Large Flocked Christmas Wreath For Free – DIY

Make this extra large flocked Christmas wreath for free from leftover tree lot trimmings. In this post you’ll learn a budget friendly way to make, customize and flock a large Christmas wreath for any decor!

large flocked Christmas wreath

This is an easy project, although a bit time consuming due to the size. If you have a large wall to decorate for Christmas, then this is it! Head over to your local Christmas tree stand (lot) and grab some of the trimmings that they cut and toss. Generally I’ve found that the vendors are happy to give it away. I love the way that this turned out and will show you how to flock a wreath as well, so keep reading!

This is a paid post in behalf of Spectrum Brands but the opinions expressed here are my own.

large flocked Christmas wreath

I was inspired to make this large flocked Christmas wreath by myself! Although the method is slightly different, check out THIS POST from some years back. I’m not sure if I’ll leave the wreath where it’s hanging now, but it’s going to be so easy to move! It’s hung on the wall with a handy National Hardware Cup Hook. More on that later, but first let’s get into how to make this!

large flocked Christmas wreath

How To Make A Large Flocked Christmas Wreath – For Practically FREE!

Materials & Tools:


large flocked Christmas wreath with a hula hoop

  • You will need to purchase a hula hoop for this project. I found this one in the toy department of a big box store and it cost $6. I got the adult size in this shade of green, as I didn’t want to paint it!

  • We bought a live tree for our family room, as we always do to hang the family mementoes on. At the tree lot these were free cuttings from the bottom of some trees and we grabbed a bunch! Another thing that I love to do is to put the free evergreen clippings in pots scattered about our home.

large flocked Christmas wreath

Process Make A Christmas Wreath From Free Tree Scraps

  • Cut manageable pieces from the evergreen with your garden clippers. If possible, work outside as this is a messy process! In addition to the tree lot cuttings I use some local Australian Pine that I cut from some roadside trees. I love the whispy nature of that tree and feel that more layers makes for an interesting arrangement.

Australian pine

  • Cut pieces of floral wire about an arm’s length and begin wrapping tree branches around the hula hoop. When you get fresh cuttings that are taken right off the tree they are somewhat flexible. Bend to form to your circular shape as you work along.

  • If necessary, double the wire as you wrap. I did this with some of the thicker branches and then hid my final twists on the backside of the wreath.

large flocked Christmas wreath

  • Keep working in layers and alternate the way that the branches face for interest on your large flocked Christmas wreath.

  • When it looks full, step back and take a peek! Does it look full enough? Do you have missing areas to fill in? It doesn’t have to be perfect!

large flocked Christmas wreath

large flocked Christmas wreath

  • Hot glue a handful or so of pine cones into the branches. Now you’re ready to add flocking powder to make this large flocked Christmas wreath!

How To Flock A Large Christmas Wreath

  • This is a messy job! Be sure to put down a drop cloth or a piece of plastic as shown. Spray down your wreath with water using a spray bottle or the garden hose.
  • While the wreath is still wet, apply Christmas tree flocking by pouring into a flour sifter and gently shaking over the wreath.

how to flock a Christmas wreath

  • Apply flocking randomly and don’t cover the entire wreath. Allow to dry for several hours or even better, overnight.

  • For a thicker look of “snow” apply a second coat in some areas. I like to load it up on the pine cones!

flocking pine cones

  • Add optional embellishments such as Christmas balls or jingle bells to your large flocked Christmas wreath.

  • Keep stepping back and checking your work until you have a big smile on your face. You’re done! I hung my wreath in the living room with one of these self adhesive hooks that I mentioned from National Hardware.

  • They have a tape that you pull away and adhere the hook to the wall.

Thankfully my husband got up there on the ladder to hang this large flocked Christmas wreath, because ladders aren’t my thing!

Bringing nature inside is a beautiful look for Christmas and this wreath can hang all winter long for a Scandinavian feel!

Make A Christmas Wreath From Free Tree Scraps

You can use a smaller child’s size hula hoop if you don’t need a large flocked Christmas wreath.

I’d love to know if you make a large flocked Christmas wreath yourself, or…if you simply try flocking! Let me know in the comments!


Flocked Christmas wreath tutorial shabbyfufu.com

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  1. Oh.My.Goodness!!!!!! She is beautiful. I love the way the greenery is so natural and floaty and all that gorgeousness is free too. Stunning Janet

    1. Awww, thank you Michelle. A fun project that I’ll enjoy all through the winter months!

    1. Thank you Sara…I love natural beauty at this time of year as well!

  2. Very pretty! Wish I had space to make one that big. Great tutorial.

    1. Thanks Maria…you can make it smaller with a child’s size hoop!

  3. Your wreath is gorgeous and such a statement piece! We have never tackled making our own evergreen wreath – but now we feel encouraged to create one for ourselves. Thanks so much for sharing your creativity and tutorial.

