3 Bathroom Plans For Our Beach Home!

I’m so excited to share the bathroom remodeling plans that we have to update our beach home! You may remember that we updated our master bathroom at the main house a couple of years ago. I enjoy this room so much and it’s become my personal spa retreat! My husband doesn’t use this bathroom much and since he works from his home, he has an office “he bathroom”. You know…like a man cave, but it’s his own functional space and decorated in a more manly style.

white marble master bathroom


As our beach home is smaller, we have just two full bathrooms and a powder room. It works well for us since we don’t live there full time. But in the 17 years since that it’s been built, the bathrooms have become worn and outdated. We haven’t really changed much in those rooms to date, other than upgrading the poor quality builder grade faucets. It’s finally time and we decided to do all three of these bathrooms at once, plus minor updates to the laundry room! BUT – first things first in that WE HAVE A BUDGET & intend to stick with it!

We recently toured a new construction home close by that had similar bathrooms to my vision.

While we won’t be moving to that dream home, it simply makes sense to remodel what we have and do them all at once since we don’t live there. I know what it’s like to live through messy renovations and the year that we renovated our master bathroom we also remodeled the laundry room shortly after. Then we had new flooring installed in half of the house! What chaos and mayhem and I feel fortunate to do this one from afar and we’ve saved up for it!


While my husband owns a general contracting firm that specializes in home remodeling locally, for this job we are outsourcing. We hope to meet with the contractor this week and have him start soon (finger’s crossed!). If you’re considering a bathroom renovation, here are a few tips to consider:

Bathroom Remodeling Tips:

  • A whole bathroom renovation is a difficult and time consuming job, and often best left to a professional.
  • Make sure that you hire a licensed and insured general contractor. The best way to find a reliable and honest one is word of mouth!
  • Set a budget at the beginning of your planning stage and try to stick to it when sourcing and pricing materials.
  • Save money by keeping some of what you have when possible. We do that in pretty much all of our own home remodels and that will be the case here!
  • Don’t spend a lot on trends or you’ll find yourself remodeling again in a few years. Timeless not trendy truly is best!
  • Create a mood board of your ideas, as I’ll be sharing my boards below. They help immensely (I do them in Photoshop) but if you’re not up to the challenge, keep a Pinterest board or bookmark favorite blogs. You can even clip out photos or save images that inspire you to a file on your computer!


3 Bathroom Remodeling Plans For Our Beach Home:

The master bathroom will be gutted, except for the toilet room (behind a pocket door) which will remain the same. This was all stylish stuff years ago when built! To stay within budget we will also keep the flooring for now and we do have extra tiles set aside stored in the garage. We hope to use the existing faucets that have been updated in one of my previous jobs working with Delta Faucet and I still love them! Both vanities and mirrors will go, as well as the shower and the jetted garden tub.


bathroom remodeling plans before master bath bathroom remodeling plans beach house before

My TRUE muse is our master bathroom reno at the house! This one will be a bit different in layout, but similar in the vibe and materials. We have a tight turnaround here. I didn’t reach out to any sponsors since bathroom remodeling plans can tend to take months on end these days. *NOTE that none of these 3 bathrooms have windows, so they are dark and have awful lighting! The look that we will give them will brighten things and we plan on changing all of the bulbs to LED.

Miami bathroom in white

Mood Board

shabbyfufu beach house master bathroom remodel mood board

Pieces have started to arrive and one disadvantage is that we have to have them delivered to the house. No one is up at our beach home for deliveries, but thankfully we have a truck to transport them there. To keep things easier and more consistent, we are using the same materials in the guest bathroom as the master. I’ll customize with accessories that aren’t part of the bathroom remodeling plans and will share with you later on!


Guest bathroom before

The vanity, mirror and light fixture will be removed. The tub will be torn and out and a contemporary shower will be built in its place. We chose similar tile as in our home bathrooms…porcelain tile that mimics Calcatta marble and hexagonal marble tile for the shower floor. You really can’t go wrong with timeless white!

