Quartz Countertop Installation In The Kitchen

Quartz countertop installation is far from a glamorous process, but I wanted to show you what to expect if you are hoping to do this some day. Our house has gone through many renovations in the 27 years that we’ve lived here. When we purchased it, the original white formica counters had to go and were replaced almost right off the bat.

quartz countertop installation

Since then we’ve had several surfaces with the most recent being granite. While I love natural stone, the granite that we have lived with for the past 15 years was dark and splotchy. It simply absorbed too much light making everything dark, even on a sunny day. My husband was a huge fan of it at the time we selected it and I went along with his choice. Over the years it grew to bother me that I couldn’t find small things like vitamins or bag ties when we set them down. I couldn’t see the coffee or wine spills to properly clean them off. I’m a stickler for cleanliness and it was time to refresh and renew.

quartz countertop installation

Coming at this kitchen renovation from the practical side of owning and running a construction business for over 30 years, we understand practicality. Although I don’t share that business on the blog, my husband runs the day to day and there have been thousands of kitchens completed. In our beach home (see that HERE) we chose Brazilian quartzite counters that are a natural stone and more porous. That kitchen doesn’t have to withstand the day to day use that our Miami kitchen does, so we tossed caution to the wind a bit more than here at home. While I love marble, I don’t want to have to constantly worry about the staining and etching. We’ve seen the issues first hand from our family business perspective too many times.

quartz countertop installation

When I had the opportunity to work with Hanstone, the first step was to order samples (order samples HERE). Before making a decision and going through this quartz countertop installation, we wanted to be sure. We were provided with the materials by Hanstone, but we had to pay for fabrication and installation. I wanted to see the quality first hand before committing to these counters would be our forevers. One of the issues that I’ve had with quartz in the past is the pattern repeat of veining looking less than realistic to me. The Hanstone Quartz pattern that I selected is part of their boutique collection and called MONTAUK. It’s gorgeous with what they describe as “subtle and luxurious. The soft pearl undertone of Montauk is elevated with warm sandy dappling and an ivory marble pattern for a vintage yet modern feel.” I was (and am) impressed and the veining is random enough to look realistic. Now that they are installed I love not only the look but the feel of them with a nice smooth finish. I’m so happy with our counters that it makes me want to jump for joy!

hanstone quartz Montauk

quartz countertop installation

I want to share some of the quartz countertop installation process and in another post I’ll be sharing the finished project. Backsplash tile has been ordered and should be delivered this week! Keep in mind that whenever you do a remodeling job, it IS indeed a process that takes time and can be messy.

We kept the existing layout of the kitchen the same, since it works for us and would keep costs down. The major changes that we would be making are the counters and a new sink. The previous sink was a drop in double stainless steel and I prefer one large bowl for washing pots and pans. A farm style sink wasn’t a consideration, as we felt that a drop in would be better for our style. We decided to salvage and reuse the upscale HansGrohe kitchen faucet that was only a couple of years old and like new. Down the line we likely will replace the double wall oven and possibly the built in panel refrigerator. We have wall repair to do, need to repaint the white cabinets with a fresh coat and possibly will install a couple of small pendant lights over the island. I’m still on the fence about changing out the existing handles, since I still love the brushed nickel pulls. One step at a time is sometimes the best way to make changes when working within a budget. Live with things for a bit and see. BEFORE is below…

kitchen before shabbyfufu

After my husband measured and drew out the layout, we sent it to our fabricator to determine how many slabs would be needed. On the plan he included backsplash (without consulting me first!) but I ordered tile and will reveal that soon.

kitchen counter layout

The slabs arrived at our local Miami fabricator J&J Stone and they came out to lay the templates. They took our sink with them to ensure that the cutout was perfect. We decided on an eased edge, which gives the kitchen a modern updated look.

kitchen countertop installation Hanstone

kitchen countertop installation Hanstone

This is how most fabricators that we’ve worked with lay out templates. They put together a balsa wood copy by carefully measuring your existing counters, cutting and gluing the wood to form a template.

kitchen countertop installation Hanstone

Cutting process at the fabricator that was finished in a day. I was surprised at how quickly and efficiently they worked.

kitchen fabrication

I was so excited when their truck pulled up on the day of install and I saw the beautiful white slabs in the truck!! I’ve been wanting to do this for several years and couldn’t believe that this day had finally come!

