Picturesque Country Living – A Home Tour

A home tour featuring picturesque country living set amongst 40 idyllic acres. Let’s get right into it and visit this bucolic home, farm and the couple who lives here in sweet Oklahoma!

Meet Penny Pennington Weeks and her husband Bill, who own this house and property in Stillwater, Oklahoma. The house itself is  a large 2-story, 5600 square feet and was custom built in the 80s by the former owner. It sits on 40 acres on the east side of Stillwater, Oklahoma. There are two barns, a gazebo and a 3-acre pond. Penny was gracious to share lots of images with us today. Go visit her on Instagram at PennyPenningtonWeeks and her blog Penny Pennington Weeks.

“My husband and I bought this home in 2001 and moved here with our 3 children who were in high school at the time. After they moved off to college, Bill and I served as foster parents for the next 5 years and cared for 7 different girls.

Bill and I are both Agricultural Leadership professors at Oklahoma State University. Bill retired last year and I am retiring after this academic year.

Regarding the home and living in the country…this is a first for me. I grew up outside of Houston in a neighborhood where you could reach out and touch the neighbor’s house (almost). Bill grew up in Illinois on a farm. He has converted me to the country life. I love the peace of living on a large property. 

On Instagram, I most enjoy sharing our gardens, the chickens and property. I also love planning picnics, pulling out my vintage finds, adding a bouquet and then inviting Bill to join me. It’s a bit whimsical, but fun.”

Picturesque Country Living – A Home Tour

Keeping Room & Kitchen

“This is our favorite space in the house. We love to cook and hang out in the keeping room most of the day!”

“Our keeping room includes a fireplace, 6 floor to ceiling windows and saltillo tile. It was originally intended as a dining room only. I removed the original chandelier and added two chandeliers creating a dining space and sitting area. I also had the wallpaper removed from this space (including the kitchen), the walls were then textured and I painted them white.”

“The kitchen has a large professional stove and copper hood. The island has the original butcher block. The counters have the original blue tile imported from Italy.”

Living Room and Foyer

“Our living room and foyer areas are more formal than our kitchen/keeping room. The living room is covered in dark wood paneling and includes a large bookcase with sliding ladder. I have resisted the trend to paint the walls white or another color. We did have the dark green wallpaper removed from the foyer, the walls textured and painted.”


“The mudroom has a decorative farm sink and lots of shelves to house vases. It’s a great place to create floral arrangements from the garden.”

Backyard and Pond

“The gazebo is located behind our home near the pond.”

Barn and Gardens

“We have several barns on the property but the main barn is a Morton horse barn and houses our gardening equipment and two chicken coops (no horses). The barn is surrounded by flowers and raised beds.”

We hope that you enjoyed the tour and head over to visit Penny at her Instagram account!

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  1. Genie Steger says:

    Oh I just loved this post, what a beautiful farm and I saved the mud room sink (so beautiful) to my Pinterest board!

  2. Connie L Elam says:

    Beautiful home and land. So refreshing to see unpainted brick and wood. It is so warm and inviting.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Love the picture of the cat on the flagstone patio watching the chickens eat. LOL

  4. LOVE it all!!! Beautiful and serene. What a lovely place to call home

  5. Penny’s home is charming … so warm and authentic. I love how she’s kept so many of its original design elements. And the gardens. Wow. Headed to her Instagram account right now! xo

  6. Michele Busboom says:

    Living in the country is my heart! Thank you for all of the colorful details included in this setting. Beautiful <3

  7. Monique Marie says:

    wonderful visit. Thank you for sharing the amazing pictures. Always inspirational. Of course, we are all pea green with envy.

  8. This tour has a special tug of the heart for me. I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma about a 45 minute drive from Stillwater. Really love their use of the land and all its scenic glory!

  9. Cindy Hathaway says:

    I am so fortunate to call Penny a dear friend! I visited her and Bill’s beautiful home and farm last March and can attest to how beautiful it is! They are a wonderful couple. Thanks so much for sharing!

  10. Janet,
    Thanks so much for sharing our home with your followers. We are honored.
    x Bill and Penny

  11. Teresa Snipes says:

    What a lovely home and property! Penny and hubby have done great justice to the house and property and you can see how they have poured themselves into it.

