Can You Be In Love With A Piece Of Furniture

That moment in time when you have been searching for an item FOREVER it seems and you find just the right thing. It’s joyous and although I don’t get too worked up about the stuff, I am thrilled with this shelf for a number of reasons and did a little styling on it for fall today.



I love this look of driftwood…and I go a little wild for whitewashed finished or limewaxing on furniture. And it coordinates with so much around here. But that’s not the main reason I’m in love with a shelf…

Can You Be In Love With A Piece Of Furniture?


In choosing furniture for a room, size matters and I’ve learned a few things in my many years as a homemaker and stylist. Look at your room’s proportions before you make a purchase and don’t forget to determine the height of your ceiling, placement of furniture already there and where the windows are. What are your needs for the piece you’re falling in love with?


This WEATHERED NATURAL WOODEN SHELF from my friends at KIRKLANDS is just perfect for the breakfast room at our beach home and offers the extra storage that I not only wanted…but NEEDED! I have looked around in every big box store both on-line and off and quite a few vintage stores as well and have come up empty handed before. Our kitchen and BREAKFAST ROOM here are not huge by any means and I needed more storage.


It’s so perfect and here I’ve styled the shelves for FALL. I was supposed to have received this for one of the recent home tours that I shared, but as Hurricane Irma would have it I just took possession. There is still time to enter to win $1,500 from KIRKLANDS as part of the tour and you can find out more and enter to win on my post HERE. The marble and gold cutting board is just so elegant and a small size to use for cheese and crackers.



I need a small shelving unit and have it tucked quietly away in a corner of the breakfast room where it’s useful but not in the way. Size comes into play, but also the fact that we have a table and 4 chairs and need to make sure that there is enough room to walk around and pull out the chairs comfortably. This shelving unit or etagere measures just19.75 long x 13.75 wide x 47.25 tall. Dainty in stature but makes a perfect French farmhouse style statement in the breakfast room and coordinates with the rest of the mix at our beach home!


I moved it into another area with better light to photograph it and it’s really lightweight, yet sturdy.’s true, I’m IN LOVE with the crossbars and the look of this piece of furniture.



I was out on the beach yesterday doing some foraging once again and took a bag down to clean up debris washed up on the shoreline by the hurricane. I found this bottle under a pile of seaweed and had a feeling that it was something special. It had a top on it and was filled with a small amount of murky liquid and goop from being in the sea on the inside and out. I hosed it off outside and brought it in for a good soak.

Not only is this foraged bottle a beautiful aqua color (yep, my color!) but it’s from Cuba. I’m guessing that it is a rum bottle and was on a refugee raft. We still see those rafts every once in awhile washed up on the beach here and the last we saw was on Christmas day 2016. It’s a keeper of a bottle and another to add to my collection!


These birch bark wrapped candles are from Kirklands and perfect for fall. I’m sticking with my pale and soft colors for fall and not doing pumpkins other than the velvet that I already have. You can see in the shot below the texture and colors of the natural wood shelf and it adds a nice rustic touch to our beach home. I’ll share it again I’m sure…and I do think that you CAN be in love with a piece of furniture. Do you have a piece of furniture that YOU LOVE?


I received product for this post from Kirklands but all opinions are my own

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