Introducing – Posh Cottage Shop – A Place For Home

Introducing – Posh Cottage Shop – A Place For YOUR Home!

I’ve been giving little hints here and there over the last few weeks that I had something exciting to share with you soon. If you’ve been following along with my online journey over the last 20 years then you’ll know how I got my start.

shabbyfufu miami home

Since graduating with a degree in art, I’ve worn many creative hats. Back in the late 90’s I was looking for some art supplies online and came across eBay, that was fairly new. I was already selling antiques and vintage locally with my friend Cindy, and it seemed a natural transition to hop on board and give it a shot for my end of the business. I started my shop on eBay selling vintage linens at first and then kept adding in other vintage finds. Eventually I started my Shabbyfufu selling website in 2006 and also sold my own creative artwork pieces, chandeliers, jewelry, custom linens and more. I had an amazing time with it and the shop did incredibly well. Most of all though, it was rewarding to send pieces that I created or curated all over the world!

Introducing - Posh Cottage Shop - A Place For Home

About two years ago I decided that I wanted to adjust my sails and change my course. I had been blogging since I opened my online shop, but the blog had started taking on a life of it’s own. I was able to work with so many brands that I love, travel with some of them and had amazing opportunities come my way. The creating and constant selling started to become too much and I gave it up.

Fast forward to now and I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve started a new selling venture called POSH COTTAGE !

Introducing - Posh Cottage Shop - A Place For Home

If you recall my old line of barkcloth and lace pillows…that was the name of the line. I’m so happy to be working with my incredibly talented friend Lory that you probably already know from the blog Designthusiasm on this new venture! We’ve been planning, designing and setting up shop for a couple of months now and hope to have much more to come. We have a very similar vision and a love of pretty things and a French aesthetic and hope that you love what we’re offering so far at the POSH COTTAGE SHOP. Our designs are all original and reflect a modern romantic chic lifestyle and exclusive to the shop.

Right now we want to introduce you to our holiday line of linens, and mugs with inspirational sayings that make for wonderful holiday gifts.

Peace mug posh cottage shop

dreams come true mug posh cottage shop

We also designed a few totes including wine bags, as well as a towel line (more to come). Our cosmetic bags are perfect for gift giving this season.

cheer cosmetic bag

We would love your support and for you to spread the cheer and let your friends know too! It’s time to get those holiday orders in to ship in time.

Thanks so much friends…we appreciate you stopping by! Here is where to find the POSH COTTAGE SHOP



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  1. Congratulations to you and Lory on your new shop Janet. These are beautiful items that reflect your refined taste and should do very well. They make excellent gifts.

    1. Thank you so much Mary…we really appreciate your support! xo

  2. Oh goodness, Janet, how exciting! Those pillows are gorgeous! What beautiful mugs and that makeup bag so lovely! I’m so excited for you! I might be getting one of those pillows or two for my Christmas gift!

    1. It is exciting and we hope that it takes off with our exclusive designs! Thanks for your support Babette and enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday! xo

    1. Thank you so much Lois…really appreciate your support and friendship!

  3. Doreen Lane dr says:

    Congratulations Janet! You are so talented and innovative! I wish you the very best with continued success! I’m anxious to see what products you are offering! Happy holidays to you and yours.

    1. Thank you so much Doreen! Your words mean a lot and I wish you and your beautiful family a happy, happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Arlene Moore says:

    I have been a subscriber to your blog for awhile now and always find it inspiring. Congratulations on your new venture. I think your items are beautiful, the designs are unlike anything out there right now and you will surely have much success. So, so disappointed that you don’t ship to Canada and I am guessing that I am not the only one. Do you think you might consider it one day?

    1. Thank you so much Arlene! We definitely will consider it…the shop is new and we are learning the system involved as we go along. Will let everyone know how it goes!

  5. Congratulations on your new venture. I signed up and your pillows are beautiful. I have to decide which I like best.

    Happy Thanksgiving


    1. So glad that you like the shop Cindy…we appreciate your support! xo

  6. Joan Higgs says:

    Love all of your posts! Looking forward to your new shop!

  7. Oh my goodness, what beautiful elegant products! ❤️

  8. Catherine says:

    Janet I love the products you are offering in your new shop! I am positive it will be a success! Looking for more items in the future!

    1. Thank you so very much!!

  9. Bobbi Duncan says:

    So excited for you and Lory–two great minds with similar tastes will make for a beautiful venture. Can’t wait to see all your goodies!

    1. Thanks so much Bobbi…we truly appreciate it!

  10. limda of says:

    Posh Cottage… fantastic. !! CONGRATS. ?linda of