How To Get An Amazing Night’s Sleep

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Have you ever wondered if there’s some sort of secret on how to get an amazing night’s sleep? Do you have issues getting a good night’s sleep like many of us do? The party seems to be over once we start having kids when we have to keep an ear open for that crying baby at night. Then as women age and menopause comes along, sleep deprivation turns into a steam room that gets us out of bed to cool off!

how to get a good night's sleep

It seems to be a one-sided deal and men aren’t as affected which is totally unfair! Right? Right! How is it possible that they get a good night’s sleep every single night?

I’ve suffered just like the rest of you and have worked hard to figure out the best and foolproof way to get an amazing night’s sleep. Here are my tips on how!

how to get a restful sleep

How To Get An Amazing Night’s Sleep

  • This one may be obvious, but I had a hard time getting my girls to heed my sage advice in their teen years. Try and keep your sleep hours the same (or close) every night. I’m not a night owl like I was in my own younger days. I feel the best when I hit the sack at around 10:00 and wake up at 7:00. That’s a good 9 hours of rest and if I don’t get that much I allow myself a quick 20-minute nap the next day.
  • Avoid large meals in the evening. Digestion is a lot of work and can keep you awake feeling full.
how to sleep better at night naturally
  • Your bedroom should be a haven and a place of respite, refresh, rejuvenation. Keeping it clutter-free and in soothing palettes are conducive to rest. Put all of the tchotchkes away in your nightstand drawers, cabinets or better yet purge all possible.
home remedies for a good nights sleep
  • Keep your room dark, and that includes blocking your clock. Keep away from electronics for an hour before trying to get to sleep if at all possible. It makes a difference.
how to get sleep at night fast
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Your bed determines how well you will sleep!

  • The all-important BED. As they always say, you spend a third of your life in it so make it as comfortable as you can. We sleep on a Sleep Number bed that has a foam topper on it for extra softness. I prefer 100% cotton bedding on all counts and our sheets are always luxe and white. Load it up with quality pillows and soft fluffy duvets or blankets. Treat yourself as if you were spending the night at a 5-star hotel! This is one area of my home in which I do splurge for an amazing night’s sleep. I wash my bed linens every week in a fragrance-free detergent and every couple of weeks the pillows go into the dryer to tumble and fluff up.
how to sleep better and faster
  • This is a nightly regimen and probably the most important that has helped me learn how to sleep better. I make up a spray bottle with water and essential oils that I keep next to my bed. Right before crawling in I give the sheets and pillows and a light spritz with a fine mist spray bottle.
tips to get to sleep
  • It’s so calming and I’m off to dreamland in a field of lavender in France! Try adding a few drops of lavender for calming and a few drops of eucalyptus to open your sinuses to the water, as the amounts that suit your nose and preference. I LOVE Radha Essential Oils and they are so reasonable and you’ll find the HERE. They have a whole slew of excellent products. Happy sleeping!   

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  1. Don’t discount ‘a sleeping mask’. My adult daughter in her mid 20’s has been using one for years. I figured she was maybe onto something and began sleeping with one last fall. OMG…I have entered a new world entirely!!! Something I would definitely recommend!

    1. I take one with me when I travel, but they are so helpful if you’re sensitive to the light!

  2. I was looking for a pillow for side sleepers. I have yet to find one that works for me. I wasn’t sure you had a recommendation or not. Even with the lavender spray, my current pillow falls flat….pun intended. 😉 Thanks Jan.

  3. Super ideas. I follow those rules. The holidays are tougher. I generally don’t eat refined sugar or any for that matter. Holidays they are there and I eat it, have to do it. Throws my sleep off that night. Next back to my eating habits


    1. I know what you mean! I find that when I eat too late in the day and especially go out to dinner, sleep escapes me!

  4. Janet, When you click on quality pillow, essential oils come up. can you send that info.

    1. Thanks for letting me know Marjorie…all fixed now and we like the bamboo pillows that keep us cooler!

  5. Wendelin Dunado says:

    I bought a BedFan years ago when unable to stay asleep during worst of menopause. Waking due to hot flashes was torture. This fan which fits between top sheet and mattress blows a controllable amount of air directed at just you to lower your body temp and NOT your partner’s without the need to lower ac to uncomfortable levels. Lived it so much ordered a new one when it was upgraded. Designed and assembled in USA. Great story about battle inventor had with Brookstone in court after they stole his design. Terrific product which I stilluse now when my fur baby who sleeps undercover makes me too hot!

    1. Now that is something that I’ve never heard of! I could use that sometimes because even though we have A/C I live in South Florida and it does get hot!

  6. Alice Genzlinger says:

    All of the above are good but the only one that works for me is a banana. If I can’t fall asleep I eat a half banana and within minutes I go to sleep. It works every time for me.

    1. Oh wow…that’s an easy thing to try Alice!

  7. I’ll do anything for a good night sleep, lavender is great. I have been drinking a tea that has peppermint and camomile tea.

    1. Those teas really do help!