Seafoam Green In A Coastal Style Living Room

coastal living room with sea glass bottles
Shades of blue and also shades of green make for the perfect summer accent colors in my book. I did a little bit of restyling in the living room while cleaning up today and have a project to share as well.

Seafoam green. Sometimes I feel like it’s a forgotten color in most of the home decor that I see, and to me it imparts a feeling of relaxation and can be utilized in any season. Summer might be my favorite sea foam season though, as it reminds us of the rough sea when the wind is blowing enough to stir up some foam. Perhaps that is what the color is named after, but I don’t know.


I found the prettiest pink roses on sale at the market and mixed them with eucalyptus for filler. Speaking of an influence of calm…eucalyptus imparts that with it’s subtle fragrance and the ESSENTIAL OIL (affiliate) that I recommend is wonderful for someone with summer allergies (like ME!) to scent the air or your bath.
 I’m going for a coastal summer style here with my new rug from RUGS USA mixed in with all things old. Coastal summer French style, I think that I love you.



The large vase is glass and it used to be more of an aqua color but faded in the harsh sun that we have here from sitting outside. The sun is REALLY strong here and you can see how it used to look in THIS POST!
Recently I found THIS PAINT (Amazon affiliate) from seeing it on some other blogger’s posts and thought that I’d give it a shot.


I won’t show you how to use it, since I feel that’s pretty obvious…but I sprayed it lightly on the large center vase and the four common household jars that I saved from previous use on the right. I always wash out and save my jars because I’d much rather use recycled glass than plastic. The jars on the left are vintage French yogurt jars and I didn’t paint those.



L.O.V.E this paint…you seriously must try it if you love BEACH GLASS! It has a frosted look and is pale and soft, just as it appears in the photos. I have another project in mind to do with it and it comes in a whole lot of colors if sea foam isn’t your thing.


I love how it picks up the texture by settling into the ridges of this vessel. It resembles tumbled sea glass and the paint is made to use on glass, not plastic.



You can sort of see the Plumbago leaves in the jelly jar on the right and how the paint makes the glass semi-translucent. I can’t wait to try the other colors like Cornflower Blue and will share the next project that I have in mind when I get to it!


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  1. I love this room and would love to duplicate. What is the name of your rug here? Thanks

  2. Chris Marek says:

    Love your room and the colors suit me well. I am curious to know about the sofa. Is it a refurbished sofa or new. If new can you share the information? Thank you.

    1. Thanks Chris! That is a vintage sofa that I had recovered in white denim. I do try and source similar new items when I can on the blog.

  3. Anne Sanderson says:

    HI Janet, Lund you tell me where you got the blue/ aqua pillow please
    It looks like one I have looking at from Newman Marcus

  4. Anne Sanderson says:

    Oops , I mean can you tell me where you purchased the aqua pillow

    1. Hi Anne. I purchased that several years ago at Kirklands, so I’m not sure it’s still available

      1. I love this sea glass color I could work that in my decor. The bench/table major love I need to find one like that and paint it 🙂 Thanks…

        1. Hope you find one Diana!

  5. Love this idea Janet! Thanks for sharing!

  6. I discovered sea glass paint several years ago after reading posts by Sadie Seasongoods. Love it. AND so simple to use! I, too, save my glass jars to stuff stuff in. Make a lot of sugar scrubs and bath salts and use them up. I use eucalyptus in bath/shower salts and recommend them for muscle aches (wood chopping, gardening, and snow shoveling in Maine) and loosening up a cold’s congestion in the shower. It’s also a nice masculine scent when gifting some to a guy! Amazing how differently we can use the same stuff!

  7. Love the seafoam green !
    Thanks for sharing your sources !