Mood Board

shabbyfufu beach house guest bathroom remodel


bathroom remodeling plans

This room won’t get a gut job because there’s not much to it! The pedestal sink, mirror and lighting will be taken out. I love this artisan shell mirror and am probably going to reuse it. We will add bead board molding to the bottom half of the wall behind the new sink/cabinet and an ombre wallpaper to the top portion. Since this is the bathroom that is close to the main area of the home I’m doing something a little more bold here.

Mood Board

bathroom remodeling plans coastal powder room


And finally the laundry room! I don’t have much to show you yet since we need to firm up plans. We recently purchased a new washer and dryer, and plan on saving money in this room by doing the work ourselves. I ordered a new faucet and ceiling fixture and we hope to replace the cabinet doors only and keep the boxes. A few creative ideas are being tossed around in my brain for hiding those ugly wall panels!

laundry room before

Here is my muse at the always inspiring Studio McGee

Any suggestions that you’d do or something specific about the bathroom remodeling plans that you’d like me to talk about? I’d love to know in the comments! 



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  1. Great ideas! We just redid our master bath very similar to yours. We hired a contractor and work was completed in a timely manner, but of course the cost was more. I want to repaint our guest bath now and spruce it up without demo. Laundry room is on the list too… what flooring are you using?
    Thanks for sharing!!!

    1. We always leave extra room in the budget because this inevitably is the case, lol! At this time we will leave the existing flooring, which is porcelain tile. It’s lighter than it appears in the photos in this post, which my daughter took at night with her phone. Perhaps in the future we can redo the entire flooring with vinyl plank flooring that looks like wood.

  2. It’s going to look stunning Janet. I wish I had your tips a few years back when we rebuilt our holiday home from 500 miles away. It was nerve wracking and took us 4 months from start to finish, with only one site visit in all that time!!!! I’m saving them just in case we try again πŸ˜‰

    1. I hope so Michelle and I think that our biggest issue is going to be handing control over to another contractor, since construction is our own family business!

  3. Marguerite says:

    Wondering if you are thinking about curbless showers (as we all are getting older each day) or invisible drains. Can’t wait to see your progress, it all looks so fresh and timeless at the same time. I am going to have to do a Master Bath, 2 upstairs baths and a powder room at the same time, so eager to learn from you!

    1. Hi Marguerite! We have one curbless shower in our full time home and it works well, but there is a step down to contain the water. My husband specializes in home remodeling and isn’t really a fan of them, feeling that it can be problematic to contain the water. He would not use that at all in any upstairs bathrooms. Hope this helps!

  4. Love the plans. We still have bathrooms to update so look forward to seeing it unfold!

    1. Homes are always a work in progress, that’s for sure!

  5. You have some incredible ideas! I am excited to see how the plans come to fruition. I know what you mean-Studio McGee is one of my faves, too!
    Have a great week, Janet.

    1. I can’t wait to get into this project and see my long time plans come to fruition! Enjoy your week Meegan!

  6. linda of no.cal. says:

    I remember the Master (main Hse) remodel…it was great to follow.
    OH THREE … mood boards look so good … EXCITING… thank you for
    sharing !!… linda of no.cal.

    1. I’m enjoying the bathroom here and can’t wait to have lighter and more functional bathrooms in the other home!

  7. Your ideas are always so practical and clever. I am in a dizzy trying to decide what color to paint an existing bathroom vanity. Maybe you can suggest a color. White tile floor and white tile up 3/4 th of all walls. Not avocado, but soft green tub, water basins and toilet. The upper walls can be painted and the bathroom vanity can be painted to give a fresh look. Wallpaper is not an option. Any ideas would be appreciated.

    1. I would love to see something in a soft gray for your cabinets! Perhaps similar to the last photo on this post!

  8. Miche Ortega says:

    How exciting! I love updating. Can’t wait to see the finished projects.

    1. I’ll be sharing when I can with any information that I can give Miche!

  9. Rae Grossi says:

    Love your ideas and homes. Getting to ready to fix bathrooms but I am puzzled how to do this in Photoshop. I have cut out pics from magazines. Contractors are charging $8k-$10K for small bathrooms. Total gut from tile floors, tile or wallpaper on walls, etc. Sound right? I live in Pennnsylvania

    1. Hi Rae and thank you! Photoshop is something that takes lots of time and patience to learn, but there are programs like PicMonkey and Canva that would work as well. Yes, $8K-10K would be about right for a small bathroom in many areas of the country. In Miami where I live it’s double to triple that and everything is expensive here!