new kitchen counters Montauk pattern Hanstone Quartz

new kitchen counters Montauk pattern Hanstone Quartz

Removal and installation both happened on the same day. Before the old counters were removed I took everything off the counters, out of the top drawers and lower cabinets. The plumber came out and shut the water and gas line and carefully removed the old sink, faucet and the gas cooktop.

new kitchen counters Montauk pattern Hanstone Quartz

The fabricators removed the old granite, saving as much as they could for reuse or donating to the community. Don’t worry, it’s being reused;-).

granite kitchen counter removal

Once the old counters were removed, the new countertops were set into place. The under-mount drop in sink was installed and attached with clips and then everything was glued down with a silicone caulking. The hole that you see is the window that is over the sink and has a pass through to the pool-patio area. The area seemed to be the biggest quartz countertop installation challenge, and required some messy concrete cutting to get just right.

granite kitchen countertop removal

While I love the pale sea-glass backsplash, we planned on doing something else and it will need to be removed. I’ll be sharing that coming in another post soon.

new kitchen counters Montauk pattern Hanstone Quartz

I’m pretty excited for this new look and the fact that these counters will hold up well with our busy lifestyle. If you’re looking for new counters, you can order samples of Hanstone Quartz online HERE and you can find a HanStone dealer near you HERE. Remember to find a qualified fabricator in your area that is certified in quartz countertop installation.
quartz countertop installation
This post is sponsored by Hanstone. The opinions, thoughts and love of these new quartz countertop installation is my own.

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  1. robin rue says:

    It is absolutely beautiful and it makes the room SO much brighter. I would LOVE a gorgeous countertop like that someday!

  2. Wow Janet! Just beautiful! Yes, I also love quartz and just think it is the best for everyday use. I like how it subtly looks like marble. Hopefully, in my next house I will be lucky enough to get nice countertops. Our house was built in 1985 and when Hurricane Andrew came the kitchen was destroyed. When my husband redid the kitchen, he chose butcher block, (we weren’t together yet) but when they installed the counters they were a fake lookalike! They are dreadful! But with having 5 kids and life being busy, we never replaced them. Now we are to move and we really don’t have the budget so leaving them is the best option for the new buyers, I hope! Anyway, I love the sink also. We have a double bowl sink and that is what I’ve always wanted too was a single! I can’t wait to see it all finished!

  3. How exciting for you and they turned out beautiful. We are having our counter tops done this Thursday so I was interested to see the process. Now I know what to expect.

  4. I love how this looks! We do need to replace our counters at some point. Ours is brown and blah.

  5. Marty Oravetz says:

    Gorgeous. It really is a beautiful pattern and the veining is stunning

  6. Your countertops look beautiful. I would love something similar in my kitchen.

  7. Oh my gosh that looks absolutely gorgeous! I would love to redo my kitchen. It is definitely updated and could use an upgrade. This looks like something I would want to do myself.

  8. Denise Cox says:

    It’s lovely! Opens everything up! I’m moving into a new apartment and plan to switch to a neutral palette… this, after 34 yrs. Isn’t it funny how we evolve and opt for a less cluttered, more simplistic way of living as we move along in life?

  9. Your new counter tops are gorgeous! Love the lighter brighter look!

  10. I love those countertops they are so bright and make the kichen. This just reminds me that my kitchen needs a complete overhaul soon.

  11. Love the transformation! We’re in the market for new counters. Can’t wait to share this post with the Mister. Love your selection.

  12. These quartz counters look gorgeous. I am totally into a white kitchen now, and would love counters like these.

  13. Carol Heartfelt Whimsies says:

    How beautiful those countertops are! I love love love the new look! Can’t wait to see your new backsplash and more details!

  14. Beautiful Janet. I love my quartz, it is indistructable. I never have to worry about staining with olive oil which is used often here. Wine, or my tomato sauce, another item made very often.

    I w t more beige because it works with our cabinets and my French take for decorating scheme.

    No regrets here. I use so many different colors for accents.

    Can’t wait to see. ore.


  15. Beautiful Janet. I love my quartz, it is indistructable. I never have to worry about staining with olive oil which is used often here. Wine, or my tomato sauce, another item made very often.

    I w t more beige because it works with our cabinets and my French take for decorating scheme.

    No regrets here. I use so many different colors for accents.

    Can’t wait to see. ore.


  16. I have never liked granite, it always feels gritty (my experience of years of cleaning homes that had them), and marble is too finicky. I love the brightness that the light color brings to the kitchen and though I still love the usefulness of my butcher block counters I am tempted by this quartz, it is gorgeous.

