How To Make A Mason Jar Lavender Salt Soak

It’s that time when many of us are finished with the holiday decorating and on to thinking about special gifts…

for our family, friends, teachers, and others who touch our lives. I think that most everyone loves a good tub soak after a long day at work and I know that I certainly do after a good workout or packing orders all day…

This home made bath soak is so easy to do and you can fancy it up in any manner that you choose for gifting. It will be appreciated! Here is how to put it together.
You’ll need epsom salt for this recipe…and if you wish to make it into a scrub, rather than a soak…the ratio would be two parts epsom salt to one part sea salt and a little coconut oil. I don’t use scrubs much, so this is how I mixed the tub soak…
  • Epsom salt
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Red food coloring or soap coloring
  • French lavender buds
To do:
In a bowl mix the epsom salt with a few drops of food coloring. You don’t need to do that, but since these will be holiday gifts I wanted them to have a pink tint. Add a few drops of lavender essential oil and stir, then the lavender buds and stir some more. That’s it…nothing could be simpler!
I scooped the mixture into some pint Mason jars and made some simple rustic stamped gift tags that I’ve had written the ingredients on the reverse side. To make the jar presentation pretty, take a decorative cupcake wrapper and insert between the seal and the screw on lid portion.
Pretty, inexpensive and practical…have a great week ahead!

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