Needlepoint Pumpkins For Fall Decorating

Needlepoint pumpkins will add a charming bit of bespoke beauty to your home! Have you ever fallen in love with a fabric or trim while out hunting in vintage shops or the flea market? Does it feel to you as if passion projects of the past and the skill to master them is fading away in today’s mass produced world? Both my grandmother and my mother had some mad skills when it came to fiber arts, mostly with yarn. I enjoy sewing and am self taught just like they were, but sadly my daughters have no interest and I’m wondering if the skills will be gone in generations to come. That leads me to today’s post about pumpkins of a special kind. ***PLEASE NOTE – NOW SOLD!

Modern day world meets vintage in the line of heirloom needlepoint pumpkins that are an original idea crafted by a long time internet friend. Sharon Wollman is the creator and owner of the business smWollmanDesigns. These needlepoint pumpkins are very special indeed and I’ll give you just a bit of history.


Sharon has been making exquisite pillows and tuffets out of vintage needlepoint for 15 years now and I’ve known her since our days on the website mall Make Mine Pink. Anyone remember that pioneering multi shopping site for women artisans?  She rescues needlepoints and repurposes them into her pillows with a discerning eye for matching fabrics and trims. With each needlepoint being vintage, her creations become one of a kind works of design for your home. While out hunting her usual vintage spots for a fresh supply of pre-loved textiles with her daughter a few years ago, the idea of pumpkins came to her. She was inspired by all of the fabric pumpkins that are en vogue and decided to give needlepoint pumpkins a try.

These needlepoint pumpkins are scrumptious with a variety of colorways available and crafted with real pumpkin stems. Sharon does this craft not only for income but for the sheer joy that it brings her to create out of her own home! Her prices are so reasonable at generally under $50 each and are only available in the fall months. With a large dedicated following from her many years in business her pumpkins sell out within minutes of being offered!

I feel so fortunate to not only have several of Sharon’s needlepoint pumpkins, but to support women in business and to share these with you! You’ll be seeing my stash that she sent used throughout the fall season and if you are lucky enough to grab one…you will NOT be disappointed! Sign up for the smWollmanDesigns newsletter to be the first to know when new items are being offered.

I created a pretty FREE PASTEL PUMPKIN PRINTABLE available in the MEMBERS ONLY Library. Sign up to grab any of the printables by subscribing to the newsletter below!

free pastel pink pumpkin printable

needlepoint pumpkins fall decorating

I was compensated for this post, all opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Sharon, like you said Janet, does exquisite work!! How blessed we are to have some of her pieces!!
    How sweet of you to support her work, and I can back your words 100%

    1. Sharon has been at this a long time and she is so creative! Thanks for stopping by in support of a fellow creative Nancy!

    1. Her work is so original and lovely! Have a great day Patty…

  2. Can I purchase these from you? Please tell me how. They are gorgeous

    1. Paula…just go to the link in the blog. They will sell out very quickly and will be available through that link at 3:00 PM sharp Central time.

  3. Hi Jan. Those needlepoint pumpkins are beautiful and they show the love she put into them. For what it’s worth. Your grandchildren (when that happens) may pick up the bug and you can teach them. My daughter is extremely creative but has no interest in the things that interest me in crafts. So, don’t you worry. 😉

    1. They sure are stunning little pumpkins! Grandchildren…not sure when that will ever happen, LOL! Happy weekend Cindy

  4. Veronica Martin says:

    These are just beautiful, and I love that they repurpose something that might be beyond use otherwise.
    As for losing handwork skills, I’d say that the number of younger women and men entering into the handmade business, and just learning the skills in general, means that the skills will live on. Even hand mending is having a resurgence.
    Thank you for another lovely post

    1. That is true Veronica and with each generation there will always be crafters. As a former art teacher I was surprised when macrame became the rage again because I used to teach it! Happy weekend…Janet

  5. These are super pretty and not really seen. Happy to hear not expensive.

    I purchased some velvet this year. I don’t mind spending money on quality but some of the prices were outrageous for me.

    Thanks for sharing

    Enjoy the rest of your day


  6. Great inspiration! I have a piece of tapestry fabric that I am going to try making into pumpkins for my daughter. Never thought of using it, but I think the tapestry will give the same effect as needlepoint . Love your colorful blog! Thanks for sharing your wonderful decorating ideas.

    1. Thank you Linda…they aren’t the easiest to make, so tapestry might be more simple. Happy weekend!

  7. Laura Harrie says:

    Those are gorgeous needlepoint pumpkins, love them!

    1. I love them too! Have a great weekend Laura!

  8. I am not such a big fan of the velvet fabric holiday decor trend but these little needlepoint sweeties are delightful! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. They are really unique and pretty indeed!

  9. Wow…I remember the days of ‘Make Mine Pink’!!! My goal this fall is to finally grab one (several!!) of those needlepoint pillows before they sell out….it’s like a marathon to the finish line when they are posted, lol!

    1. Ages ago…it was a fun time and a great time business wise too!

  10. Cecilia from Georgia says:

    Oh how clever!! Most of the time old needlepoint gets tossed or sent to charity stores:( There is so much time and love spent making a needlepoint piece that it is ashame when it is not appreciated by others. I am thrilled to see theses adorable pumpkins made from needlepoint!! I will be looking Sharon’s store up to see what else she has created! Thanks, also, for the lovely fall printables!

    1. Sharon had this idea a few years back and it’s so original! Thanks for stopping by Cecelia and enjoy your week!

  11. Wow – these are gorgeous and brilliant! What a talent your friend has! When I wasn’t working full time I used to do lots of crafts, and I sure miss it sometimes. It’s projects like this that make me think about starting again! Thanks for the little nudge in that direction, as well as the introduction to those beautiful pumpkins!

  12. Amy mullikin says:

    I can’t believe the pumkins sale out so quickly . I have an old needlepoint piece I would like to make into a pumpkin . ( since the pumpkins sell out so quickly) does anyone sale the directions to make the pumpkins . Thank you for your info . Amy Mullikin

    1. She doesn’t share the instructions, but I would imagine that it’s similar to making any other fabric pumpkin. You can find lots of DIYs for those online.