Simple Fall Decorating Ideas – Budget Friendly

Simple early fall decorating ideas that will give your home an elegant yet affordable look. Thoughts and moments to style your home with a less is more approach that won’t overwhelm or break the budget!

fall decorating ideas

While it’s still summer you may not want to go all out in early fall decorating. It’s a harsh reality that our planet is warming and so the summer season may tend to go on and on. Those of us who live in the south generally don’t see cooler nights until at least October. But we may be itching to change up our homes seasonally before the pumpkin harvest or leaves gain their colorful beauty! Here are a few easy and inexpensive tips that you might like to embrace!

5 Early Fall Decorating Ideas & Tips

  1. First, strip your room of all non-essential items such as pillows, throws and decorative objects. This not only paves the way to allow for restyling with a fresh fall look but allows for easier deep cleaning!
  2. Select a color scheme. No, you don’t need to paint or buy new furniture…but decide on either two or three complimentary accent colors to use for autumn.
  3. If you have accent pieces packed away in bins or the closet from previous fall seasons, it’s time to get them out! Then decide on what still might work for you, either this year or going forward. Get out what you think you’ll use according to your color scheme and put the pieces together. This is similar to creating a capsule wardrobe or an outfit of the day!
  4. Sell or donate what you no longer want, especially if your style sense has changed or evolved. This not only is good for the environment but if you sell then you’ll have extra cash to buy new decor that suits your aesthetic.
  5. Now you are ready to refresh with some new pieces to add to your stash!

fall decorating ideas living room

Color & Texture In Fall Decorating Ideas

In terms of color, it’s easy to add what strikes one’s fancy seasonally in a neutral room. For fall this year I decided to select a mustard gold and green as my primary colors with a tertiary of pink. Shock…I don’t normally gravitate to anything in the yellow family, but it’s calling to me for an early fall decorating idea palette!

Cozy Early Fall Pillows & Throws To Consider

  • Velvet
  • Corduroy
  • Chenille

velvet and corduroy pillows for fall

These colors are representative of the earth and my garden in the fall months and reflected in the pillows. You’ll find these green velvet pillows (set of two) to be a gorgeous affordable addition to your home and they come in other colors too! This is where I started in my early fall decorating and will build on these colors more as the season goes on with natural elements.

Along with velvet, corduroy has a warm and cozy feel for fall. Anyone remember the corduroy pants of childhood chilly mornings while either waiting for the school bus or walking to school? Find these mustard gold corduroy pillows here, and again…they come in other colorways.

French sofa with fall pillows

This mustard gold pompom throw is so soft (amazing price point too) and it’s going to get a lot of use! It has a luxe feel to go with my decor. However, it will compliment whatever look you have (lots of color choices).

fall decorating ideas with throws

Fall Flowers To Consider

Pink is a color that has such a wide range of shades. It varies from the palest blush to the most vivid fuchsia! I prefer more muted tones and these roses that I was gifted from Grace Rose Farm . They add the perfect touch for early fall. If you’ve never experienced David Austin roses treat yourself. You will not be disappointed and they are simply poetry in nature! Look for the coupons on Gracie’s site when you go to order.

These are the roses that I have shown in my bouquets:

David Austin Juliet Roses
David Austin Constance
Charity David Austin

Pink roses are perfectly suited to copper containers, which I’ll be including more in later fall vignettes!

Shabbyfufu - Grace Rose Farm David Austin Roses

You will notice the slightest tinge of orange in the David Austin Juliet Roses from Grace Rose Farm. They were combined with palm leaves cut from my garden that have a yellow hue as they fade. The Wicker Ginger Jar vases are from the Studio McGee collection and my favorite purchase of all from their line. I have no problem showcasing wicker in every season and these are perfect in pairs.

wicker ginger jar vase fall decorating ideas

Studio McGee ginger jar vases Shabbyfufu

Shabbyfufu - David Austin Juliet Roses

Found Objects From Nature

A dough bowl is one of my favorite ways to bring in a rustic wood tone. The one that I’ve just linked is similar to the dough bowl I have had for years. I took it out into my garden and scoured underneath the beds for seeds, nuts and branches. You cannot get any thriftier than that and these garden objects will also serve well in glass jars as fillers!

dough bowl for fall decorating

Coffee Table Styling For Fall

Lastly, on the coffee table are a few simple items that might give you early fall decorating ideas. This large pale wood serving tray holds a stylish wood prayer bead and tassel . One of my favorite candle brands, this large Voluspa Baltic Amber scent will take you right from summer into fall.

fall vignette

Whatever the season, collections and objects that have special meaning will make a house a home. The porcelain lidded pottery vase is one that I made in what seems like a lifetime ago as a potter and art teacher! What do you think? 

pottery jar


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  1. Like most, still enjoying summer.
    Love your Fall colors and decor.
    Very much what I luv to use.
    Will slowly bring the throws out of storage.
    You are such a delight to read. Very realistic.
    Thank you
    Way to early to bring out the pumpkins. EEK

    1. Su…living in South Florida I don’t enjoy summer much because it’s far too hot! That being said, I appreciate your kind comment and I honestly try to be as real as possible on the blog. Thank you!! xo

  2. I am not much of a yellow person, either…I avoid it in decor and clothing. But I have recently found myself attracted to a bright, clear mustard color (think sunflowers) like the throw you have featured; am liking it more and more. So often it is paired with navy which I do not care for…but as a green lover I really like it with those hues. Looks great with those gorgeous green pillows. What a lovely way to transition from summer to early fall.

    1. These colors are definitely more the tones of yellow that exude warmth Leslie, so they are cozy for fall indeed!