    1. I hope that you make one Vicki …and thanks for stopping by!

  4. Loved your tutorial…The wreath was so so pretty.. You rock

    1. So glad that you like this project Ramons!

  5. This wreath is so pretty! I love the wispy branches and light airy feel of your wreath. You did a beautiful job, Janet-as always.
    Thanks for sharing the hooks as well. I am always needing something like that. Especially around the Holidays.

  6. I’ve never tried to flock anything before. That looks super easy! Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. It really isn’t complicated at all!

  7. Thank you so much Meegan…it’s quite a statement in that room!

  8. Oh that’s so beautiful!! I love the hula hoop! Long story, but we have some hula hoops where I work, and we’re right by a little woods, so I’m going to try to make one for us here at the shop! I’ve been so curious to try flocking too! Thanks for the fabulous inspiration and tutorial!

    1. Hopefully they won’t miss a hula hoop Barb! Let me know how it turns out!

  9. A hula hoop?! Brilliant! Is that your clever idea or is it a well-known hack that I’ve never heard about before?! I hate styrofoam frames and all that u-pinning, which is why I’ve not attempted a wreath in decades! I just may try this indeed. I bet that Walmart or Target would have hula-hoops!
    Thanks for the terrific idea…I know mine won’t be as beautiful – or IKEA-perfect as yours! – but, I’ll let you know how it turns out.
    Thanks for the share!

    1. I’ve seen hula hoop wreaths before, even some with pool noodles! Not with real greens though, so maybe this is a first, LOL. Hope you make one Tristan!

  10. Janet, this is so gorgeous!❤️I love how easy and your steps were easy to follow along! Who ever would have guessed a hula hoop!👍👏Love your creativity!😍

    1. Cindy, I’m so glad that you like my crafty DIY posts! Have a great week

  11. Miche Ortega says:

    Beautiful and Pinned! And, yes, my flocking has arrived, and I will be adding it to the tree this week. Great tutorial. Thanks, Janet.

    1. Thanks Miche! The flocking was easy…looks best if you concentrate in small areas at a time and do a couple of coats!

  12. It seems the flocking powder isn’t available, but did it cost $80.00???

    1. Looks like it will be back in stock in the next day or two and it cost $27 for a 2lb bag

      1. Thank you, I’ll keep my eyes open!

    1. Thanks Lory…it’s so humongous that it took awhile, but worth it for the look!

  13. Janet, what a great ideas to use a hula hoop. It is graceful and beautiful 💙

    1. Much appreciated Deana!

  14. This turned out beautiful Janet! Very ethereal looking. I love it!

    1. Thanks so much Cindy…I need to catch up with your blog soon!

  15. Great ideas. I texted my daughter your blog. I think she’d love it.

  16. Libbie@alifeunfolding says:

    This is just lovely! I am pinning to give it a try next week.

  17. Mercy, Janet, with your tuts and pix, even craft-challenged me might pull this one off -:D. Great idea and love the price…mostly free!

    1. Awww, thanks Cat…fun project!

  18. Oh Janet It gorgeous and I love it! I think we are on the same wavelength this year, lol. I did a similar bell garland too. Pinned & shared!

    1. We really are Kim, lol! Just went over to see…happy jingles to you!

    1. Thank you Marty…it sure is looking pretty and was basically free!

  19. Teddee Grace says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous, but the Australian pine and the flocking are what makes it outstanding.

  20. Linda Kirby says:

    Gorgeous natural looking wreath! I’m seeing the style of the bow more frequently in decorating magazines this year. Are these more “historic” in style? Also, can the little brass bells be purchased on Amazon? I continue to love your style. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  21. I flocked my old artificial tree last year and now it is beautiful and ready to go another 30 years. I have lots of flocking left and have seen several applications on wreaths. I really love yours and will need to gather greenery and give it a try. I have too many pinecones to mention but I think flocking a few won’t hurt a thing!!

    1. I’ve always loved flocking Vicky and glad that you’ve decided to give the flocked greenery a try! You can also flock the pinecones and even ornaments. Merry Christmas🎄

  22. Ellen Sorce says:

    Great tutorial! You made it sound very doable. Thank you, and happy holidays.

    1. I’m so glad that you found the tutorial useful Ellen! Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Janet