Simple Summer Eating…Inspired By France

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French country dining is something to look forward to as the weather turns warmer. The French just have a joie de vivre and enjoy the moment, with meals at the forefront of everyday life. Simplicity is key whether in a formal dinner or a carefree lunch. Let’s linger a few moments and see how this was all put together quickly and the elements used!
french farmhouse dining table


A typical French meal can be centered around various selections of cheese and bread paired with wine. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be delicious. Often when you stroll the French brocantes you’ll find the sellers outside their booths at lunch eating lunch and enjoying the day with a similar meal. The company and laughter, the fresh air and yes…often a small bouquet of flowers make the day pleasant.
french ironstone terre de fer

French Country Dining

Here a few tips for setting a typically relaxed French table

  • Cover the table in a white linen cloth as you’d typically see at any cafe or bistro that serves French country dining.
  • Lay a grain sack runner down the center of your table. Here is one that is so inexpensive and perfect for that French inspired look.
  • White dinner plates are easy to find and have an elegant appeal when mixed with a few key items. I’ve layered plates with antique French terre de fer, but you can stack white ironstone in different sizes just as easily.
  • Flowers are always in style on a French table whether real or faux. Look for wild flowers and clip them and loosely display in a jar or tall pitcher.
french zinc body pitcher flowers
An old French zinc body pitcher filled with fleurs in a simple arrangement. In a previous post I talked about how to arrange flowers loosely for a carefree wild look. Find enamelware pitcher reproductions in most home decor stores that with the right flowers, will give you that French country look.
rustic french farmhouse flower arrangement
It’s really pretty simple to enjoy the laid-back informal style of dining in France in your own home! À bientôt!

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  1. Everything looks so beautiful!!! I could totally eat like this…my hubby, not so much! I love having bread and cheese, one of my favorite nibbles:) Your wine glasses are gorgeous!

  2. Such a lovely table Janet! And so up my alley! In fact, my perfect meal in the world is just bread and cheese, and wine:)

    I’m thrilled to be joining you for our weekly Friday posts, and look forward to reading all your wonderful posts.

    Have a great weekend! (P.S. LOVING that zinc pitcher – might have to get one now:))


  3. Gorgeous setting. In our old home I was so excited when I decided to grow delphinium. I love them. What disaster, the weather is too many highs, lows, to wet and dry too. Summer weather is tickle during the warmer months in NJ. It was disappointing.

    I’m often unsure about white for my table. I have browns and. Blues in our dining room. I know may not be typical French colors but I go with what I like for color. I’m slowly collecting French pieces and adding them to our home. I’m not patient and have learned take time for the budget to get what I love.

    You, Lory and Cindy are my inspiration


  4. Norma Rolader says:

    Oh my so lovely and great tips and inspiration

  5. I love the multiple pots on the table runner! I will try it as I have several! I’m always inspired by your ideas! Thanks!

  6. Sue Mellette says:

    Lovely and so relaxing. I love the table runner and the flowers. Thanks for sharing

  7. So simple steps but they create something beautiful and enjoyable. By the way, these pictures are just beautiful!