Gold Leaf A Thrift Store Candelabra – How To

Gold leaf can be such a classy addition to your decor and today I’m sharing a quick how to apply gold leaf foil.  This thrift store candelabra has been given several treatments over the years. Oh yeah…I am thrifty and mix new and old to create high end looks without the cost.
When you find something at a thrift store that you don’t spend much I think that you can feel justified in giving it many makeovers over its lifetime.
The candelabra was found some years ago with a blah and dull silver-esque metallic finish. I would thinks this to be from maybe mid-century and it’s a cast pot metal piece. I’ve painted it AQUA in this SUMMER POST from a couple of years ago and then at some point did a bronze tone over it. Never one to leave things alone for very long and working on my HOLIDAY decorating, I found my box of supplies that I haven’t used it awhile that had some GOLD LEAF paper inside.
I’ve been feeling crafty and try and rework pieces from the past, as in this wreath that I’ll talk about in another post. Last year I didn’t buy anything really for Christmas and shared a HOW TO DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS ON A BUDGET post with a few tips for the DIY’ers.

 Applying GOLD LEAF

This is a simple but messy process, and fun to do! You can apply gold leaf to so many surfaces, such as metal, wood, and something that I’m going to try soon… apply gold leaf to canvas. This pack contains 100 sheets of GOLD LEAF plus 100 sheets of COPPER LEAF and 100 sheets of SILVER LEAF. At under $20 it’s a great price and you can work on projects galore. I think that the copper leaf would be so chic on one of these DIY light fixtures!

Learn How To Gold Leaf A Thrift Store Candelbra

How To Use Gold Leaf Sheets

  • You’ll need some MOD PODGE or good old school glue, and a soft brush.
  • To apply gold leaf to metal piece, you first want to make sure that the surface is clean and free of dust.
  • Take a soft bristle brush and give your piece a coat of Mod Podge where you’d like to apply the gold leaf sheets. You could substitute with slightly watered down white school glue.
  • Letting the glue set until tacky and then carefully apply some of the GOLD LEAF.
  • I didn’t want to cover the entire piece, but you could by laying on in several layers that overlap.
  • Let the GOLD LEAF dry for a little while and then rub it into the crevices with your fingers. Wear latex gloves to keep it off your hands if desired.
  • When satisfied, spray on some clear sealer like this one.
gold candles christmas
 It has a whole new look, yet still maintains that VINTAGE appeal that led me to it in the THRIFT STORE in the first place.
I have an ongoing LOVE affair with OMBRE  and found these candles that are similar to mine. Glam upcycle…I hope that you give this a shot and let me know if you have any questions!
 gold leaf application techinques

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  1. I have the same candelabra and the matching chandelier it has dark under tones and gold highlights that are original…I love both…

  2. I love this candelabra and am always looking for these beauties.

  3. Meri Schroeder says:

    I’m somewhat new to the thrifting high. I’d love to see more of your posts about taking thrifted home goods and repurposing them. Great article!

    1. Welcome to thrifting Meri and I need to get back into more of these type of articles!

      1. I had google image look for a candelabra such as yours, but they were all in the $100+ dollar dept. I could only find straight plain, flat bottom no design style. Maybe one of these days I might find one.

        I have a 1900 Queen Anne so I’m trying to stick with the frufru as much as possible.

        I want so badly to find, buy, or make some portieres, especially for my 5′ pocket doorway opening from my foyer to the dinning room.

        1. Hang in there Staci, it definitely can take some time to develop that curated look ❤️