Mothers Day Brunch – Outdoors

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Hi everyone! In honor of Mother’s Day I’m sharing a table setting that I did for a recent gathering at our home in the fresh and crisp {though not yet too crispy hot} weather outdoors in the garden…

I will have a link to a free printable for you at the end of this post as well for the Moms in your life and am partying with a talented group of ladies who will also share their entertaining tips!

Before I show how I put this together and how you can easily adapt a similar tablescape to your preferred style, I’d like to thank any of you who popped over from Haneen’s Haven. A big thank you as well to my Instagram friends Kelley Nan and Randi Garrett Design for getting this party started! If you are indeed on Instagram I’d love to have you follow me there as well for daily inspiration…

You’ve seen me do outdoor tables  similar to this one  before…

For this event it was last minute and I wasn’t prepared, but I did have some blush pink roses from a grocery store run the previous week…

I grabbed some vintage aqua bottles and filled them with the roses. If you don’t have vintage bottles or can’t find them where you live, just start saving old bottles and either paint them or use some food coloring in the water to give them depth…

On the table is a ruffled tablecloth that I thought would be fancy for my outdoor soiree on this particular afternoon. It’s not a tablecloth though, but is a duvet cover and I often use duvets and bedspreads for covering tables and windows too.

Pretty enough for a Mother’s Day fete or for a bridal shower!

To be honest the table set with just the bottles looked a bit barren and I grabbed my clippers to the flowering bushes in full bloom…

If you have access to anything flowering or green in your garden this is the best way to add some depth to the table or a flower arrangement and add as a fill in.

That’s it…easy and quick to do! I grabbed some chairs from inside the house, a candelabra, set the table and ready to go.


If you’d like this FREE PRINTABLE that is formatted in a 5″ by 7″ @300 dpi and can be made into a foldable card for mom or printed and framed please go HERE TO DOWNLOAD
{Please do not resell, for personal use only}
Next in the blog loop is Erin at Sunny Side Up, so pop on over and see what she has for you and here are all of the participants for lots of ideas to help create a special Mother’s Day event…

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  1. Calypso In The Country says:

    Gorgeous! I love the ruffled tablecloth – so feminine and perfect for the occasion. The flowers are amazing. Beautiful, just beautiful!

  2. Haneen's Haven says:

    Janet, this is STUNNING! Kudos!

  3. Pam Richardson says:

    Beautiful, Janet! The ruffled tablecloth is so feminine! Pam @ Everyday Living

  4. What a beautiful table, and in such a gorgeous setting! I love your use of the duvet cover for a ruffled tablecloth – brilliant!

  5. Randi Garrett says:

    This is so dreamy Janet!!!

  6. Janet this is absolutely stunning! I LOVE those flowers and the way they drape off the side of the table. The outdoor setting is so romantic! xo

  7. Design Loves Details says:

    SO incredible! I love that set up & beautiful location. Incredible centerpiece with those floral vines!! You're a true inspiration 🙂

    -Mollie, Design Loves Detail

  8. Janet, I love this whimsical table! And, just before I read your secret, I was thinking "OMG- I need that tablecloth!". Brilliant.

  9. SheLeavesALittleSparkle dotCom says:

    Oh Janet!!! Those blue bottles and pink flowers! And your backyard {gasp} soooo dreamy!!! Love every detail!! Xoxo…

  10. Nellie's Cozy place says:

    Your table looks amazing, so beautiful. What sort of flowers were those……..they
    look so pretty and seem to be just perfect for layering like that on the table.
    What a lovely idea and beautiful setting for Mother's Day anything…………

    Hope you have a Wonderful Mother's Day,
    Blessings, Nellie

  11. Nellie's Cozy place says:

    Just wanted to say that I looked at all the table settings from everyone, and they were
    all gorgeous. I so enjoyed them, but on most I couldnt find a place to comment so just decided to leave one with you for everyone……..as I am quessing it originated with you hopefully. Great job everyone.
    Blessings and Hope you all have a nice MaMa's Day………..