  10. Julie Briones says:

    Super fun! I’m doing a makeover on my wee bathroom, too, Janet! Your plans look lovely! Pinned!

    1. How fun Julie…I’ll pop on over!

  11. A wild ride for sure! I can’t imagine remodeling 3 bathrooms at once. We bought a house so old even the county doesn’t know when it was originally built. Several upgrades over the years, great materials, just a bit of shoddy workmanship. After some new plumbing and all new electrical, we are building on a new master bedroom, bathroom, wonderfully large closets and a new laundry room. We just discovered a bad leak under the shower in the existing one bathroom. Major repairs required, so our contractor suggested trying to live with it until our new bathroom is finished. More use of the faulty plumbing will not make a difference at this point. This is all pretty nerve wracking, trying to get things finished knowing we have another major remodel coming up. Not sure if I’d want to tackle your remodel, but I sure commend you for it!

    1. Lynne…that sounds so exciting, minus the shower pan leak! Hope you get that squared away soon.

  12. Janet your home is beautiful and your plans,ideas and directions to remodel your bathroom is very helpful. Thank you for all you shateπŸ’™

    1. Thank you so much Deana…I do hope that these posts are helpful ones.

  13. Even though bathrooms are very practical and functional rooms, I LOVE a pretty bathroom! I can’t wait to see them when they are finished!

    1. Nothing like a pretty and functional bathroom to start one’s day with and end it in too!

  14. Love all your ideas..hoping to start a major redo of a new to us but older home soon!

  15. Good luck with your project Janet. I can’t wait to see the result/reveal.

    1. Thank you Edmee…I’m excited to finally get this in motion after waiting a long time and saving up! Enjoy your week…Janet

  16. hello – looking forward to seeing the progression! i need to re-do my master and also want to remove a corner jetted tub and probably change the dimensions of the current shower. could you provide some guidance on the best way to plan for gentle changes in space, for those of us who find it hard to “see” a layout that’s not there yet? are there any good visualization tools out there? thanks!

    1. Maria, one of the most simple real time visualization tools that we use is plain old blue painter’s tape! We were just up at our beach home over the weekend and to see exactly where the tub could be worked in we laid it out with the tape on the floor. Simple tool, but quite helpful!

  17. Janet, the plans are beautiful. Can you give me your input on premade vanities? I am assuming it is more cost efficient than a custom but concerned about quality. What should you look for when choosing a premade one? Second question since your hubby is a contractor. Our bathrooms and kitchen are dated as we live in an older home and I would love to remodel.. What is your opinion about updating these things versus moving to a more updated home? Updating these things are expensive. Is it worth dumping that much into a older home? Our home is 35 years old. Pros and cons both ways but just curious how yall see it from a contractor standpoint. Thanks Marjorie

    1. Marjorie…premade vanities vary in quality and are more like a piece of furniture, so I think it depends on the look that one is going for. If you’re shopping in person just check it over and online I might check the reviews. As for fixing up an older home that you might consider moving to, if you can get the home at a great price and are willing to go through the pains of renovation it could be worthwhile. Really depends and I would trust your intuition.

  18. I LOVE your master bathroom and how you can barely see the grout lines. I actually had to go to it’s renovation page to see that they are tiles and not massive slabs! They did a great job. Also, I’ve been looking for a new vanity and now I have my inspiration. Are you happy with the ones from Home Depot? They sure look beautiful, but sometimes looks can be deceiving.

    All of your choices are amazing, except for one. I’m not a fan of the shell mirror in the powder room. It looks heavy and dark. Maybe the shells can be painted white? Other than that, gorgeous rooms!.

    1. It’s all porcelain tile Lizzy and we have ordered the same materials for our beach home renovations! I’m actually planning on using the gilded mirror that you can see in my latest Home Style Saturdays post. A great find!