    Being a city girl myself, I was shocked when my husband found acreage in Central Florida on which to build our home in 1983! It was one of the wisest decisions he has ever made since living near Disney has now become the place to be, but they are all houses that are way too close to each other!

    We are in a rural settlement full of lots of acreage properties and live a more quiet, pastoral life. It has been a wonderful place in which to raise our family seeing horses, cows, sheep, goats, and lots of dogs and cats at most peoples’ homes. We aren’t horse people, but love that our children could take riding lessons right around the corner and that we get to see people riding horses all the time. It is a different life and I am grateful for it!

  12. Jacquie Ellsmere says:

    So gorgeous, I envy all of your beautiful flowers to play with! Your home is overflowing with them…lucky you! Your home is very lovely…I would move in in a minute…..whenever you grow weary!

  13. Deborah D Fielder says:

    This home is so warm, beautiful and inviting. I love everything about it. Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. I too am headed over to instagram so I can take in more pics for enjoyment and ideas.

  14. Miche Ortega says:

    Not only are their home and grounds beautiful, so are they. How precious to foster seven children after their children went off to college. This home tour was truly a treat. Thank you.

  15. Oh my goodness, what a beautiful home and property. I love everything about it. So warm and comforting. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Betty Bashaw says:

    Beautiful! Totally different than my home, and I love it. Thank you for sharing.

  17. Love these home tours!

  18. Ashley Bergstrom says:

    I would say the same things as the other comments. A really lovely post and I will have to go back again to study all the details as I don’t want to miss a thing. All is so peaceful, I just loved this Janet.

    1. A favorite home tour of many! Thanks Ashley

  19. Every inch of the beautiful home is just breathtaking! It actually reminds me of my own home, except mine is only comparable in the rooms available to decorate! Could I make a few changes that would upgrade my world…? Oh my yes! I think I pinned at least half the photos! I’m in south Texas… so my gardens would never look like these! (Unless I stylize my Mesquite trees and cacti)… but I’ve definitely got great ideas for some specific areas in my home… we have a “keeping room” area but I don’t call it that and don’t use it that way… but now… I’m there! And the dark paneling in our family room perfectly mimics those here…now to make mine look even close to these… wow! So much inspiration! I’m done gushing and dreaming out loud! Thank you for such a lovely, inspirational post!

    1. I know what you mean Marcella…I could never have flowers like those in So FL where I live!

  20. What a gorgeous, gorgeous homestead. I don’t know which is prettier-the house inside or the grounds….both are beautiful. This is perfect-country but not too remote. I grew up in the country and miss it but not sure I would want to live as remote as I did in the mountains when I was young.

    1. Glad that you enjoyed the post Diana!

  21. Bettie Binford says:

    What a beautiful home and surrounding! A place to live, love and laugh!

    1. Glad that you enjoyed the post Bettie!

  22. Linda Charlton says:

    Your home is both cozy and spacious. Elegant and homey. You have fabulous taste, which is to envy, especially when the budget permits. I love everything about your place excepth the larger property. I am a townie at heart.

    1. Linda, I couldn’t agree more about what a lovely home Penny has!

  23. Patti Osmus says:

    As a resident of Stillwater, I was so happy to see this post! Stillwater is an awesome place to call home and this is one beautiful example. #LOVESWO

    1. Wonderful Patti…glad that you enjoyed this post!

  24. I love this farmhouse and gardens. I know the dining table is close to the kitchen, but I’ve always wanted a dining table in front of a FP… just so cozy. That sink in the mud room! Wow!!

    1. It’s such a cozy farmhouse Beverly and we appreciate you stopping by!

  25. Kris @ Junk Chic Cottage says:

    Oh my gosh I am swooning over this gorgeous home. Every room and every decor aspect is gorgeous. Just Beautiful.

    1. Glad that you enjoyed the home tour Kris! xo

  26. Love the garden flowers and the land. Also what a wonderful keeping room and lovely decorations. Could live with the cat but not the chickens!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and chiming in Marcia!

  27. This property is outstanding and the mudroom sink is amazing. Chickens in a sink, can’t get better than that. The art work is subtle, but ties in nicely. Outside the gardens are wonderful with a variety of flowers and colors. It all makes me smile.

    1. This house is a favorite of our readers Diana and glad that you enjoyed it!