  17. These counter tops are beautiful. I love how light and fresh they look. They give the whole room a beautiful feel. They look like a great choice for any kitchen.

  18. Selah Ingle says:

    Beyond lovely 🙂 I am so happy for you. I never have liked granite because of the upkeep factor. Right now since I am moving into mom’s house (built in 41 and um lol remodeled in the 70’s) we have butcher block. While practical I do dream of changing them out to quartz. So much has to happen before that can though 🙂 I can’t wait to see the backsplash!

  19. Farrah Less says:

    I’m loving your kitchen, so bright and simple. We are planning to do some upgrade on our kitchen as well. Hopefully by the end of summer. I am excited already.

  20. Barbara Halw says:

    Janet, I love the new countertops. The close up looks like crushed crystals, so pretty. I’m a clean freak OCD and I just don’t get whey so many like the granite….how can you tell it’s clean? BH

  21. Andrea Brankin says:

    I love the lighter countertops, the granite would have driven me crazy, too! We had an IKEA kitchen installed about a year ago, with Caesarstone Atlantic Salt countertops. They transformed our small kitchen, with the lighter color and under counter lights, and no more dark corners! Atlantic Salt has more of a pattern than the marble-look that is currently popular, but I like what it brings to my otherwise plain elements: white cabinets and pearl crackle subway tile backsplash.

  22. Wow the new counter tops look amazing! I love the subtle color and texture to them. I want to eventually upgrade ours but the process seems so daunting. This makes it feel very doable, and the end results are stunning!

  23. These countertops are so beautiful. The white one is nice and bright, too. Really helps to brighten up the kitchen. The end results are fantastic!

  24. It’s so pretty. I can’t wait to see what you do with your backsplash. We got new counters two years ago. It was a process for sure. Thanks for your clear explanation.

  25. Quartz is gorgeous and it looks great in your kitchen!! I can’t wait to see the backsplash with it!!

  26. OMG this is the kind of countertop that I love! It makes the kitchen look so amazing. Great choice on the design and color!

  27. Beautiful countertops Janet. They make a huge difference to the overall look of the space. So much cleaner and fresh.

  28. I love the open concept and totally can’t get enough of the light ambiance! I am i to HGTV shows and this is absolutely fantastic. I can’t wait to renovate ours and create a dream kitchen like yours.

  29. Those are some beautiful counters! I had not heard of Hanstone before so will check them out. Counter top dreaming right now, I have had plain white Corian for 25 years. Pinned.

  30. Your countertops are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your thought processes in choosing this type of countertop. It was very informative to know about the veining repeat and preference for a more random look. I was impressed with your message of really thinking through choices and how each choice from sink to countertops should reflect function and practicality for your lifestyle. It is so easy for me to get caught up in what looks “so pretty” in someone else’s home, when in actuality, may be totally impractical for us. Can’t wait to see your back splash!

  31. Hi Janet!
    I love how your countertops turned out!!! I’m really amazed at how realistic-looking they are and durable, too! In our last house we had just white little 4″ square builder tiles and although it was a pain bleaching the grout, I loved all the white. I hope to be able to put in some type of white granite or perhaps something along the line of yours in our next home. Happily sharing! <3

    Have a great week,
    Barb 🙂

  32. Your countertops are beautiful! I go for neutral colors for things like countertops, floors, etc. so I love the white!

    1. Thanks MaryJean. I’m excited to share the finished kitchen. The backsplash is being installed and it’s looking so pretty!

  33. Your countertops look wonderful! Do you think HanStone Montauk has enough warmth to go with oak cabinets?

    1. Hi Shawnee, these countertops will go with everything in my opinion!!

  34. kristine maxey says:

    Hi Janet, love your counter tops! They look beautiful! Is Montauk a true white? i want white on white, white cabinets and white counter top. Is Montauk white or cream?

    Thank you so much

    1. Hi Kristine…I love the Montauk and have it in my kitchen, master bath and laundry room! It’s a true white with subtle realistic graining.

  35. Love!!!! What color white did you go with on the cabinets?? That shade looks really pretty with the quartz!

    1. Thanks Amber! It’s Benjamin Moore White Dove in a satin finish.

  36. Jill Nelson says:

    I am looking to buy this same countertop very soon. Do you still like them? Any advise? Thank you!

    1. Hi Jill….yes, we actually LOVE these countertops and I would not hesitate to recommend or use them again!