Retro Holidays Vintage Style Decorative Touches!

Retro holidays vintage style is on the menu for this holiday season! With a little bit of sparkle and fun color touches, I’ve started with the mantel and look forward to entertaining our guests. It’s all about making them feel special and creating joy!

retro holidays vintage style mantel

In this post I’ve partnered with Walmart and found some of the cutest retro holidays vintage style pieces that I’ve seen! Walmart Home has become my go to source for on trend affordable seasonal decor. Whether for Thanksgiving tableware, holiday gifts, the guest room or everyday needs…I can find what I’m looking for on-line. Walmart offers 2-3 day shipping and free shipping and returns over $35 on many of their items. Win/win and they have upped their game in my book of affordable decor needs for sure! Take a look at their inspiring holiday look book for more!

Christmas mantel retro holidays vintage style

I’ll be sharing more of this room in future posts, but today I’m breaking down the mantel decor in a step by step. Everything is linked below!

Retro Holidays Vintage Style Decorative Touches!

I started with one of the 9′ Flocked Holiday Garlands from Walmart and let me tell you that the quality of this is incredible. So much so that I’m giving my old garlands away and just ordered a few more! Then I started layering and focused on these darling Packed Party Stocking Holders in blush pink and pale blue. So cute with their retro holiday vintage style ornament look and they are heavy weight, which is important.

retro style vintage holiday Christmas stocking holder

I purchased 4 of them, and just learned that my daughter and son in law are coming for the holidays so I’m off to order another! The stockings are ones that I’ve had for a long time. I added some vintage ribbon bows to the top.

Next Step – Filling In The Scene!

Creating more vintage charm meant adding some life with a couple of adorable deer from the Packed Party line at Walmart. I’ve just ordered a couple of these larger deer for the dining room buffet and waiting for them to arrive.

retro vintage Christmas deer

After the deer were added I incorporated a few retro holidays vintage style ombre bottle brush trees. I sprinkled in a few of my own trees in the background. I’ve had those for years and they give some height to the vignette.

retro holidays vintage style mantel styling

I added a strand of these battery operated fairy lights and this garland from Packed Party. This look was no stress and took just minutes to put together. The holidays should be fun to decorate for! If you are in the mood to mix in a bit of that retro vintage style to a mantel, tabletop or any area of your home I’m linking these items below!


Some additional favorite holiday finds at Walmart are linked below…with more of my Christmas looks for the year coming soon! 

shabbyfufu Christmas living room

Retro Holidays Vintage Style Walmart Home

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  1. I love your retro winter wonderland mantel! Who would have thought Wal-Mart Home, can’t wait to shop for some of these ideas! Thank you.

    1. Thanks Sandy…and Walmart online has really upped their game. Happy shopping!

  2. Charming display Janet & it’s such a help to know what products are available!

    1. Thank you Carla…glad that you found this helpful!

  3. Norma De Arrastia says:

    Wow, you make the simplest things to look so lush. Never thought of Walmart to decorate, you can do more with your holiday decor budget. Love this, thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for saying that Norma and yes…Walmart has the cutest things that are budget friendly!

  4. This all looks amazing Janet and who would have thought at Walmart! I love vintage Christmas and this looks adorable! Thanks for sharing!!:)

  5. Beautiful! I have the same stocking holders on my mantle I saw them online I ordered them right away. They are lovely.

    1. Aren’t they the cutest Dorca!

  6. Hi! I have been looking for those particular reindeer for a year now! Lol Do you resell by any chance?? I would love to buy them all πŸ˜… I have checked EVERYWHERE :/

    1. Hi Jodi,

      Sadly I have them packed away in my storage and can’t get to them until probably Oct. I can let you know if I decided to sell them then.