New Pottery Barn White Slipcovered Sofas

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I finally got the Pottery Barn White Slipcovered sofa and love seat that I have been wanting for several years now and…

no sooner did we come back from California then we headed out to spend some time on the…

opposite coast, here at the beach house. Not that we didn’t have a lot to catch up on at home, but my husband had some business to attend to up here and the {affiliate} Pottery Barn slipcovered sofa and love seat that I ordered were ready to be delivered. I’m super excited and also excited that although real pumpkins are still no where to be found in Miami I found some up here a few hours away! Always in love with the soft dusty blue/seafoam color of these giants that have the softer side of autumn feeling…

I paired them up with a large pot of white mums and some smaller real pumpkins that have pale orange stripes. A reader left a comment on my Facebook page that she loved my style that she called elegant with a little bit of relaxed rustic mixed in. I appreciate that and go for a style that isn’t too formal or contrived…

This table is pretty rustic and perfect for the beach and informal dinners with family and friends. The chairs are from Restoration Hardware and the table is inspired by RH but was out of our budget, so we built that and have a DIY on THIS revised post that is visually laid out for you pretty nicely…

But this weekend was all about the sofas for me. See them in the background…all crisp and white and bouncing the light around the room?

The before:

We had this big leather sectional in the living room here at the beach and basically we haven’t done any remodeling since we purchased this place 11 years ago. It was never a sofa that I loved to look at, but it was very practical at the time facing the large television cabinet housing a deep television that became outdated. The coffee table was free from a client and will probably be replaced too. It’s time to shake things up and modernize this place…

The slipcovered sofa and love seat were special order from Pottery Barn and I chose a white washable twill. We tried out the Ikea sets but they just didn’t seem to be as comfortable nor as well made, so I waited for a sale at Pottery Barn and when it came up I jumped on them. I opted for the feather and down cushions that are a little more money and offer more comfort…

I am a firm believer in buying quality for certain key pieces for the home, especially sofas and beds. A great well made sofa (these are made in the U.S, which I like:-) will last forever and can be recovered as styles and tastes change. In this case they are slipcovered and washable and I ordered a second set during the sale to have as a back up…

I’ll let you know down the line how the sofas are holding up with the dogs, sand, wine and everything else that goes on around here up at the beach!

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  1. Love your rooms! I've been looking for a new sofa. These are perfect. Thanks for the info.

  2. pamela lepage says:

    Thanks for the diy on the table, and the info on the sofas, ,not ready for new yet but I will keep the info stored kind of like to look and get ideas before I have to . Have a great day.

  3. Gee Singh Newbanks says:

    Hmmm… Luv those sofas. We are looking for a loveseat for the living room, and I like the look of these.
    The 1st of this month we did our first ever trip to Miami . I mean we have been to Miramar, but ventured no further. We went all in. Visited Vizcaya and luved it!!! Then we took Alligator Alley across, and the West coast beach hopping all the way back home . Fun!!
    Planning another in October 🙂

  4. Sister Patty says:

    L-O-V-E the Pottery Barn loveseats, Janet! We ordered the same ones this Spring!

  5. Hi,
    Love your new Shabby Chic sofas. They are inviting and the sun softly streaming in upon them, heavenly comfort!
    I was thinking, what do you think about keeping your glass coffee table and finishing it with brass instead? It would bring it up to date, and warmth and a nice glimmer.
    Love your style of writing and what you share.

    With Kindness,

  6. Pinehurst Farm says:

    Hi Janet,
    Just lovely! I would like the link as well please.

  7. I LOVE your new sofas, Janet! I've been pining for a new one for years and just couldn't decide which one to order. So thank you for your honesty with this post. I do think that paying a bit more for a better built, made in the USA, ultra comfy sofa is well worth it…and there's nothing better than down-filled! Would you send me the link to the PB sofas you bought?

    xoxo laurie

  8. Your new sofa's are beautiful! I have the Ikea sofa, just because that's what we can afford at this time but maybe someday something of higher quality will be in the budget:) You are your hubby are so handy, you could always build a coffee table to replace the glass one!