pillows are the easiest to change out!
homemade christmas tree budget
This tree from last year was reused and revived just a little more. It was free, found on the curb and was originally white. I talked about how I resuscitated it HERE with paint and flocking spray. Kind of a pain in the butt to put this one together because each branch has to be added to the tree one by one and then it has no lights…but I have a real feeling of accomplishment with this one and am proud of how it turned out:~)
All of the ornaments are vintage that I’ve collected over years from flea markets (inexpensively) and the ribbon adds that touch of blue that I was after without being too over the top.
christmas evergreen wreath budget
At Home Depot I purchased several live pine wreaths that were priced at less than $7 a piece. They are rather small, and I used one as a centerpiece on the dining table with a crusty garden pot in the center of it that I filled with ornaments. It makes quite an impact and was not expensive to do.
christmas ornaments budget
On another of the wreaths I enlarged it greatly by adding in FREE cut greenery from the Christmas tree lot. If you ask they will give it to you and it can be tucked into an existing wreath or used to make an entire wreath as I showed in THIS post. I hot glued in some gold encrusted pine cones from the Dollar Store that were only a few dollars for a bag.
Another rescued garbage faux tree that had turned yellow and non working lights. This was last year and when I got it out of the garage this year it was even worse with needles falling off!
In my sewing area I had a couple bags of fiberfill so after I set the tree back up I decided to stuff it.
Sparse and really yellowed underneath but now revived with some faux snow in the way of batting and it looks lush and full.
I filled in any bare spots with the batting and added a few white paper fans that I picked up at the party goods store for 50 cents each.
Since I put up three trees in the house it really helps to repurpose, and helps keep my holiday costs low. It’s a good feeling as well, and allows me to splurge on some beautiful flowers:~}

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  1. How pretty…I have passed up some white trees at thrift stores because they looked sparse, now I know what to do do! Thanks.

  2. Janet, this is all so beautiful! I love how you brought those garbage trees back to life and how gorgeous they are all decorated! The color schemes are so sweet and all of the rooms look very festive and inviting! Inexpensive ways to decorate is the way to go and with a little creativity, these items turn out great! Thanks for the tip on the pink pine cones! I am going to try that! Enjoy your gorgeous Christmas home! Hugs, Leena

  3. Love your blog Janet! Great ideas and appreciate your sharing very much! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. How smart is that with stuffing the tree with fiberfill??You have many beautiful and thrifty ideas here Janet.

  5. pamela lepage says:

    Your tree looks great! What cool tips. Thanks for tips.
    Have a great day.

  6. Your decorations look lovely and on a budget is even better.

  7. Jann Olson says:

    Love the batting on the tree!

  8. Great ideas and tips Janet. Christmas trees can be very expensive and when you see one that looks good and is affordable, they sell out! Your trees look lovely.


  9. I love H&M and have bought many things there:) Great idea for your tree with the "snow" too! There's a Martha Stewart method to putting lights on the tree that I saw on Pinterest but it looks sooooo time consuming, I don't think I have the patience!

  10. Odessa Graham says:

    We purchased a new tree this year, a flocked pencil tree because space is a real issue for us. It is good and full but I like the idea of adding a bit of snow here and there and then nestling some of my favorite flamingos in it like a flamingo snow party! The first time I saw flamingos used in decor was your vintage flamingo art on your wall (can’t remember what room) and it just sang out to me!