The Best Natural Tips To Remove Odors In Your Home

Looking for the best natural tips to remove odors in your home to avoid harsh chemicals? You’re in luck because today I’m sharing some of my favorite easy tips to get rid of any bad odors!

Remove odors from your kitchen in a natural way

It doesn’t matter if you clean your home top to bottom every day, the odors of daily life are unavoidable. Just like when you try to KonMari your home and realize how many things you have, it’s an inevitable part of life.

Each home has a signature scent when you walk in the door, or into a specific room of the house. But, if your home’s signature scent isn’t pleasing, don’t worry as it’s possible to change it with a few simple tricks!

It took the longest time for me to get that smoke odor out of the house. We even ripped out the carpets and painted every wall!

Even back then I was a huge fan of natural products and was able to remove all that stinky home odor in a natural way and I’m sharing my tips with you down below.


What Are The Best Naturals Tips to Remove Odors In Your Home?



One of the common culprits for a smelly home is the trash can.
The trash can is one of the most neglected areas of the house because most people don’t think to clean and deodorize the place where you put your trash!

And you can fix this issue with a home remedy you already have in your kitchen cabinet: Baking soda!
Baking soda can not only help get rid of your trash can odors but also prevent it from coming back. You can either sprinkle a little at the bottom of your trash can or directly into the trash if needed.

Don’t forget to clean the kitchen and bathroom trash cans as they all harbor lots of bacteria as well, especially with the nasty flu that’s been going around.

We love using THIS product in our trash cans and I think you’ll love the scent just as much as I do!

Natural Tips to Remove Odors from Trash Can


If your garbage disposal smells foul, you shouldn’t be too surprised. After all, the garbage disposal has rotting food inside of it, and those odors can leak into the home if they get stuck in the disposal.

My husband, the general contractor (recent client kitchen remodel below ;-)) has given me strict instructions to NEVER put things down the disposal and only use it for whatever is stuck on to plates and cookware. That tip in itself it’s a great way to prevent that foul smell.

The best natural option to keep those odors away and keep your home smelling fresh is using citrus fruit! To freshen up your garbage disposal, just put lemon leftover rinds on it while it’s still running.
Next, make sure you let cold water run for a while to make sure that all the lemon rinds make their way down. I also like to keep the blades fresh by grinding stale ice cubes that can smell in the disposal.

natural tips to remove odors from your kitchen


This one might sound silly, but you have probably had a similar problem.

The air in our home gets recirculated around continually, bringing all of those bad odors with it. If your air smells less than fresh, here’s how I’ll often fix it.

Season permitting, start by opening the windows and letting some fresh air inside. Next, add a few drops of your favorite essential oils to cotton balls and place them in a small bowl.
I like to use cinnamon or orange in my home, but you can use whatever scent you prefer. If you are going to burn some candles, try and select soy-based ones because they don’t make the air as dirty as much as regular wax.

Another great way to get rid of odors naturally is by using essential oils in a spray bottle diluted with water.

keep your living room smelling clean and fresh naturally


If you have pets in your home, your signature scent could end up being your pets!
They leave their smell all over the house in the form of dander, making it difficult to get rid of. If you don’t have time to bathe your pet but you still need to get rid of dog smell in your house, here’s one of our favorite tips.

Sprinkle some baking soda onto their fur, rub it in well, and then give them a thorough brushing. That will neutralize the odor and it’s all-natural and won’t bother your furry friend.
You won’t be just removing pet smell but you’ll also be preventing it and making your home smell much cleaner!

how to use natural tips to remove odors from dogs in bed and furniture


Your carpets lock in a lot of bad odors, especially if you have pets in the home. Removing that smell can be quite simple, actually. Grab your baking soda, sprinkle some of it in your carpet or rug, and let sit for about half an hour. After that time has passed, vacuum up all of it.
And just like that, you find a chemical-free way to kill carpet odors!

Make sure to keep any pets away from the treated area. Consuming baking soda can make them sick.

get rid of carpet odors in living room

You don’t need to spray chemicals in your home to get rid of foul odors in your home. With these tips, you’ll have a house that smells fresh and clean naturally.

I’m linking a few of my favorite cleaning products below that I use and think you’ll enjoy too!

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  1. Here we have taken a no chemical approach to cleaning. We have been using Force of Nature. Nothing has cleaned like it….ever. It is basically vinegar and salt that has been mixed so they don’t separate or leave a residue….and it cleans like no other cleaner. It has replaced all other cleaners…and the house smells lovely because it is truly clean….and I have a dog.
    I tried Mrs. Meyer’s many times…love the smell but felt there was a residue…and it didn’t clean
    Force of Nature cleans ovens!

  2. Great tips but I have one small thing to point out. Flu viruses will not be found any where in your home unless someone brings them into your home. Bacteria do grow where food is decaying but not viruses. Viruses do not multiply outside of living cells.

  3. The picture with the white sofas and stained glass windows on the wall… where did the blue and white rug come from???
    Thanks for all the smell good tips?

  4. So what can you do about the smell of cigarette smoke in your home?

    1. That’s a tough one and I had to deal with it when we purchased our older home. One thing that did help was painting with a Kilz blocking primer before repainting the house. We even painted the insides of the cabinets, since smoke penetrates. You can also purchase an air cleaner with a HEPA filter. Good luck!

    2. Georgianne Brennan says:

      I wanted to let you know that I find your articles very informative,and also look forward to reading them. Thank you for all your effort and work.